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I would suggest you going with premade levels, or a random combiantion of premade parts.  Firstly, nobody will notice, people play gamejam games about 5-15 mins, so it is hard to see procedural generation. Secondly, it is way easier and since you ask this question it would definately be a challenge in itself. 
But anyway, to generate something like this, you can use any of the maze generation algorithms. They are pretty straightforward.  After that choose a random number of how many walls you want to leave in level and simply delete a random wall until you have that many walls.


I agree with Alex, I think the walls are designed using a maze generation algorithm then randomly clearing some walls from the maze to make it more open.

I agree that premade levels are fine for now. I'll check out those maze generation algorithms post-jam if I'm feeling like it's worth the time investment.

Thanks for the replies!