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A pretty solid game. Really liked the movement implementation and menu with episode choosing is really cool. Although I have couple complaints. Firstly,  guards that cast rays from outside of your view make the game really anoying at times, that feels "unfair". Secondly, the possibility space is very big (Generaly speaking maps and the paths of guards) so that the general feeling of the game is less puzzly and more do the thing that just seems right. Maybe it was the general idea all along.

Anyway, thanks for the game!

Yeap, sometimes underwhelming ending is a price for better gameplay :D

Thanks for playing. Wow, never heard of Kid Chameleon, should check it out!

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks a lot for the reply! The ending is kind of underwelming. It is because I had only 1 day to make the entire game. Moving obstecales is another thing that I was eager to make, but the time limit just cut it off :D

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I would suggest you going with premade levels, or a random combiantion of premade parts.  Firstly, nobody will notice, people play gamejam games about 5-15 mins, so it is hard to see procedural generation. Secondly, it is way easier and since you ask this question it would definately be a challenge in itself. 
But anyway, to generate something like this, you can use any of the maze generation algorithms. They are pretty straightforward.  After that choose a random number of how many walls you want to leave in level and simply delete a random wall until you have that many walls.

Thanks, a lot for the feedback! You are right about music that is something I struggle with. The ending of the game is unfinished :(

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!  Really appreciate it! Concerning the source code I am considering to put it out soon. I would write about it.

Cool game, really liked the mood, but the food change is confusing. From time to time the dragon changes his desired food without eating or burning anything and then immediatly eats or burns.