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No, my mom isn't down a lot. Maybe once a year we watch Shaun of the Dead.

I like a lot of Swedish metal, so it doesn't surprise me you haven't heard of them. Plus, they might count as indie bands...? I don't know.

Here, one of my favorite Sonata Arctica songs:

Mellow doesn't equate to making someone feel depressed. It just means it's calmer. It's the equivalent of smoking marijuana. Both aren't my style. Didn't like MJ, and not a huge fan of mellow music. No biggie. *shrugs*

Heh, and it segues into your next paragraph perfectly. They probably are smoking weed, but what does it matter?

Supposedly, marijuana has medicinal properties that heal every illness from cancer to the bubonic plague (exaggeration... probably). It's all in one particular component though. I don't remember which one, but if they isolated that and made it into something you didn't smoke, I'd be all over that. I hate how weed makes me feel though, probably because I'm already a laid back person so weed just makes me feel lethargic.

Anyway, there's a lot of nasty things in cigarettes. The addictive part is the nicotine (insecticide), but there's other harmful things. Acetone, found in nail polish; ammonia, household cleaner; arsenic, commonly used in poisons; butane and hexamine which are both found in lighter fluid; etc, etc. There's like 600 ingredients in all.

See, there's a difference between potheads and stoners. If I'm remembering correctly, stoners are 'functional pot heads', meaning they work and raise kids without issues while also smoking weed to relax. Potheads are non-functional. They just sit on their asses, get baked, and say the dumbest shit. I used the wrong term last time.

My best friend is a stoner. I hate when he's high and he knows it because it's like talking to a dumb talking dog (like Doug from the movie Up.) However, he's successfully raising his little girl and he has weed for medical reasons (extreme back pain to the point he can barely move).

My ex boyfriend, however, was a pot head. He though he said these really profound things while high, but actually he was just being stupid. Then he'd giggle at his own sentences.

Stoners are generally geniuses, in my experience. Their IQs are super high and I love talking to them when they're not baked. Intellect is a huge turn on for me, always has been. Some people just seem to retain everything they ever learned, and it seems those people are the ones who wind up stoners.

The masks wouldn't be for simulating altitude, you wear them IN high altitudes to help yourself breathe easier... There's some kind of miscommunication here.

I'm confused. Were you okay with not talking to him again because he's had a shitton of boyfriends, or were you sad to not talk to him again?

Also, did they seriously say "autism victims"...? I would be pissed if someone said that to me. Like, autism isn't a fucking death sentence. It's not some bad thing that happened to you that ruins your life. It's not like rape, it's a fucking SYNDROME. It's a mental disorder that you can't cure. Jesus fucking christ, people piss me off.... PLEASE tell me you have a law in Germany against discrimination of people. I'd fucking sue their asses off for something like that, "you can't work here because you're autistic." Fuck you, corporate cows!

Okay, okay. I took a few deep breaths, I'm okay. There's not much that gets me that enraged, but ignorance is one of those things. Do you have Atypical available in your country? We may have discussed this already. It's on Netflix, it's about an autistic kid going through everyday life and the issues he faces. He's more severe than either of us, but he's still high functioning. The new season just came out, and they're trying to change how emergency responders deal with auties.

Our history books are wrong, and it sounds like yours are too.

First of all, in America, everyone praises Abraham Lincoln for eradicating slavery, but that was never his intention in the civil war. In fact, the ones who lost (south) in reality had less slaves overall than the north. I don't want to misquote anything, but I'm pretty sure Lincoln owned slaves. They still try to make white people feel guilty about their ancestors owning slaves, and many blacks think they have a right to whatever the hell they want because their great grandmothers worked the cotton fields.

The fact is, many slave owners were black. The ones who took blacks from Africa and sold them in America as slaves were black. Yet, we're supposed to feel guilty for something we had no control over.

Now, as for YOUR history books. 7 million Jews were not killed. It's impossible. If Hitler had killed that many Jews, there'd be none left. The Germans were fastidious in record-keeping, so that number is greatly exaggerated to make Germans feel guilty for something that happened before many of you were born.

This is a long read, but I'll share a snippet, "My name is Robert Litoff...I was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1945 of two Jewish parents...all my ancestors are Jews...The claim that 6 million Jews died during World War II is wrong.

During the war period, before and shortly afterward, 5 million Jews went to Israel, and the Jewish population of North America increased from 4 million to 6 million.

Jews also went to Brazil, Argentina, Australia and other nations. This accounts for the decrease of 6 million Jews in Europe.

The world Jewish population was 15 million circa 1929 but it reached an estimated high of 18 million in 1989, an increase of 16%, which would have been impossible if 6 million Jews died in World War II."

It's an interesting read, just long:

Well, not all Jews are evil, however there's a portion of them that could be considered as such: the culture of the Talmud, which... is about the filthiest, most hateful book on the face of the earth – a book that states, “Even the best of the Gentiles should ALL be killed.” If that is not HATE-speech – then what is? (source: )

There was also warmongering by them in America against the Russians:

Jews are more than just a simple religion, though. Someone said it was a culture, which I can understand. Scientifically speaking, there's only like 4 races--Jewish (I'll explain why in a moment), white, black, and Asian. Biologically, they're considered races because of their genes/DNA. That's also what dictates your outward gender. I'll use Michael Jackson as an example here. He changed his outer appearance to be as white as possible (and maybe female?), but his genes would still say "black male" if anyone looked at them.

See, scientifically there's a gene Jews have, it was apparently discovered around 2012:

In his new book, “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People,” Harry Ostrer, a medical geneticist and professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, claims that Jews are different, and the differences are not just skin deep. Jews exhibit, he writes, a distinctive genetic signature...Geneticists have long been aware that certain diseases, from breast cancer to Tay-Sachs, disproportionately affect Jews...DNA ensures that we differ not only as individuals, but also as groups. However slight the differences (and geneticists now believe that they are significantly greater than 0.1%), they are defining. That 0.1% contains some 3 million nucleotide pairs in the human genome, and these determine such things as skin or hair color and susceptibility to certain diseases. They contain the map of our family trees back to the first modern humans.

Source: (also, be glad. I shortened this portion considerably when I realized how long it was getting.)

My brother and I both know what the bible says about Jews (grew up Christian, remember?), but if you look at their history, it seems more like they were just a disappointment to God. They were stuck in the desert for 40 years. Plus those 'blessed' people were rounded up into concentration camps. (and I smile at this because of a South Park episode...)

The quality is awful, but it's too hilarious not to share:

You're right that the bible doesn't originally say anything about homosexuality, but the translations were changed. In 382 AD (I guess it's 'CE' now?), the Catholic church took apart the bible, deciding which books went in.

The books that didn't make it are now in the Apocrypha.

In English at least, there are so many scriptures against homosexuality. For a long time I felt guilty for being what I am, until I found a movie called Fish out of Water (on Netflix at the time) where a lesbian who grew up christian went to find out what the original translation said. It was so freeing to watch that I cried the first time I watched it.

I only mentioned my girlfriend because I feel awful for liking someone else while sort of dating her, but like I said it's been a month with no contact from her... Are we even still together after that long? I don't even know... I actually sent her screenshots of funny parts of the Attack on Titan manga yesterday and while I was in the middle of writing you, I saw she'd been online but still didn't respond. I actually got really disappointed and had to swallow my depression to keep writing, and that was about my second paragraph. She's also told me before she'll appear offline when she doesn't wanna talk to someone, so I'm wondering if she's done that with me lately...

Anyway, he's definitely my type. Kinda heavy, lumberjack beard, great sense of humor.

The one I told her involved blood everywhere. I told her I didn't need blood to be satisfied, but I guess I just freaked her out too much.

That's similar to what I want. I want to build my own estate on acres of land where I can have a buttload of dogs and they have room to run around. I also have to include a lazy river for my mom, haha.

I never really thought about the type of furry I'd be. In the game Amorous (PC only), I made my character male with large, pointy ears. You could also choose scales instead of fur, but I went with fur. I also gave him a long snout. So I guess a fox would be closest, though I colored him black and white. I liked watching his white thighs in throes of passion, haha.

I've seen Memento, but not The Haunting of Hill House. It's on my list though. I've just been in a horror movie mood lately, so I've been watching things that end in like 2 hours.

Well, I sent your Discord a request. It... Will probably be obvious it's from me, even without the name and tag#. I use Samtoinette EVERYWHERE. Ever since it occurred to me how cool it sounded a few years ago.

