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Just finished playing through, I had a blast!

The design of the levels, especially the early ones, were fantastic. The way they introduced mechanics in a safe environment and slowly escalated the danger really made me feel like I was getting the hang of it.

The lines that are left behind on failed attempts made failing a level almost as enjoyable as completing it. Instead of each life being a hard reset you are building up this web of bouncy failures which I found really fun.

The gravity was also tuned nicely. Having it be slightly floaty ensures that you feel a real sense of tension as the lil guy flies through the air closely avoiding spikes.

I did notice that when sliding down a wall the character would stick to it instead of falling. That might be part of the buggy tiles that the splash-screen mentioned. I didn't find that this impacted game play at all so it is nothing in need of an urgent fix.

As a final note, the main character is adorable. I know we aren't allowed to judge based on graphics but fantastic work on conveying his emotions!

Thanks for making this :D

Thanks for the detailed feedback :D you made my day! 

I'm glad the only bug (so far) is non critical, but I think I might use this as a mechanic for the player's advantage in the future, instead of removing it.

That is a great idea :)