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Love the concept of the one button puts you through many different states and the one you get depends on when you let go, but don't hold it too long. Hold briefly for a utility mode. The visuals and sound are fantastic as well, really pulls you in. That tutorial though! It just went on forever and I was already forgetting what the previous screens told me! Might find a way to split it up and mix it in with the gameplay. 


Hi Aesth,

Thanks for your feedback! 

We also hate these kinds of tutorials. We put it quickly on the build because of the lack of time, but we'll change it, yes.

Thanks for the kind words!

As @Aegard said, we hate those tutorials as well >< We wanted to make one in game to be more immersive and easy to remember, but impossible in 48h... So better what we have than nothing ^^' Well change that though ;)