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The idea of the game is good, but the core problem is with the speed of the enemy. It start moving too fast from the start. I think, it would be better if the enemy gradually increase movement speed with time.


We've want the game to be intense right from the start, we've tried slowing the enemy down but it just don't feel good or fun, when the enemy speed is really high and the player can feel the tense, it feels better when they juked the enemy and getting longer survive time everytime they play, most of our players does get a bit of frustrate but it only took them a few more time until they crack the game. I understand that this does not happen for every player and some might be frustrate but its our target. What we should've done is, I think, add an easy mode for more casual player and if they crack the easy mode it'll give them more motivation for the standard or even hard mode. Anyway, thank you for playing and for your feedback, we appreciate it <3

You can make the enemy speed up pretty fast, I don't say, that you need to make max speed lesser, just make the start less intense and gradually increase speed.