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That was probably the best game of the jam I have played so far. I really enjoyed it.

 If you have a chance, please rate my game.


That is really nice of you to say!

I tried to play your game, but I think something is wrong. The text resolution was so low that I was not able to read it.

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That is not good. I think that is a bug on your end. What OS did you use to play it?

Try clicking on the full button at the main menu to make the game full screen maybe?

Windows 10. Fullscreen did not fix it. I sometimes have problems with my graphic card not working so maybe it is just my computer messing it up.

At what point did the font get unreadable

Instantly. I am able to guess the main menu but in the game I can't.


Rip. Added a description for in game menus from left to right.