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Very nice puzzle game, and surpisingly polished too.

New mechanics are properly introduced and explored. Actually, they're introduced so well that I feel like the dialogue explaining them isn't needed at all. Maybe you could put some casual bantering between the characters at the start of each level instead, in order to flesh out their personalities.

The levels are quick and easy to restart, which is neat, but I feel like the game would benefit from the possibility to cancel previous actions, too. That would prevent moments were you make a mistake that blocks you right at the end of a level and forces you to restart (this showed particularly in the last level, which is the longest).

Great game, anyway. Full marks from me. I'm confident it can be noticed and showcased.

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Thanks a lot you took your time and played through the game and also for your feedback! We appreciate it very much!

You're right! And we also thought of this things but as always there was not enough time and we thought it's most important that the few features are working well and the game is playable with less friction as possible :)


Oh yeah, of course resources were quite limited.

I guess I liked the game so much that I was thinking ahead, hoping you keep working on it! :D

Hahaha thanks! Yeah, we had a lot of fun, especially designing and testing those levels so we will keep working on this one, for sure :)