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This is really, really good. Well polished, very fun. A little loose on the theme perhaps? I started playing it only possessing once per game to see how that would work and it worked quite well, so I guess I made it even more thematic myself, haha. Nice work here, would be a great game to have on mobile!

Thanks so much for playing! I like your self-imposed hard mode, idk if you could beat all the levels that way haha XD

Our main claim to the "only one" theme is the victory condition - the goal is to capture pieces until there's only one left on the board. Secondarily, you're only using one piece at a time.

We're considering taking this to mobile, nice to hear that you think it's a good idea :)


I think I can confidently say you can't beat every level this way. xD

I'm gonna follow this project in the hopes i'll be playing it on my phone one day!