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This was a wonderful game and I would strongly suggest you keep developing it. With a tad bit more levels and some variation to the level design I think you could be on to something good here. 

I was a bit of an idiot on level 13, because I managed to forget that the robot could stand on the treadmill and spent ages trying to work out how to get the battery past the treadmill rather than just firing when standing on it XD

Lol! Thanks for playing. Yeah even I, the programmer, would forget such a simple mechanic during play testing. Lol. Perhaps we need a better way to remind the player of the mechanics available to them. Thank you for your comment :)

I wouldn't say the player needs a reminder, I think I'm just too tired to pick up on it when staring at the screen. 

In puzzle games I always tend to go for the most complex possible solution only to find it was something more simple. 

lol. I hear ya :)