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Very Impressed. Very complete game with the level selection panel. And the art style is very match with your robot game theme. I never play this type of game but I feel very enjoyable. But I did not know his Fail (Game Over) condition. Is that use one shoot but did not attach the player or ? Anyway, Its Good game with nice idea. (I have added your game to my collection and want to pass all levels when I am available one day. Today I have stopped on Level 12)


Thanks! So, level 12 does have a small bug that makes it hard to beat. Thanks for wanting to play more later :)

Is that you want the bullet can move to the blue point by using Track?I fell this would be better design. I try many angles but fail. But I am looking forward to play higher level in your game!


Leave the blue robot near the hole, and shoot the battery between the treadmills while on the red pad. I believe that's the only way to beat it at the moment. The levels after it use the idea you just mentioned.

That's would be cool. I guess it will be popular