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Piercing multiple enemies was pretty satisfying as well as watching the arrow bounce around. I died at the edge of the screen to an offscreen zombie which can feel unfair (although I shouldn't have been walking there). Maybe to counteract that you could have the zombies spawn on screen with a delaying digging out of the ground animation before they can hurt the player and move around.

I also thought that if you increased the speed of the zombies and player, let the player catch the arrow after a bounce, and had the arrow charge faster you could have a neat fast paced version of this game. You'd probably have to reskin everything though since zombies shouldn't be walking so fast.

I liked the enemy variety as well and overall the gameplay was still fun!

i tried to combat the "edge of screen" problem by adding a proximity-activated sound effect (some white noise). looks like i should have chosen to spawn it through a portal.

the arrow can be caught when it is slow enough (speed<2). i guess i can expand it to <4 next time

Making it fast-paced seem fun! Never thought about it