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This game is fantastic, I think it might be my favorite in the jam so far!

The premise is absolutely brilliant, and it works so well with the theme of the jam. Not only was it hilarious but it also brought out some really interesting mechanics. I love how taking control over a gun is safer than taking over a human but it is also much slower giving you a variety of gameplay options. I love you can jump in a  gun and fire yourself to cross the whole level in one go.

The opening dialogue gave me a good hearty chuckle and the music was a great touch. It is totally a spy song whilst still being it's own thing.

I started out using the keyboard and found it a bit hard to control but it was much better once I switched to controller.

If I had to give some feedback I might say that the level designs could play into the mechanics a bit more? Perhaps some long hallways for you to shoot yourself down, etc.

Overall killer game, thank you for making it!

Wow, your comment really made my day, thank you very much! Some long hallways would definitely be a great idea, time was a little short on the level design side xD