I'm sorry you keep having to start over, but the comment on the end made me laugh. Twice the text, yep! The obvious frustration of the entire post and then that at the end is too amusing, but I'm sorry to laugh at your irritation.

My brother has ADHS (here it's still ADHD I think?) so I could get a hold of him for a time to laugh my ass off about random shit. 

Oh! I have a favorite picture depicting it... 

It made my brother laugh.

Uh, yeah... The fantasy I told my girlfriend about was a sexual one, but yeah. 

Honestly, I can't tell you how often I wish I was a guy. I'd be gayer than a unicorn shitting rainbows cause even as a girl I like it up the butt... Sorry, probably TMI lolol.

My greatest fantasy has always been to have a lover and live an ordinary life. Get a lot of dogs. Build my own estate. 

Even as a child, while I pretended to be a Sailor Scout or Super Saiyan at times, I never wanted to be famous.

Even so, if I could be a furry... I'd jump at that opportunity.

I'm guessing you think I'm having a rough time because my girlfriend stopped responding to me? It's not the first time she's done this...

You almost made me cry happy tears with that last little bit. I'm glad I can help you. It helps me too, I sometimes don't feel like I can talk to my mom or best friend about some things because they know me too well, if that makes sense. Some things are easier to tell a 'stranger'. 

While we may have misunderstandings and I think I hurt your feelings from time to time, I'm glad we started chatting. 

Ohhh, Sam's so cuuute!!! I hope he gets a route at some point. 

Yeah, I think the hooded dude looks like a rhino too. Maybe he doesn't if/when the hoodie comes off?

Wow, you took that personally. 

I'm not gonna read it because *I* think it looks like it was written by a 12 year old. It's nothing against you. It doesn't make you stupid for liking it or anything. You like what you like and I like what I like and that's okay. We don't have to have all of the same interests to be friends.

Also, I just have to gush for a minute... First of all, my 'girlfriend' hasn't spoken to me in a month. I told her about a particularly macabre turn on for me and she even told me it freaked her out.

That said, I've told you before I'm demisexual and only feel sexual attraction to people who's personalities I like. Weeeeell, there's this really funny and outgoing guy in my class. For the first 8 weeks, he was sitting on the same side of class as me but on the opposite end of the row, next to this guy I guess he's been friends with for a while. I teased him about always sitting in the back, and the last two weeks he's taken the seat right next to me.

I don't want to read too much into it but I'm hoping that might mean he kinda likes me. He doesn't have a ring on his finger, but he could have a girlfriend or something. 

Either way, it's great to have a fun person to sit next to and make weird comments with. 

Yes, it's still being updated. Generally at least one update a month.

I don't give you much to work with on days I catch the response first thing in the morning... Like today.

That's how I feel about Shaun of the Dead, but my mom loves that movie. She also likes Hot Fuzz too, and that... End of the World film with the same actors, but yeah. Luckily she rarely asks to watch Shaun of the Dead. I mostly put it on if she's sick or down about something. It helps cheer her up.

Well, a lot of bands... Linkin Park, 3rd Door Down, Anberlin, Chevelle, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Sonata Arctica, Pink, Katy Perry, Three Days Grace (old and new)... The list goes on and on, but I guess I'm just not a huge fan of whatever style Coldplay/Radiohead/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Shinedown are. I have to be in the mood for their mellow style. Often, I only like a handful of songs by a band.

My favorite is probably between Five Finger Death Punch and Sonata Arctica. I like more of their music than most bands. I've always been a fan of metal music more than anything, though I've been through rap and country phases. 

Heh... Unless you're talking about marijuana and not cigarettes, people don't smoke for fun. 

Marijuana I've tried once. It's really not my thing, but it makes everything funny. It also mellows people out, so it helps relax muscles and stuff. It's also safer than cigs. 

In my experience, you want to talk to pot heads when they're sober because they're usually the smartest and most insightful people you'll meet. I have a theory that people with high IQ mostly smoke weed to stop their brains from going a mile (or kilometer) a minute.

As for cigarettes, people smoke them as stress relief. I'm pretty sure it's the breathing in and out that relieves stress, because you can do that and calm yourself without breathing in toxic chemicals.

Now, for that mask... High altitude means way up high, like on a mountain. I assume you know what 'endurance' means.

So it sounds like the mask helps mountain climbers climb Mt. Everest (and others) easier.

I'm not a fan of history either, but 90% of what we learn here is wrong anyway. Our history was written to make Americans look better than we are. For a class she took, mom had to get a book called Lies My Teacher Told Me (or something to that effect). I haven't read much of it, but one of my favorite quotes is "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1493, he stole all that he could see." Columbus is painted as this derpy guy we praise for finding America; when he wasn't even the first to find America. (see: Amerigo Vespucci) 

The only times I enjoy history is when I'm told the truth, or interesting facts they don't include in the history books.

That's right. I forgot about that. My mom says I forget anything that doesn't interest me. She thinks it's weird that I don't ask people what they do for a living or anything. I've told her time and time again that that stuff doesn't matter, their personalities do, but she just doesn't get it.

Anyway, what I was going to say is that my brother, who's ancestry is part Jew, is very anti-Semitic. He says Jews ruin every country they go to, then just move on to the next. He's a bigger history buff than I am (obviously), so I'm sure he researched it.

He's also started reading the bibles of different religions.

My parents were convinced I was confused. The first few times I came out, my mom made me read parts of the bible talking about homosexuality being wrong (*cough cough* all in the Old Testament *cough cough*) 

Mom doesn't like to be reminded of that now, because I think she's started understanding that some people are just gay. There's actual scientific documentation that shows a gay man's hippocampus is smaller, like a woman's, than a straight man's. She's gotten to the point where she gushes over how cute a gay couple is. Too much mushy stuff makes us both uncomfortable, regardless of the couple, but when there's a small kiss we're both like "they're so cute!!!"

I think she finally realized I wasn't confused when I finally dated a girl at age 22.

Sorry, but that writing is terrible... I definitely won't be reading that series now. I felt like I was reading fiction by a 12 year old.

I abhor Bluegrass music... I've only gone to a handful of mom's shows to show my support, but I can't stand the style. Dueling Banjos is cool, and I like the songs that sound peppy yet are about something macabre, but overall I don't like it.

Ahaha! Yeah, I want the panther (Sam) to have a route too, but he doesn't even have a sprite so I doubt he'll get one unless a lot of people ask. I was just mentioning their stretch goals, and Sam wasn't included in the list... Also I wonder if we're talking about the same character.. the one who takes your bags to your room, right?

Yep, that's Tusk.

I'm not a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and never have been. I think it's mostly the singer's voice that I don't like, but I never sat and listened enough to figure out why I don't like them.

Ah, yeah, I've known second-hand smoke is worse than actually smoking for a good 15 years now... God that makes me feel old, haha.

Well... I guess I'll just be honest. I mean, I'm 28 years old, 29 in February. While my life wasn't constantly horrible, I've been through some stuff that scarred me. I suffer from depression, social anxiety, and PTSD. It's not easy just getting myself to leave the house. I've always been a little paranoid, but it got ten times worse when I was 17 and really bad things happened in my 17-22 years.

As a result, I've been on medications for the last 6 years or so. My initial dose of antidepressants has since been doubled, and I had an antianxiety medication added onto it. I also take D3 over the counter because I don't get out much, and that's the main vitamin you get from sun exposure.

Geez, sounds like you were both drunk and he was an emotional drunk. I honestly think it was a little harsh to cut him from your life because he cried over not sleeping with you, but I can see how that could be construed as insistence.

Yeah, it feels like there's a secret war... I can't bring myself to hate the neo-Nazis we have here because there's an entire war on white people.

Speaking of, sounds like your country still struggles with some of that... Though, honestly, my brother has anti-Semitic views as well, despite being part Jewish... I was going to go into more detail, but I don't want to offend you in case you are Jewish. Never know.

My mom's a professor and makes sure to remind her students that the news, like everything else, is another form of entertainment. They want more views just like everyone else, so you can't believe everything they report.

I finally figured out the reason the game flickered on the main menu; it was some issue with the default .ini file. I removed everything and reinstalled which fixed it.

No? I wrote "Bluegrass Association" because that's just another thing that I've committed to help with. My mom is part of a group that gets together monthly to play Bluegrass music... I don't recommend that style, personally, as it's not my thing but you may like it. I dunno.

