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Interesting concept but it might've been held back a bit by the theme. Sometimes you end up waiting 15+ seconds because you luckily obliterated all but one small enemy and the threat level stays relatively low for a long time. Maybe goals of different amounts of cells could lead to less waiting. Besides that there's a few minor kinks: the decimator hit registration was a little off when you flicked the mouse too fast and being able to shoot during dialog meant projectiles would persist even if your weapons got changed (I had a few musket shots bouncing around going into level 9).

On a less serious note, you'd think the task force would tell the professor when the weapons started becoming overkill.

All valid criticisms, thanks for playing! 

The waiting period can easily be shortened without giving up on the theme by increasing the threat level for a while, which will lead to cells multiplying faster than you can kill them. I just wanted to give some space to the player after short hectic periods of gameplay, but by no means the game is perfectly balanced!