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I gotta say, that was a pretty complex idea, nice job! The only minigame I could actually finish consistently was the red one, so i sticked to it. But overall, very polished and visually pretty!

Thanks for the feedback ! If i had added something to allow the player to choose how much time he had to finish the minigames would have it helped ? Or would something else be needed ?

Maybe, it would help a lot in the blue and green one, but i don't know if the yellow one would benefit from it. I actually didn't understand if the cats jumped randomly from side to side, or even its possible to have them all flying at the same time, I could only move a couple at a time.


Yeah the cat one had a massive redesign last minute because of bugs i could fix in time, you were supposed to drag them and give them inertia, but that mechanic made it possible to do things that were just to hard to balance and i had a few bugs so i just gave them a random inertia when clicked, there was supposed to be more cats but the generation makes them spawn on top of each other and to make it work better was too long so yeah, tried my best to save the shot