Typically, Carlos is shortened to Carl. 

Speaking of, after checking the stretch goals, THAT'S where the others get routes. Chris, Katarina (I always get her name wrong too, I always think it's Katrina), Russell, and that hooded dude from the beach scene before the character passes out for a nap.

I've learned how to stay quiet in situations I should be respectful, but I definitely speak my mind too much in public. My mom still corrects me at times because I forget to say simple things like please and thank you. 

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'whitewashing', but I was simply saying I don't want to listen to them all the time. I neither implied they were only for mature audiences or compared them to others. I just meant they're not a style I like all the time.

I don't smoke or hang out with smokers anymore... Why do you ask?

I'm not gonna watch CoW, honestly... Realistic war films just depress me and I already take medication for depression. I don't need to exacerbate it.

Well was he insistent about going further than a kiss, even after you said no? If so I understand distancing yourself, but the way you worded it sounds more like he respected your wishes but you still turned away from him.

I don't know about thrilling... We have had constant domestic terrorist attacks, it seems like, for the past several years and it only got worse when our current president was elected. There's a shooting every week, I swear. Though I haven't heard about the big ones, such as a school shooting or church shooting in a few months. I don't pay super close attention to the news though. It's all the same thing on a different day, and the media just over-exaggerates the importance of certain things.

I really like Gopher. His play style is nothing like my own. He's so immersed he becomes his character, whereas I play the same pretty much every time I pick it up... I want to try his style of just being one thing. I've never played as a simple farmer, or an assassin only. I've never played as just a mage or warrior. I want to, but I wind up doing a little of everything when I play.

Right now, however, I can't play the game because it keeps flickering on the main menu and I can't figure out why... I know it's because of the script extender because vanilla Skyrim works without any problems, but I don't understand why that would cause an issue... On top of that I have my schoolwork to do and a newsletter for my mom's Bluegrass Association. *sigh*

We normally seem to have the same taste, so I wonder if you really like Carlos cause I sure do. The quiet types are my thing. I love breaking through that shell.

I don't think it's possible for a human being to be that fast in real life, honestly. You can only go as fast as your body will allow, and blinking only takes a few microseconds.

I used SoloLearn one day. That was it. Just once. I got distracted. I honestly hate learning programming, but it's such a helpful thing to learn... I just don't totally want to.

Haha, sorry. Looks like I annoyed you by talking about mods too much. I just didn't know if you'd ever played with them or not. It's not possible on Android and I don't know what kind of games you play(ed) on the computer.

I don't think 'easily' is the word. It's easier than making a mod without a CK, but the CK is seriously confusing in some areas. There's tutorials, but I have a hard time taking that knowledge and applying it to something different than what they taught me.

I guess I wasn't clear, but sadly Bethesda games are single player, except for their terrible MMOs.

I'm not going to insist on it, but Tusk isn't a bad movie. It's just a bit slow. The concept, while disturbing, is kinda cool. If you want to give it a shot, by all means. It's not gross like THC.

I'm not sure where you got the idea you can date more characters in Santa Lucia, but right now it looks like the only dateable characters are Bryan, Carlos, and Nate... They didn't specify if they'd add more later, though I wish they would. Ben already calls Chris cute, which I agree, and Russell calls Ben cute a few times.

If you read the info of the game, under the "love interests" it clearly says "These are the three characters Ben has the opportunity to pursue a relationship with over the course of the game." 

It's "THE three characters" that sounds like they won't add more, but who knows. I didn't look at their stretch goals on Patreon.

Honestly, I was friends with a prankster in high school who pretended to be three of my friends at the same time without me knowing. I was heartbroken when I found out. Since then I don't really care if people are lying to me about who they are or not. I'm just myself, and if I later find out the person was a fake, I'm disappointed. However it doesn't really matter too much. Hell, turned out an ex of mine was playing with my heart. I REALLY stopped caring after that.

Besides, 98% of the people I meet online don't seem to be faking it. 

I've listened to quite a few of Shinedown's songs. I have to be in the mood for them because it's like mellow rock music, but I do get into the mood at times.

Choosing the 'wrong' person isn't necessarily adventurous, but it's kinda cool to see them in their element.

Dean asks if he has to be jealous of you and Ty. When he asked that, out loud I was like "yes." 

Other than him, nothing really exciting happens. 

Hoss' route is surprisingly sweet though.

Uhh... Well, I certainly don't have an aversion to futanari (chicks with dicks), but it's not my favorite... I can't completely reconcile what I desire sometimes. In a way, my heart wants my best friend but we broke up years ago due to my own stupidity. We still discuss it sometimes too. Kinda pisses me off because I keep trying to move on but I honestly just love him so much. 

I don't actually like war films. The only one I can think of that I liked was Dear John and that was a romantic drama.

Skyrim is really good. Honestly it's best on PC because that's where the majority of mods are. The consoles are too limited to have some of the really good ones (Such as Schlongs of Skyrim or OSA/OSex). Some people hyper sexualize their games, but I just like it for the added realism. Oh! You should watch some of Gopher's playthrough! He's so immersed in playing that he 'becomes' his character. He plays with mods, but he tries to keep it as close to vanilla (modless) as possible. This will show you what the game is like. He plays a thief in this playthrough and he chose to stray from the main quest line.

Obviously I like Password and Tennis Ace too. 

I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt. They probably have a full job to do and making VN as a hobby. Bane's the only one I think is overpaid for what they do. Kiss Blackgate goodbye because it just seems to be losing steam fast. 

Err... Mostly it's for my schoolwork. My future career will be in computers and it's mandatory to take a programming class for my certificate.

I'm focusing on Python because that's what Skyrim uses. C and C# are like the building blocks of more popular scripting programs. They're like the Latin of the computer world.

Creation Kit is a program released by the developers of Skyrim. Honestly the devs (Bethesda, Beth for short) are on the lazy side and I think they release it so modders can flesh out their game more. 

For instance, the intro to Skyrim you're riding in a carriage (I won't say why), but the rest of the game the carriages act like fast travel points. Pay the driver (only for the main cities), climb in back, and the screen goes black to a loading screen and you show up near the carriage of the place you paid to go.

Modders made mods that either add carriages to the other smaller towns that act as fast travel points, or (what I use) an entire mod that gives you the experience of riding through the country in a carriage.

There's also a mod that enables a lot of vanilla aspects that Beth didn't bother to finish, called Cutting Room Floor. 

There's ones for more followers (otherwise you can only have 2, one humanoid and one pet), improvements on vanilla followers, changing the AI to make them feel like real people... There's also some really silly ones, such as a trumpet sound for skeleton's footsteps or cursing crabs. 

I use 5 silly mods. 3 that kill NPCs for repeating certain lines that are said constantly (Condescending: "...Someone stole your sweetroll?", Condescending;shortened: "Have you been to [rich town]? What am I saying, of course not.", Sincere but overused: "...I took an arrow to the knee.") And two that change the loading screens to say hilarious stuff by a madman in the game.

The Creation Kit (CK) is a bit buggy, but you can make a lot of things with it. Change/add voices, change outfits, adjust who can die or not, make quests and/or followers, make player homes, fix up vanilla things to look better (NPCs, homes, weather, etc). 

Beth releases a CK with most of their games, but their last good game was Skyrim, which was originally 32-bit, released in 2011. The 64-bit version, Skyrim Special Edition (SSE), is less buggy and was released in 2016.

They also do a post-apocalyptic game you may have heard of called Fallout. 

Fallout 4 was boring and nothing like its predecessors, showing how little they really care anymore. Fallout 3 and New Vegas were sooo much better. They also have Fallout Shelter which is a mobile game. I've barely played it.

They tried their hand at MMO games and failed spectacularly. Stay away from ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) and Fallout 76. 

They're bad at listening to what the fans want. We've been asking for a multiplayer function to play with just friends, not an MMO.

Well, in the Harvest Moon games you're a farmer. The first few just focused on farming-- dealing with crops and livestock. Friends of Mineral Town, to my knowledge, was the first to do three things differently. First, there was an entire town full of people to get to know. Second, there was marriage candidates to woo. Third, they released a female version named More Friends of Mineral Town.

The unfortunate thing was that you could only woo the opposite sex.

