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Excellent game, I like this one quite a lot.  The only one item concept is explored well and the levels are designed around it.  The whole experience feels good, and more importantly fun.  The minimal graphics give it a cheap feel though, and this doesn't match the awesome mechanics.  Another thing I would like to have seen built upon is 'stacking' items, such as putting ammo in a gun.  What about a keychain item where you can store multiple keys but it slows you down, or pick up boots to increase speed?  Anyway just throwing out some ideas, the game is well done for the jam lasting only 2 days.  Good job!


Thank you for the feedback! I am disappointed that I couldn't put at least one more item in the game, and one that would really start to explore the whole "one inventory slot" premise at that. I had this idea for a bag that could carry 3 items in it, but to get your items back youd have to drop the bag, which would spit both the bag and the items on the floor. I could see it creating this sort of mad scramble to get your gun from the bag, or some health potion or something. There's certainly potential I never got around to implementing haha