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Really interesting puzzle game. My mind was blown when I realized that  I could possess the tiles outside the board. But it is really easy to abuse that to cheese the game. I also feel that the movement rules need some tweaking. The sword+shield has too much range compared to the other classes. And it is very easy to reach a stalemate if you have only 2 in the board. There should be some way to restart the level. Also, I think it'd be more interesting if the other tiles could kill each other instead of only targeting the player. Pulling off insane kill streaks is the best part of the game and it would be even more satisfying to trap one enemy to kill another. 

You can press 'R' to restart the level! We ran out of time for in-game instructions :s. Thanks for playing!

Satisfying kill streaks are an aspect of the gameplay that I hadn't considered before. I will definitely keep that in mind for the future.