Story of Seasons had improved on that a LOT. There's still crops and livestock, and villages/towns to get to know people, but they also added customization. While you can still only marry the opposite sex, you can make your character look like either a boy or a girl. Some people said they did that and pretended the resulting child was adopted.

Obviously it's a relaxing sort of game. There's no danger to your character aside from passing out due to lack of sleep and/or stamina. 

Many people prefer Rune Factory because it's like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons but with monsters to fight in the mine and stuff.

Uhh... Human Centipede 1 has a guy sewing people's mouths to other people's asses.... You can imagine how gross that gets. I'm trying not to gag just thinking about it.

As for Tusk, it's nowhere near as disgusting as Human Centipede, but it's just really unsettling. Basically a guy gets kidnapped by a crazy guy that knocks him out and sews his body together to make him into a walrus.

I downloaded Santa Lucia a few days ago, but haven't played it yet.

I think I read the whole thing on the page... The ending was realistic if I remember correctly.

There's 5 Scary Movies. 

🎶Call me a sinner, call me a saint

Tell me it's over, I'll still love you the same

Call me your favorite, call me the worst

Tell me it's over I don't want you to hurt

It's all that I can say, so I'll be on my way.🎶

Ah yes, I've quoted that song many times in my life, especially when dealing with a particular ex boyfriend.

Anyway, from playing Sal's route, I think the song fits him more than Orlando, though the "God knows I've tried" part certainly works for him.

If you meet the 'wrong' person to find the library then you meet up with Roswell and he does apologize. Even on his own route. 

I like to go back and check where other decisions will take my character after successfully getting to the "to be continued" on every route. 

Ty's route is amazing if you choose to join him, Sal, and Dean at the pool on Day 8 instead of hanging out with Hoss and Orlando. 

I was modding Skyrim recently and realized I have odd tastes....

In real life I prefer women, virtually I prefer buff men with a healthy amount of body hair. I'd be a sucker if I met a guy like Tyson. Works out constantly, has enough fat he'd be cuddly, and has that bad boy thing going on. 

Anyway, I don't see Spencer or Shoichi as being bad boys. They're both too responsible to be bad boys. Torahiko either, he's just a happy prankster.

I can't deny Hyper or Tyson are though.

I picked up WSSAP months ago. Bara is my favorite genre of VN.

Ah geez... When I had friends around I was active... I hate doing things alone so I've been inactive for like 12 years now. I miss riding my bike and camping and walking places... I used to play sports. Not competitively, but I enjoyed playing with the neighbor kids. They're all gone now.

I'm surprised you want to be a programmer, but that's cool. There's an app called SoloLearn that teaches several different programming languages in a simple way. There's also but I don't know if it'll work on a phone.

Aside from catching up on EA, WSSAP, Password, and Uncommon Breed, I've just been playing Diggy's Adventure and Epic Seven. On the computer I've been working on learning scripting and the Creation Kit for Skyrim. 

Harvest Moon is a relaxing farming series, like Stardew Valley if you've heard of it.

There was some issue with the company in America and they split. The best developers were rebranded under the name Story of Seasons, while the sub-par ones kept the Copyrights of Harvest Moon.

... I never watched Human Centipede 2, because unfortunately I watched the first Human Centipede... Seriously gross. I try not to think about it.

Another that's inhumane is Tusk. I like the movie, but it's enough to make me unsettled and feel uncomfortable to the point of being nauseated. 

Hooooly fuuuuuck that comic is goooood. 

Yeah, horror-comedy counts as its own genre I think. Real horror is supposed to be scary or suspenseful. There's nothing wrong with them being funny though. I've watched several of the Scary Movie series, though they have some moments where they go too far.

Well since he switched to being subtle, just try to notice words that are being repeated constantly. I had to play through Benson's death a few times too, but suddenly it just clicked.

Funny to see you say you like bad boys when you choose the best friend in most games. 

Yeah, Sal's reaction when you curl up with him after saving Benson is awesome. He pulls you on top of his stomach and you both drift off to sleep like that.

I think in the case of Orlando falling for the MC, he just comes to terms with Sal seeing him as nothing but a brother. I want to see their relationship develop slowly because Orlando shouldn't treat the MC as a rebound boyfriend or anything. You can love more than one person in your life. God knows I have.

Roswell pisses me off so much. He'd be an amazing character if he wasn't so stubborn about holding grudges. He even treats the MC poorly just for being friends with their old bully. It's bullshit.

I never thought you'd say you were over Sho. Glad to see you branching out on things you like though.

As far as not liking a character because they aren't sporty, you realize the character would still probably show up at games and stuff right? Jun goes to the sports matches even though he can't play. He's still there to cheer his friends on. Iwas the same way. I was head over heels for a girl in high school. She was sporty, outdoorsy and active while I never have been. I still hung out with her. I'd even go on walks with her around the neighborhood or at the park. I can't even count how many times we walked from my house to the convenience store to the park and then walk back home after we played at the park. Anyway, my point is that you shouldn't write off a character (or person) because they don't have the same interests you do. 

If you really want to get into that conversation I can easily point out that the only active characters in Extracurricular Activities are Spence and Darius... In fact, Darius is more active than Spencer.

Kinda doubt I'll be trying any animes any time soon. I'm in a gaming mood right now. I'm working on modding Skyrim Special Edition again... And waiting impatiently for Story of Seasons to release the remake of my favorite Harvest Moon game ever, Friends of Mineral Town... I figured I'd never get a Switch and then they come up with that. Damn Nintendo, they suckered me in again!

I think I said I liked Paradise PD better than something else, but yes I like Disenchanted too.

I've seen Shaun of the Dead many many times. It's mom's favorite 'horror' film, meanwhile mine in the comedy-horror genre is Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Highly recommend that movie if it's still on Netflix. Liked it so much I bought a copy... Actually more like 3 copies. 

I don't like It Follows, personally. It's just too slow moving and not REALLY scary. 

Haven't seen Happy Death Day I don't think....that or it wasn't memorable for me.

Ty is the "bad boy" type which I fall for like crazy in VNs. That and the strong, silent types with abrasive attitudes like Vincent in Blackgate, or Keisuke in Tennis Ace... Darius counts as the "bad boy" type like Ty. <3

I've played what's available of every route of Password. Ty's still my #1 favorite, with Orlando a close second.

The third password is "betrayal". It's repeated over and over on Benson's bad end. I got the hint when the author (Grizz, is it?) commented to pay attention to Benson's bad end. I like that the passwords aren't as obvious now. You really have to pay attention to find them.

Sho doesn't show too much emotion when MC is dating someone else. I think he just asks "of all people, why him" when you're hanging with Keisuke constantly, though I could be getting it mixed up with Spencer's words when "dating" Darius.

He literally JUST found out the MC likes Jun... I admit the scene is cruel. I can imagine being in Sho's shoes. You're in love with your best friend and think they're straight, come to find out they're falling in love with another male friend of yours and you have to pretend it doesn't bother you. I say it's cruel because the MC doesn't realize how he's affecting Sho. It's still my favorite route. I love Jun so much!

I've been sexually attracted to men when I like their personalities. I just figured you had a similar orientation.

In the case of EA, it wasn't bad. I mean, you know Spencer isn't my favorite, but it was pretty good.

I needed my Darius fix so I payed $3 for the new Darius and Chester updates on Patreon. Haven't played Chester's yet. 

I really like Human Cargo, but I'm anxiously waiting for Doc's route. Kol and Razix  are my favorites so far.

I don't mind Killigan's Treasure taking a while. Can't rush perfection, and the previous demo was already sooo good. I can wait for the next one with the improvements.

Yeah, I haven't played Homecoming in a while because Shin's route isn't finished. It makes sense it takes a while though. That's a lot of characters and about a month per character, plus they're mostly rewriting the script. 

Nah, go ahead and share some details. 

Any way to put it in as an optional in settings? I'd like if it was tougher, but apparently some users are derps.

Yep, it's great! So odd to me so many people have had trouble getting the good ending. It's not like it's hard to do (pun not intended). 

Think I got the dildo set on day 2 and had plenty of time to max that plus max physical and education. 

Just a suggestion, Gryphbear apparently learned how to have one sprite and overlay clothes on them, like a paper doll. It'd lower the amount of work needed if you could figure out how to do that.

Anyway, I just finished the demo and loving it so far. 

I did really like Disenchantment. I recently rewatched the first season in preparation for the second. 

