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The general gameplay feals really polished and makes fun.
The visual are simple and great at the same time.
I'd like to see having more and more options to choose from in later levels.

Currently it doesn't feel  rewarding going the harder routes,
Maybe adding some bonus collectable (like the 3 Mario Coinst).
That would add additional replay value.
Dispite that good job.

Thanks for your nice and constructive comment!

I tried to balance the routes so that you have the same number of possibly punishing moves no matter where you pass but it might not feel like it and I might have made some mistakes.
I was thinking of collectables too, including power-ups but couldn't do it during the jam.
As for the actions, before your comment I didn't though about having more possible actions with still three buttons so yeah that's perfectly doable.

I'll keep all of this in mind if I try to work on this game again