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An actually pretty well done comment if I say so my self!

I actually though of removing the need for a cursor, since everything happened to be so far away. That was post jam however, but it is planned for implementation.

As for the restricted areas, I agree with you and was originally planning to signpost the areas, for example: A "staff only" sign for staff areas, and a large "Construction staff only" banner laying outside the site. This didnt happen due to time constraints sadly. I also watched the video and it was great! Maybe I should try out the "owner" part.

Finally, I kinda regret the disguise path I laid out. It made the game too easy and as mark said, the player will optimize the fun out of a game. I was gonna add special guard outside the door and have another part, but once again, time is a cruel master.

Thank you for playing, and i'll probably remake it into a better version!