I don't think you should feel uneasy or embarrassed for not liking the same things as everyone else. I do, however, think you should try something and make up your own mind rather than believing everything on IMDB. In my experience most people's reviews don't match my own opinions.

I'm currently playing Tyson's route. The first playthrough he obviously died. It killed me. I was in the living room with my family trying not to cry. It's interesting you tried telling me not to judge Tyson. He's the type I wind up liking most in games.

Second playthrough, he's not dead yet. I'm on Day 7 only though.

I just don't care enough to bother criticizing WOTB on Sho's route. I much prefer Keisuke and Jun's routes, both of which are much better. No sex in either one yet. 

Also, sounds like you're Demisexual like I am. Don't really care about sex unless you're emotionally invested. 

Yeah,I played the EA update already, and Killigan's Treasure hasn't had a game update, just showing people the UI changes.

I was soooo glad to see CGs in Human Cargo, and the bedrooms were changed as well as the outline of the ship. Nice changes.

You did tell me about the book, but I'm more concerned with my own writing than other people's right now.

Detroit: Become Human was so much fun to watch on YouTube, I had to get a PS4. 

I'm an RK900/Reed and HankCon  shipper. 

I'm not really watching anything right now. I'm trying to find something worth watching, but in a few days new seasons of my favorite shows will start coming out on Netflix.

You talked about it on the update itself to the developer I think, but you didn't share much with me I don't think.

Honestly the sex with Sho was just awkward to me. I don't like Sho anyway, but it was worse with his mouth around the MC's cock.

I've been attracted to men as well. I know I've told you that I'm a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey Scale. I was gonna say something but it's TMI... 

I was pleasantly surprised at Cassy's reaction to Cato in the arena. Meanwhile, I want to chop Cato's dick off and feed it to him. What a bastard. It baffles me that no one told Cato that the human 'pet' being picked up was an honest mistake... Though I doubt he'd listen anyway. 

Pleeeease tell me you've played update 9.5 cause there's a part I HAVE to discuss but I don't want to spoil anything.

Haaah, okay okay. I need to pick up Password.

I just didn't like the characters in SAO... Whiny and demanding female, brooding loner male, no one memorable for their close friends. Just like every Shojo manga and anime ever created. It was hyped up like crazy, and I was disappointed. If you like it, cool. It's just not my thing.

"You know you don't have to ship every single character down to the smallest detail? :P"

I know I don't HAVE to, it's just part of being a fujoshi! 

I actually don't go into fandoms thinking I'll develop a ship, it just happens naturally. There's quite a few fandoms I'm in that I have no ships. Rick and Morty, Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Disenchantment, Bojack Horseman... There's probably more, I just can't think of them right now.

I've seen a little of TUA, but only an episode or two. Dad watched it once while I was in the room. It seemed interesting, but I haven't sought it out for more.

Yeaaaah, Dib's father is a scientist who created a mecha suit for Dib when he died... Didn't go well for Zim.

... You forgot the name Epic Mickey after I just said it?

I played it to the final battle then stopped playing. I did the same thing with Skyward Sword. I play games for the story, not hard ass boss fights. When the final boss is THAT hard to beat, I'll just give up and watch the ending on YouTube.

That's too bad. The A List is really good, in my personal opinion. It had a nice little twist in the end... A twist that became fairly obvious before its reveal, but a twist nonetheless.

I actually just finished Jun's latest update and I was so uplifted. They did such a good job.

I also finished Shoichi's update finally... You said you felt it was rushed? Why's that?

Heh, I know Homecoming is still being worked on. I'm really glad they're taking the time to make it good rather than pumping out updates for the sake of updating. 

That reminded me, I finally finished the update to Adastra. Not only did I, out loud, ask Neferu to marry me (sad he's not real...) I also felt some sympathy for Cassius. The end of the 9.5 update made me feel something for him other than contempt.

-gags at the mention of SAO- I watched Sword Art Online... Couldn't stand it. If you like it, more power to you.

I also don't really like My Hero Academia... The first season I developed one ship, but I lost interest in the second season.

Heh, yeah. You're saying we don't have as big of a pool of fish to choose from than straight people do. I know. It doesn't stop homo couples from having huge fights though.

The Dark Crystal is a series based on a movie of the same name. It was by Jim Henson. Same guy that did The Muppets-- Kermit the Frog, Gonzo, Ms. Piggy, etc. 

That's why they're all puppets, it was Henson's specialty and his son continued his work when he died.

I watched Phineas and Ferb... Why was it weird for you to watch it? What age?

Devil on the wall might be "jinx it" in America. We say "don't jinx it" when we don't want something to happen.

Yeah the movie was terrible... What was Shamaylan thinking? The only people who liked it hadn't watched the anime. 

Well, Invader Zim is a dark cartoon. Not as dark as the creator wanted because Nickelodeon wanted him to make it for kids around 7 years old, but still dark. I can't even really describe it without giving anything away. One episode, Zim is sick and Dib (arch rival) tells him the nurse will know he's an alien when looking at him, so Zim steals his fellow students' organs and replaces them with other objects.

Another, there's a time machine and Zim keeps throwing in things to screw up Dib's life-- and succeeds. Dib even dies in that episode but Nickelodeon didn't let him stay dead.

Rocko's Modern Life should've NEVER been on a kids station at all. Kinda like several other cartoons, it had adult jokes EVERYWHERE. It was like Ren and Stimpy.

As for genre of them... I guess Invader Zim would be horror, and Rocko would be like slice of life or something.

Cartoons were originally created for adults, but were later geared towards children. The best cartoons are the classics-- Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, classic Mickey Mouse (when he was still mischievous; something the game Epic Mickey tried to bring back).

Betty Boop was originally meant for adult men who wanted to see scantily clad women.

Yes, Netflix is constantly pushing an agenda. Probably why I prefer foreign shows, because they can't say much about what they produce. I say that after finishing Season One of The A List. Good show, worth a watch. 

In the case of Jun, he's the newest member. WOTB explained why his route had that end to the festival and it makes sense. Basically the MC, notoriously bad at making decisions, isn't sure how he feels about Jun. The festival end is heartbreakingly beautiful. 

I don't think it ruined his route, I just think that'll make their union that much sweeter when it does come. 

I say I prefer Spencer and the MC in EA because I connect more with their feelings for each other. I know humans can pet too, but that weird dog look Spencer gets when he's being brushed is just off-putting to me. He makes me think of a pet, not a boyfriend... Then again, if furries were a reality, I'd definitely be into felines. I love purring. It's my favorite sound.

Shoichi just strikes me as kind of... Flat. His personality is non-existent, really. 

Yeeees Neferu is so sexy.

I've been obsessed with jackals since I was a kid. My favorite Egyptian god was Anubis, so seeing a jackal in a dating game makes me go "come for me, daddy"

The fight with my partner was resolved within 24 hours because we discussed it. She had some misconceptions about how I felt about our relationship and at first didn't believe me when I tried to quell her fears.

Honestly I'm not even sure if the Naruto Shippuden manga is finished or not... And yeah probably the only one that could contest Naruto Shipp for the longest lasting series would be Doctor Who.

I admit to liking SpongeBob, but I did stop watching it a long time ago. 

I also really like The Simpsons. I don't know if you'd like it if you watched more of it or not, because they make fun of everyone like South Park, but they're less crude about it. 

Oh god... Netflix is gonna ruin The Last Airbender... Okay at least I expect them to. Honestly their Invader Zim (late 90's/early 00's) and Rocko's Modern Life (early-mid 90's) specials were SO GOOD. Same voice actors and everything, they were phenomenal. If they'll stay that way with the full series of Invader Zim or not I don't know.

However, I do know there's certain things Netflix is really liberal about... Frankly everyone is these days. Shoving homosexuality (We make up 5% of the population ffs!), Interracial couples (I don't mind them, even liked a black person here and there, but they're not THAT common), and modern feminism (Just... No) down everybody's throats and it influences everything Netflix produces. 

The only thing I can hope is that they won't redo the story of Aang or Korra. Granted I wouldn't be opposed to an Aang/Zuko ship, but the originals are fine so don't mess with 'em.

I've stepped away from VNs for now, but I'll try to pick up Password.

The latest Tennis Ace update was forgettable. I think it was like Shuuichi couldn't meet up with the MC for a few days and MC got depressed? 

Personally Shuuichi's is my least favorite route. I know you like the best-friends-turned-lovers stories, but sometimes those aren't the best. I prefer Keisuke's route right now, but that's because the last Jun update broke my heart. Like, I'm legitimately haunted by the look on Jun's face at the end of the festival. 

