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The movement mechanic is a cool idea though I found that it was hard to control and a little too sensitive.  The models are neat though.  Good job!

Cool mechanic!  I think a minimap or a way to zoom out to look at the sun you are targeting would help a lot.  Good job!

This is really fun!  The ship building mechanic is quite engaging.  Excellent work!

Neat game!  I like the graphics and the music.  The gameplay can get a bit repetitive but I ended up syncing the gunshots to the music which was entertaining.  It would be really neat to see if you went farther with this, like adding enemies or other hazards.

Nifty game, I like that it's in 3d.  I would love to see where it goes if you keep going.  Good job! :)

Fun up until I got stuck with no energy and no energy refiller on this one level.  Good job on the art!

Thank you!  Others have had this problem as well so you're not alone, might be system dependent.  The movement did end up being kind of wonky, something I can look into improving on next time.  Thanks again!

Thanks!  Yea I never got the movement just right, that would be something I'd look into fixing if I had more time.

This is a pretty good game!  I like the art a lot, it is simple yet compelling.  Learning how much damage each class deals to and takes from every other class is a fun set of interactions to discover and feels so good to master.  Having said that, I would have liked something maybe a book, explaining all interactions that you have already discovered.  I found it hard to remember each interaction and frequently miscalculated or forgot if spear is good vs knight, or if knight beats spear etc.  Another issue I had was the game feeling like there was only ever one solution to each level.  There may have been multiple solutions, but it still felt like there was one.  Overall I like this game's design, I found it very clean and the gameplay was fun and engaging.  Excellent work!

Interesting concept!  I like the starry background with the planets, it makes for good ambiance and sets the mood.  Only being able to do one action at a time forces the player to juggle tasks, adding another layer to the gameplay experience.  One change if you plan turning this into a full game would be more enemy variety, as each enemy is dealt with the same way.  Maybe stations which force you to orbit before shooting, or enemies with shields and have to use the right gun/missile vs shields/hull.  Though the game is great for having been made in only 2 days for this jam.  Good work!

I agree, thank you for the input!

Excellent game, I like this one quite a lot.  The only one item concept is explored well and the levels are designed around it.  The whole experience feels good, and more importantly fun.  The minimal graphics give it a cheap feel though, and this doesn't match the awesome mechanics.  Another thing I would like to have seen built upon is 'stacking' items, such as putting ammo in a gun.  What about a keychain item where you can store multiple keys but it slows you down, or pick up boots to increase speed?  Anyway just throwing out some ideas, the game is well done for the jam lasting only 2 days.  Good job!

Thank you for the feedback!

Neat concept!  This game fits the jam theme and has gorgeous graphics.  The combat system is engaging, though I would like to see more.  A follow up might have more moves, combos, or maybe even a type system with strengths/weaknesses.  Also more enemies or a sense of progression could help this feel like a more full experience.  As a proof of concept it's good, and especially well done for an only 2 day jam.  Excellent work!

Pretty neat, fits the theme very well!  The gameplay felt like it was missing something, maybe some other mechanic to deal with such as obstacles or fuel.  But the nifty 3d graphics made up for that!  And especially good job considering the jam lasted only 2 days.