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Neat game!  I like the cute voxel aesthetic :)

Gotcha, I thought about this but didn't end up adding it.  Thanks for the feedback!

Crystal Hopper is a platformer about collecting crystals using slingshot movement.  Explore several planets, each with unique gravity values, new mechanics, and a whole bunch of challenges!  Includes a dozen mechanics, and 60 levels spread over 4 planets.  Earth serves as a tutorial stage, introducing some basic gameplay and mechanics.  Reaching the moon you will find lowered gravity, and challenges based on precise bounces and positioning.  Mars focuses on quick jumps with a heavy reliance on dodging.  Jupiter is the ultimate challenge, where you will have to fight super strong gravity and manipulate gravity to collect all the crystals.  Check out the trailer below:

Hope you will check it out and enjoy, this has been a passion project for quite a while now and I'm really excited to show this to everybody.   I appreciate any comments, feedback and criticism are especially welcome!  I'd love to use this as an opportunity to grow as a game developer and build more awesome long-term projects.

Play the game here:

Really polished and looks great.  Good work!

Ah thank you!  Yea I would have done well to explain the items more.  Thanks for trying it out!

Wow this is very well done!  In addition to solid sound effects and art the gameplay is awesome as well.  Excellent work!

Pretty neat!  I liked the variety of enemies, the art was cute.  Good job on this!

This is awesome!  The levels were fun to play through, and the music, art, and sounds set a great atmosphere.  I liked the ending, haha.  Excellent work!

That's awesome!!  Thanks for giving it a play.  :)

Yep; Andrebisaber did a fantastic job on the music.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for checking it out!! :D

Haha certainly a bit of deliberation went into deciding where to place everything.  Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you!

Neat concept.  Great idea including an enemy ai!  Great work!

Fun and simple!  The art is neat as well.  Excellent job!

Thank you!  This was totally accidental but it's great when things work out like that.

Thanks so much!!  Double reset button is a really good idea.  Thanks for checking it out!

Haha this is great!  The music fits really well and the sound effects are funny.  The wall jump could be a little more forgiving though.   Impressive for being done in only 3 hours!

Artwork is super neat!  Cute and simple game, Great job!

Ah a tutorial probably would have helped a bit.  Thanks for trying it out!

This is definitely out of control.  I liked bouncing around until the red walls had a different idea.  Great game though!

Right!  My thought was to almost make it like a rhythm game with the turns.  The idea of the choke points is to bunch up all the cars and level the playing field a bit.  Thanks for playing it!

Interesting take on the out of control theme.  Gameplay was solid, good work!

Haha yes a bit of a learning curve there.  Thanks for checking it out!

This is neat, stylish artwork and challenging puzzles.  Great stuff!

Haha this game does that to you.  I guess represents real life in that way haha.

Pretty neat, interesting use of loss of control as something that can help you out as well as hurt the green cube.  Nicely done!

This game does a great job of making the character feel uncontrollable while still having some level of influence over its actions.  Art is cute, the game fits the theme well.  Good job!

Interesting idea, very fun and hectic.  I'd say this farm is out of control!

This is great!  It really captures the essence of flash era games.  I would love to see a full game of this, excellent work!

Thanks so much!  That's what I was going for.  Good idea, in the future I want to make the game sort of more predictable.

Haha thanks!  That's exactly what I was going for.

The controls are super nutty but also super awesome.  I think this fits with the out of control theme really well!  Very cool!

Simple but addicting.  Using the light as a hp indicator and also to signal the location of offscreen enemies is genius!  Great work.

The keyboard as a health bar mechanic is super rad!  Nice visuals, very polished.  Excellent work!

I really like the concept!  The animations were pretty neat too.  Nice work!

Cool mechanic, makes for some pretty neat puzzles!

Thanks so much!

Haha that's right!  Thanks!