I know I rave about Darius on Extracurricular Activities, but I prefer THEIR BFF-to-lover story to the one in Tennis Ace... Though it feels weird when the MC gives Spencer pats or brushes him. He acts the most animal-like of all of them so it approaches beastiality a little too much for my comfort.

I'm about halfway through the newest Adastra update, so I haven't seen the nightmare fuel yet.

Do you know if they have plans to implement more dating choices? I can't get over that sexy jackal.

It's not being 'dependent' on your parents to put the money you get in allowances into the bank; it's just good sense.

Ah, no, I know all about that stuff in Naruto. I watched the original when he was a kid, I only skipped the filler episodes, and I made it a few dozen episodes in Shippuden before I lost interest. It's been yeeeears since I've watched it though, and I'm surprised it's still popular. I felt the same way with SpongeBob.

I just don't think wiping out your entire clan is as brutal as the story of the Titans... One of the character's mothers is turned into a deformed one, fully aware of who her son is when he passes by, but there's no way to turn her back. Was that in season one? I don't remember.

There's the ones who are ripped apart by Titans, different ones grabbing different limbs and pulling. Among other things.

I haven't played Password yet, and I'm behind on Tennis Ace and Adastra.

-shrugs- I think he looks like a lion, but whatever. Your preference.

Well, I just mean, you won't have your family to look after you for the rest of your life which is why saving it is the smart choice.

Not really interesting. I'm sick, my girlfriend and I had a small fight. I'm having trouble thinking with the sinus headache. 

I don't actually recall what I wrote, but Rin actually is a crybaby in the series. 

Compared to Attack on Titan, Naruto and Shippuden are a walk in the park.

I'm generally unemotional in all aspects, though when I connect to characters I will get emotional. 

No, Darius is really attractive with a mane. More attractive than he is without it.

I don't see anything wrong with doing what you want with the money you get. Personally, I'd save most of it, but that's me. 

I think the weather here is considered normal for the most part. Sunny days are common with blue skies, there's rainy days here and there, cloudy days, blah blah blah.

To address the embarrassing part first, I'm... Adventurous in the bedroom. That's what I meant when I said I don't say 'no'.

I'm flattered you think I'm talented, thank you! 

I hate sad endings, so even if there's some angst, I always make sure there's a happy ending, even if it's like the end of The Notebook and the couple dies together on their deathbed. So you'll never find an Echo-like story by me.

Also, I'm not an emotional person. As a result, I think that's why I write stories that are emotional in a non-emotional way lol.

Darius explains why he doesn't have a mane later on, but you can convince him to keep it. He looks so good with a mane I've never played through and told him to lose it. 

Lions don't have manes their entire lives anyway, and females don't get them at all. You could kinda think of him as a lioness at first, that lacks boobs and has a dick haha.

And yeah, I'll pay for a month and immediately cancel the subscription, so I have one paid month and get two updates for $3, then it doesn't charge me for the following month.

Hell, even in the original Naruto, he and Sasuke wound up sharing a kiss. Even though it was accidental, it happened.

I didn't watch enough of Shippuden to see how their relationship goes there, but I definitely saw a Rin/Haru type of relationship in Naruto, except that I feel like Haru shows he cares more than Sasuke does.

I'm not really sure what the temperature is right now, but you're probably right that it's still hotter here lol.

I had to do a quoted google search to find Northpaw College, but I did finally add it to my reading list.

I don't know much about the furry community or that side of my friend's fetishes because we never went deep into it. He just asked me if I'd be willing to try, and I don't usually say no...

I follow quite a few Patreons, and Dynewulf is one of them. 

I largely like EA for Darius, the slutty lion. I'm just finding him more and more endearing as the updates come.

I also answered that poll and said I pay only on the months that Darius' route updates come out because his are the only ones I'm impatient for. The MC doesn't strike me as odd, he's just awkward. I relate to that.

I think Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the movie is really good. Definitely worth a watch in my opinion.

I have a good relationship with my mom and brother, so we have both productive and non productive conversations. The non productive conversations are usually silly.

My dad and aunt I keep discussions with to a minimum. My dad and I fight a lot; we're too similar. My aunt is just too sensitive. I have to walk on eggshells with her. It seems everything I say hurts her feelings.

Hey, a demon and an emotionless master is perfect to me. The second season, as I said, steers from the manga, but it does have some BL moments that made me think "Aww, Ciel really does care!"

I like a little of everything. I listen to everything from classic rock and pop all the way to silly songs (Numa Numa, I'm a Gummibear), to music from a few years ago.... I haven't really liked anything that's come out in recent years on the radio.

So there's Van Halen, Judas Priest, Beach Boys, Beetles, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, some Katy Perry, Pink, Blondie on occasion... Yeah, just a mashup of everything from 1960's to early 2010's.

I thought I might have to tell you how to find me on AO3, but it's the same username I use pretty much everywhere now.

Yeah, maybe I can find it now lol.

Yep, I got it. I'll work on it soon.

He doesn't get out much anymore because he has crippling social anxiety worse than mine, and I never asked if he used to go to conventions. I do know he played with the sexual aspect of furries. -cough-

Not sure I'd compare Saitama to Bugs Bunny, but the entire series is obviously a comedy. 

I meant the movie of Hitchhikers Guide. The tv show bored me to teary sleep. Literally. I borrowed it from the library once and nearly passed out before the end of the first episode.

Ummm.... Like with anything, it depends on the writer if there's lots of errors or not. Some have English as a second language and obviously will have errors. Some languages translate to English better than others. I've found Russians and Asians have the hardest time with English grammar and spelling.

You can check for fandoms/ships you like.

It's where I post what I write, but it's mostly Riren.

I was unable to find Northpaw College for some reason. 

Yeah, I've played PA (like, 3 months ago). I'm sad they abandoned it too.

On Black Butler, I was thinking more about Sebastian and Ciel, but Grell is awesome. 

I may watch Ajin someday... Right now I'm finishing up Big Bang Theory. I'm a full season behind and decided to start from the beginning.

There's 3 seasons of AoT, with a fourth on the way. It may seem like more because the seasons are unusually long for an anime, usually 24 episodes instead of 12.

I couldn't really get into Naruto Shippuden either. 

My best friend is a straight furry... He's the one I previously mentioned living with sometime in the future.

I'm just not big on space anything. I believe aliens exist in real life, but the concept of going to space or exploring space just isn't my thing. Star Trek is okay, Doctor Who I actually like, Lost in Space (Netflix series) is good, and a handful of movies are cool. I don't like Star Wars or most anything else about space however.

Space movies I like consist of: The Martian, Gravity, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Life.

Huh, I may have to look that one up. I hardly use Wattpad, but I'm getting tired of the fanfics on AO3.

I think Black Butler gets better, but that's my opinion. Plus there's homo moments that make me fangirl.

You may change your mind after a few episodes of Black Butler.

Not recommend it so much as letting you know where you can watch seasons 2 and 3 of AoT. And even if you don't want to read the AoT manga, you can read other manga on mangago if you like. They have an entire Bara section. 

Evangelion is NOT a kids anime by any means, but it's too political and boring. There's only one episode I like because it borders on homo. Kaworu tells Shinji he loves him.

Gundam Wing is good, in my opinion, but that could be nostalgia talking. There's other Gundam series' that are apparently better but I've never watched them.

I've talked to lots of furries online and made friends with them, but they're no more open minded than the LGBT community from what I've seen. Maybe more accepting of fetishes, though.

Games that were made into anime. 

Like with everything, the source material is better. 

Give Sissel's route a try. The ending of it would give you an idea if it's too much or not. It's less stressful than Blackgate or Echo to me, though.

Pretty sure I basically skipped the latest Adastra build. Still don't like it as much as Echo.

.... I accidentally reloaded the page and lost my reply, so you're going to get the short version.

Detroit Become Human is a video game, but it's more like a movie.

Attack on Titan season 2:

AoT manga:

I don't like My Hero Academia, Naruto, or Evangelion all that much.

Black Butler is worth a watch, it's dark. 

I haven't watched any anime lately.

Free! and Kuroko no Basuke are good and worth a watch.

Gundam Wing is from the 90's, one of the first anime to come to America.

How are the AoT characters acting weird?

There's nothing wrong with furries, I'm just new to liking them.

