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I tried the .love file as you suggested. Same thing.

What font /are/ you using? I don't immediately recognize it from the screenshots.

Can you run off a version that uses... Ariel or something so I can try that?


Hmmm. The .love file has some otf's. Will try installing to my font folder...

Nertz. That didn't do it. I installed Avera.otf and Inconsolata.otf, but it didn't find them for your text. I wonder if I just have too many fonts on this computer.

And yes, it's the same computer from last time. I do graphic design on it so it has over 300 fonts, which might be more than Love2D is willing to search through? There's a note somewhere about older graphics cards not handling But while my graphics card isn't state of the art, it shouldn't be /that/ old...

It certainly looks very nice! 

It's Avara.

I'm not sure if love can use system fonts. 

I've just uploaded a version that switches between otf and ttf. Just press f.

Apparently uploading is locked. You can try cloning the library. Not sure if it will do any good anyways :(

Thanks for making a go of it! Will try again after the contest closes. Meanwhile, I rated it based on what I could see, which was still very impressive!

Hi! Downloaded the Windows version 0.2.2, but it seems the same as the other.

Also tried copying the fonts into the Fallen-win32 directory (yes, I know they should be packaged in fallen.exe), but that didn't work either.