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Hi Nick,

Just wanted to give some feedback on your game since you took the time to play ours. :)

Did not expect to see a RTS game in this jam! Very bold! :D

I really like the premise for this! And I definitely see potential for a more full-fledged game.

For example, every "stage" can be a different dragon that needs to be defeated in different ways. (This dragon was a flying dragon, but what if there was a dragon that was underwater? Or burrowed underground? Maybe one that has magic shields? There are a ton of options!)

Also, a big fan of low-poly graphics, feels like I am playing a really polished N64 game. XD

Best of luck in this game jam! You and your team made a great game.

Thank you for feedback) 

We definately wanted to do more but couldn't make it in time. The initial idea was to make a Dragon with random weaknesses (e.g. to fire or to poison) and give a player units with different types of damage so he/she needs to try different approaches to find a weak spot. But I like your ideas of how it can be evolved further with different types of dragons or monsters. Thanks for playing!