The Zelda series is a video game series.

Dramatical Murder is a game too, and the game is better than the anime.

Ace Attorney is a game series, again the games are better than the anime.

Do NOT watch the Hellsing anime. Look for the OVA's instead. The anime is boring, the OVA's are great though.

Sissel's route doesn't show much. You know the character dies, and I think there's a small scene showing the character, but it's just a peek.

His route ends RIGHT before the first(?) rewind.

I say first like that because I don't know how many rewinds there are.

I finally removed TBD, I honestly just didn't like it. 

I don't know if ST is out yet. I'm not sure I want to watch it, based on season 2.

You can say as much as you like to me and it won't bore me. However, I may not have any response in which case I'd probably ignore the topic completely. It doesn't seem to deter you when I do that though, and I'm glad.

I wouldn't know, since I'm not fluent in German. I only know a few words and phrases because my brother learned German as a second language. However, I'm more fluent in English than a lot of younger people. 

You like what you like, that's okay. I'm not upset you prefer Parasyte to AoT.

I'm surprised you haven't watched AoT in English or with English subs, there's probably more of those. They keep the speech fairly simple and you can always pause it to look up a word you don't understand. It's up to you though.

See, I've also read the manga and I feel like the manga readers get more of the Riren (Levi, the really good soldier, and Eren) vibe. I can easily relate to Levi because he's socially awkward and doesn't express himself well. 

I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will say that a recent chapter had Eren telling his 'sister' Mikasa that he hated her... Also, if you finished the entire first season of AoT (24 episodes), you'll know Annie and Eren can't be a thing since she's in a weird rock stasis thing.

My top ship is Levi/Eren, but Eren/Armin (his blonde best friend) is a close second. Occasionally I like Jean/Eren even though they fought like cats and dogs. 

Mmkay, Sissel's route is the most complete at this time. His is where people die. And yes the game goes back in time just like Life is Strange but not using the same mechanics. Obviously Echo (his spirit friend) is in all of the routes, but I think the chick spirit is too... Haley was her name? Anyway, she uses her powers to rewind time for your character.

You know, I don't even remember what day I'm on in TBD... The English is so atrocious that I had to put it up for a while, but the story isn't interesting enough for me to keep reading I think. 

The majority of the fics I read are AoT  Levi/Eren Omegaverse fics.

Omegaverse fics are probably my most favorite AU stories. However, I still read 'normal' fics as well. I hate the really short ones. I haven't read a oneshot fanfic in years. 

Warning: Asking about fics and fandoms gives you a book to read. You just opened Pandora's Box...

I have a few animes (or manga)/pairs I really like:

Sawamura/Sugawara, Azumane/Nishinoya, Kagayama/Hinata, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, Ukai/Takeda, Kuroo/Kazame, and Iwazumi/Oikawa from Haikyuu.

Cartman/Kyle, Craig/Tweek, and Kenny/Butters from South Park. 

Rin/Haru, Rei/Nagisa, Sosuke/Nitori (unpopular), and Makoto/Kisume (more unpopular) from Free!

Akashi/Kuroko, Aomine/Kise, Murasakibara/Midorima, Kiyoshi/Hyuga, Mitobe/Koganei, Imayoshi/Takurai, Taiga/Himuro, and Mibuchi/Hayama from Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball)

Levi/Eren, obviously, and Eren/Armin from AoT. 

Ghirahim/Link from Zelda: Skyward Sword, Sheik/Link from OoT. Lately I've given in and developed a fondness for Prince Sidon/Link from BotW. I'm frustrated I enjoy it suddenly, but I blame my newfound fondness for furries/beasts.

Sebastian/Ciel from Black Butler.

Sherlock/John from BBC's Sherlock. 

Joey/Chandler and Monica/Richard from Friends.

Simon/Athena, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Maya/Franziska, Trucy/Pearl, Apollo/Klavier (often after abuse from Klavier's brother, Kristoph), Apollo/Nahyuta, and Kay/Emma from the Ace Attorney games.

Virus/Aoba from Dramatical Murder.

Hank/Connor and Reid/RK900 from Detroit Become Human.

Sasuke/Naruto and Gaara/Naruto (preference) from... Well, Naruto lol.


Todoroki/Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

Viktor/Yuuri and Otabek/Yuri (blonde) from Yuuri on Ice.

Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre, and Zechs/Heero from Gundam Wing.

Kaworu/Shinji and Asuka/Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I'm probably forgetting some, but I can't be bothered to care right now lol.

Well, English is my first language and I was always pretty good with spelling and grammar, and I have a wider vocabulary than most Americans my age.

I don't think I've watched any of the animes you've mentioned. I've been reading fanfiction and helping mom get materials for her upcoming classes. That's also why I took a week to respond, my bad.

I like a little of everything music wise. Lately I've been mostly into music inspired by video games, such as FNAF, Hello Neighbor, and BatIM.

You've probably found out by now that people do die in Repeat, but you can go back in time to fix it.

Have you developed any ships watching AoT?! I'm an AoT fanatic and have multiple ships in that show. Three different ones with Eren.

There's a lot I have nothing to respond with, so I'll be skipping quite a few topics.

I own Terraria on Xbox and PC, but I haven't played it in years.

Yeah, I feel like Home Economics class should have practical things like balancing a checkbook or doing taxes in addition to cooking and sewing.... Is home ec still a class even? I don't know.

Most Americans your age have never seen a VHS. So I usually think people have a more modern upbringing.

If I knew any German at all it would be easier to avoid misunderstandings in our conversations haha.

I don't think you said Attack on Titan isn't good, just that it probably wasn't as good as Another. According to IMDb, that statement is wrong, but I haven't watched much anime lately so I wouldn't know. I don't automatically trust other reviewers.

Here's the Film Theory on Venom:

I wanted to find a Game Theory too, but I'm not sure which mainstream games you play or watch other people play.

I've known lesbians who were absolutely disgusted about the thought of being with a man, that's why I used the word 'disgusted'.

No, you can only meet Ten in Juuichi's route but the way to unlock his route is a puzzle. I've replayed it several times and still haven't gotten his route. The devs are tight lipped about it, and the commenters won't reveal it to the public either. Only if someone asks. If you figure it out, please let me know. I've heard you're supposed to do a lot with Shun as well, but I've not had luck so far.

That way of gaining knowledge sounds so cool... There's a song called Don't Stay in School that emphasizes learning so much useless crap in school but not learning how to balance a checkbook or do taxes.

Hehe, sorry, I forgot VHS is before your time. Back in the old days, before DVDs were widespread, VHS tapes were used to watch films on television at home. They used a technology similar to an old movie projector, having real film in it.

I see horror films in the cinema all the time. Not necessarily alone though. My mom is with me. I also watch them alone at home with all the lights off.

I stand corrected, I forgot I've seen one german film. All Quiet on the Western Front. It was in history class. Though it looks like it was actually American which is weird because what we watched was definitely dubbed in English... Oh well.

.... How have you read Password? It's only on PC by the looks of it, unless I'm looking at the wrong one.

Wasn't a fan of either of those two songs. I think because they're very 'emo'. There's nothing wrong with liking that sort of thing, but it's a genre most people grow out of.

And no, I hadn't heard Jenny or Okay to Be Gay until you shared them.

I don't really know. Since I wasn't there, I don't know what they talked about. I also don't really care. Nothing happened afterwards.

Like I said, I was possessive when I was younger. It got 10x worse when she told me about her fooling around with her crush. For her, she was confiding in her best friend but for me it felt like she cheated on me or something, even though she wasn't mine. 

After that, everything went downhill in a flash. She distanced herself from me and never told me why. She developed a crush on some woman at her church that was 30 years her senior (Kim) and basically stopped talking to me altogether. She stopped having time for me because she was always with Kim. 

As I predicted (and told her), Kim hurt her really badly. But she latched onto another older lady shortly after. When Ruby came along, our friendship deteriorated beyond repair. 

I was so angry about it, my mom asked me what was going on with me because I bottled it all up. That was my second coming out, because I described how much I loved my friend and how I felt so abandoned. Mom doesn't remember the conversation or she would've kept seeing my friend to herself.

It wasn't really hard for me to have multiple personalities, but it was hard for everyone around me. 

Okay, then Venom is my favorite anti-hero. The Film Theorists on YouTube did a theory on Venom that was cool. Have you ever checked out the Theorists' channels? 

