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Oh yeah, of course resources were quite limited.

I guess I liked the game so much that I was thinking ahead, hoping you keep working on it! :D

Nice one!

While the idea of a single bullet that you must retrieve isn't particularly novel, the addition of the teleport mechanic sets it apart, adding depth to the whole thing. The game feels juicy and satisfying to play.

There were a few times the bullet passed right through the enemies  without hurting them, but I guess you can't make a good game that works perfectly in only 2 days. Being near the edges is also troublesome because the enemies can spawn off screen close to you and instantly kill you.

Actually, I feel like the game would benefit from having a bigger arena, giving the player more wiggle room to operate.

Anyway, great game!

Very nice puzzle game, and surpisingly polished too.

New mechanics are properly introduced and explored. Actually, they're introduced so well that I feel like the dialogue explaining them isn't needed at all. Maybe you could put some casual bantering between the characters at the start of each level instead, in order to flesh out their personalities.

The levels are quick and easy to restart, which is neat, but I feel like the game would benefit from the possibility to cancel previous actions, too. That would prevent moments were you make a mistake that blocks you right at the end of a level and forces you to restart (this showed particularly in the last level, which is the longest).

Great game, anyway. Full marks from me. I'm confident it can be noticed and showcased.

Great game! It's already lots of fun as it is, so I can only imagine where it can get with more work and polish!

This is definitely going to be showcased by GMTK!

Nice little idea you have here!

I like how you don't need to take a trip directly to the inn and can take it one step at a time. It's a mechanic that could really be expanded upon with some work. For instance, you may give players some kind of bonus for taking fewer separate trips to arrive, and punish those who take too long (also because, as it is, the mechanic can be exploited for infinite viewing time without risks). You could also add another bonus for taking the shortest route possible...

Only thing that feels a little odd is the way you lose oxes, which seems to be rng most of the time. I don't think it works too well right now.

Anyway, with work and polish this game can become quite a precious gem!

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Nice one!

It not only fits the theme very well, but it also has quite a satisfying sound design and, most importantly, an actual meaning behind the abstract gameplay. Love how it flips colors and keeps going when you lose.

Great job, keep it up!

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Interesting indeed and quite original, while adhering to the theme.

My only gripes with it are that the turning speed is so low it's a little too hard to recover from mistakes and the fact that the hitboxes of arrows are minuscule.

Still, with additional development and polishing, something like this could become a very good mobile game (the steering mechanic would be very easy to play with on touch-screens)!