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Hi! Got it playing, but no text is displaying. So that's probably why I had to be told about the  escape key...

I take it that text should appear in the speech balloons above the character's heads? ; - )

That makes sense.

Seems like you had the same issue with my last game too!! Have you tried using the .love file?

Just trying to get another entry to run... I'll install the latest version of Love2D and see if that sorts it with the .love file as you suggest. Thanks! Sorry to be a bother!

No worries!! I think other games made with love 2d worked for you in the last jam and it was just mine the text was not showing up for. Which is odd because we all use the same packaging script.

I tried the .love file as you suggested. Same thing.

What font /are/ you using? I don't immediately recognize it from the screenshots.

Can you run off a version that uses... Ariel or something so I can try that?


Hmmm. The .love file has some otf's. Will try installing to my font folder...

Nertz. That didn't do it. I installed Avera.otf and Inconsolata.otf, but it didn't find them for your text. I wonder if I just have too many fonts on this computer.

And yes, it's the same computer from last time. I do graphic design on it so it has over 300 fonts, which might be more than Love2D is willing to search through? There's a note somewhere about older graphics cards not handling But while my graphics card isn't state of the art, it shouldn't be /that/ old...

It certainly looks very nice! 

It's Avara.

I'm not sure if love can use system fonts. 

I've just uploaded a version that switches between otf and ttf. Just press f.

Apparently uploading is locked. You can try cloning the library. Not sure if it will do any good anyways :(

Thanks for making a go of it! Will try again after the contest closes. Meanwhile, I rated it based on what I could see, which was still very impressive!

Hi! Downloaded the Windows version 0.2.2, but it seems the same as the other.

Also tried copying the fonts into the Fallen-win32 directory (yes, I know they should be packaged in fallen.exe), but that didn't work either.