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Making this sort of story-driven game in 48 hours is a really ballsy bet. And the result is quite clean, too. That alone deserves credit. Great job!

Too bad the gameplay itself isn't really related to the theme, though. There may be "only one" things in the game, in the end, you still play it like any other RPG. I think that's where there is room for improvement, actually. With a bit more originality, it could have been a killer.

I see, my only one were: one action button, one character, one place, one enemy, one NPC and one battle, as far as I could think in the 48 hours these were the only "only one" I could put into an RPG shell

I believe that in any work there will be room for improvement, the points raised were well validated. Much of the problem for me were caused by the tool I use. My first contact with it was this Jam, I used GMTK Jam to learn how to use. And I also believe that if the game is better sharpened it can get better.