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Yeah, but despite how short it was, it was done so well I look forward to future games from you. 

Depending on what aspect you liked, you might enjoy my previous game YAGS? It's significantly longer (230,000+ words), but it's less about plot and more about developing friendships with other characters in relatively mundane interactions. (It's very much a slice-of-life game.)

If you liked the art, Wolfscade has another collabration "Blood and Lust" with Ertal Games that is a bit longer than Charles 2.0.


I tried YAGS, but it wasn't really my thing. I think the art style was the most off-putting thing to me. I may try it again later and try to get past the art. It's not bad, just not my cup of tea.

Some games have horrific art but lovely plots.

I liked EBAE, but again it was a bit short for me. 

Personally, I like building relationships in most games; In other words, no sex right off the bat lol. However, some of those have a nice concept to them. 

In Charles 2.0, the sex made sense to me because the relationships were pre-existing. 

I don't expect you to compromise your vision of your games based on my own opinions, either. Regardless of preference, I've enjoyed most of the ones you've done.

Also, I have Blood and Lust that I'll be playing soon.