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That was an interesting concept you had there. Finding and shooting the odd one? Hahaha, I enjoyed it a lot! There were a couple of problems, though: the controls felt very unwieldy. You couldn't control how high you jump, and the acceleration is too high (I actually think there is no acceleration, it just moves at top speed all the time). This means you can't do any precise movement, since any touch you do on the control will make the character travel a great distance, since the speed and jump height are also really high. Jumping off of ledges was very rough because of the high speeds, and landing on platforms was also rough, since we had to jump all the way and use the unaccelerated horizontal movement to land. I felt like I was fighting the controls all the time.

But yeah, the idea is very good!

thanks for the feedback. I couldn't be disagree with you for the controls system I must work on it, your advice are precious.