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a lot of depth for such a simple mechanic ! good game.  I really think this could actually be turned into a full on game :) Add a little bit of shine and why not a bit of roguelike element in there it it would be perfect 

thank you! I've been thinking about working on this concept alot more, with some of the feedback I've gotten some great ideas on how to smooth out some of the RNG problems and such. If I was to go full on into I would think it would be a great rouge like too.

I have been playing a bit more and I was thinking that maybe it would be cool to be able to access the deck somewhere to be able to build up strategies overhead. That way it feels a bit less random, even if I must I like the "randomness" element to it as well, which you need to anticipate and so on.

If I make it a rougelike I image it as a Deck builder similar to slay the spire, but yeah a deck building mechanic would help alot with helping with the randomness feeling :D