Submissions open from 2019-06-02 04:00:00 to 2019-06-09 04:00:00
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The goal of this jam is to create a "Broughlike" in 7 days. That is, to create a game in the style of Michael Brough (@smestorp), a pixel wizard whose highly compressed designs are cherished for their elegance, depth, and enigmatic oddness. 

Though an emerging and flexible sub-genre, certain recurring stresses are characteristic of Brough's approach:

  • Small, square boards & small integers
  • Orthogonal 4-way movement
  • Parity & zugzwang (or "compulsion to move," i.e. inability to freely "pass" a turn)
  • Streamlined controls, e.g. attacking with the same input as movement
  • Roguelike mechanics like procedural level generation, permadeath, teleport, polymorph, etc.
  • Numerology, i.e. conspicuously consistent integers
  • "Glitch" mechanics / aesthetics
  • Identification & decryption
  • Positional tactics: pushing, pulling, choke points & egress
  • Differentiated resource binaries, e.g. credits & energy, blood & mana, etc.
  • Unconventional scoring systems
  • Idiosyncratic art & audio
  • Topologies, synchronies, overlapping matrices

Not all of Brough's games make use of all of these features, and neither must yours. Feel free to use one, some, many, all, or none of them in your submission. Likewise, you're welcome to use any engines, libraries, or assets you wish. The goal should be to develop a small but essentially complete game in one week. That being said, participants are encouraged to have some idea or outline of their project going in.

Brough games:


Post-Future Vagabond


Game Title

and many more.

Some games by other developers which could be called Broughlikes:


This is more or less an "anything goes" kind of jam, but there are some general things to keep in mind.

  • You can think up designs ahead of the jam, but don't start doing any proper prototyping or development until the jam starts
  • Demakes and clones are just as welcome as original games
  • Teams are allowed
  • Online asset packs of art, sound, music, code, etc are allowed
  • Try to keep it to new projects, not things you're already working on and will just continue to work on  throughout he jam time
  • That being said, unfinished submissions are just fine
  • If you would like anything clarified, please ask in the community forum and we'll be happy to update the page

Post on Twitter under the hashtag #7DBL, and join the Brough Games Discord for discussion!