Yeah, drama is a part of growing up, sadly. There's no way to avoid it completely.

No, his kids are from his ex girlfriend. He also can't have kids anymore since he had a vasectomy. 

That said, I'm a 4 on the Kinsey scale, so being with a man isn't disgusting to me or anything.

Just in case you've never seen it:

Obviously whoever took it got a 6, but I just wanted to show you the numbers and descriptions.

Actually, supposedly his route is available now in Revisited, as long as you have version 0.5. I do, and if you got it from the same site I did then you should too.

Okay, then... Most of the US thinks 4 is passing and Texas says you don't pass unless you have a 3.

Our number system, as you saw, is based on 0-100. Except the SATs, of which the numbering system never made sense to me. Woo, 200 points for getting your name right. >.>

Honestly, I've been known to do similar things. Since we're not super well off, yet we're movie buffs, we can't buy all the movies we want. 

That said, even if I already "have" a film, I'll get it when I see it in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. 

Also, I think it's dumb to have to buy a film on DVD if you already have the VHS, so...

Never seen either German film.

Also, Zombieland 2 comes out October 11.

I hope Netflix doesn't do its usual PC bullcrap and completely ruin the lore... They've done that so much lately.

The Swamp Thing... As in the black and white movie or is it something on Netflix?

I played this several months back, but I did enjoy it. It's on the short side and I hoped for more endings, but it's a good game.

Those videos were great. I liked the "No straight people were harmed" tag at the end of Okay to Be Gay. Ahhh, I related too much to the Jenny song.... Except I didn't have a happy ending.

In fact the girl I mentioned to you ran into my mom the other day out shopping somewhere. I wasn't with her so I heard about it when mom got back. It sent me into a terrible depression the rest of the day. I kept thinking (and hoping) she might message me on Facebook, but she never did. Probably a good thing because I realized I still hold so much resentment towards her for how she treated me.

Yes, I did say multiple personalities. I had one that was an angry and unapologetic asshole, one that was calm and collected with no real change in expression (not very different from myself), then myself who was similar to the previous one except I was overly emotional when I was younger and I was possessive. I later developed another that was a male. Now I mostly switch between myself and Kovah (the male). 

Yeah, I've seen Venom. Not my favorite film, but Venom is one of my favorite "super villains". 

It ripped me to pieces because I put myself in the MC's shoes. Hell, my first love told me when she fooled around with her crush. So it hit close to home. However, I did like seeing drama. I prefer that sort of realistic drama as opposed to everyone prancing happily ever after through the tulips.

I can tell you from experience, having a few differences in hobbies keeps things interesting. The problem is you form strong bonds with someone who's just like you, like my male best friend for 6 years now.

We've essentially decided we'll be together in the future if he gets full custody of both of his kids. He'll move in with me and we'll basically be married. 

Yeah, Shun and his family members look nothing alike in the original. See? The one on the right is his cousin. He's related to the one on the left too but I don't recall how. The one on the right is only in Shun's route and the one on the left is only in Juuichi's route.

I don't think Soutarou is a real route. It's kind of like a time-waster. Same with Kyouji.

Forgive me for this one, but I had to show the weird size difference. And the first scene, Hiroyuki is the seme!

I said Texas has better education than the rest of the United States. We're still way behind other countries.

Okay, then to put it in terms you'll understand, most of the US thinks that a 5- is passing, but in Texas you don't pass unless you have a 4-... I think that's right. You have one more possible 'grade' than we do. We have A,B,C,D,F. Along with the pluses and minuses. 


D=60-69 (what most of the US thinks is passing)

C=70-79 (What Texas thinks is passing)


A=90-100 (and up)

I use Twilight on my phone(s) and f.lux on my computers so I don't see blue light at night before bed.

Next semester I'm taking a programming class that's mandatory, so maybe I should check that app out.

I'm not dating you, so age doesn't matter to me. I either get along with people older than me by a decade or younger than me by a decade. I'm not sure why that is.

Darius cheats on the MC once, and it doesn't feel like cheating to me because it's after hanging out with him all of two or three times. They extend the dating and falling in love in EA a lot, but the MC still develops strong feelings really quickly. However, after the MC gets suuuper mad at Darius (more for lying than anything) and they discuss it, Darius doesn't sleep with anyone else after that. Also you can be a real jerk to him during his route, saying "You don't belong to me" and stuff which makes Darius visibly deflate.

Also, I don't recall any mention of him being a porn star... Do you think that's his job? It's not lol. He's a stunt bike driver. 

I'm a recent furry lover, so I don't fully understand. However, I didn't want to be me when I was younger, so I actually developed multiple personalities. 

The only problem I see with being an animal is the abuse and hunting that goes on. I think often how cool it would be to be a dog, but then I think of the poor dogs who are left outside no matter the weather and are forgotten about too much. I also wonder if my pets were human in a previous life and they were so good they got a good owner that changes clothes in front of them. People never feel self conscious getting naked in front of their pets.

I've not started it yet. I will when I'm in a fanfic mood. Right now I'm focusing on manga.

Heh, yeah. Since you've played through at least one route, I assume you've seen the "dream sequence" part that shows the MC their pasts. None are as tragic as Grizz's currently, but who knows what'll happen down the line.

God, the new update of Adastra ripped my heart to pieces. I could feel the anger and betrayal so vividly. While I wish I could pursue the Jackal instead, it's still a harsh blow when the person you love winds up sleeping with someone else.

Yes, I felt the betrayal in EA's Darius's route too, but as I said previously he stopped after one indiscretion. 

As I said, I was adopted as a newborn so I didn't have to grow up in that awful environment. It just sucks because as an adopted child you have deep rooted abandonment issues, even when you're adopted do young you don't remember anything but your adoptive parents. Then when this kid with abandonment issues meets their birth family and finds out how terrible they were, it actually makes you feel worse. I'm so grateful for the parents that raised me, but there's always a fear I'll turn into one of the horrible people in my birth family.

Heh, I want to build a house within driving distance to the city, but still outside of it surrounded by trees with no neighbors for miles. 

See, I don't get so far involved with the games that I'll only date who would be suitable for me in real life. Otherwise I wouldn't date the sports fanatics, because I'm nowhere near active enough. I say this since you mentioned Shin having asthma. 

You have no idea how happy I was to see Shun's sprite in Homecoming! That was for a couple reasons. The biggest being that he looks more his age, the second because NOW he actually looks like his cousin (whom you meet in his route). In the original, Shun looks nothing like his cousin. He introduces you, and I was seriously like ".... You're related?!"

While Soutarou looks young as well, and he's definitely inexperienced, he acts more mature than Shun. 

Dating Shun is like robbing the cradle. Dating Soutarou is like dating a senior in middle school/junior high or freshman in high school (which is actually what he is, I think). His age seems more like 15-16. I just feel weird about dating high schoolers because I'm freaking 28 years old, haha.

I agree, Kyouji looks weird. It's like he's supposed to be a beagle or something, but his eyes are always closed. Like, how do you see?!? I'm hoping the Homecoming creators will change that, but there's no telling.

Yeah, my favorite change is that the MC is a furry now too. Not because I think a human and furry is a weird combination, but because the CGs in Morenatsu with a tiny human and an oversized beast man was just weird. Especially Tatsuki's CGs. A human's tiny dick wouldn't satisfy that giant dragon.

Funny, I actually prefer PPD and Big Mouth over Disenchantment and Archer. But I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. 

Geez, you make it sound like I grew up in a really rough place... I told you I live in Texas, didn't I? The rest of the world has this idea of Texans that we're still living in a world like an Old West film, but that's not the case. The Western part of Texas can be, but I live in the suburbs of Houston on the East side of Texas. There aren't many farms or physically hard working people around here anymore. We don't wear cowboy hats and cowboy boots or ride horses everywhere. I've never owned a chicken, never pet a cow. I did fall in horse manure once, though, when I visited a farm with a friend and we played tag in the yard.

I'm just saying, I didn't have a hard or tough life. 

Don't worry, you can't offend me. 

And I know. Yet so many Americans think we're so much better educated than the rest of the world. It's ridiculous. Such hubris is the downfall of many.

Oddly enough, even most Americans think Texans are the dumbest of the entire US, when we have higher education standards than the rest of the country. Majority of the country, a D in school is passing. In Texas, you don't pass unless you make at least a C.

It's true, people get electronic devices for kids at the age of 3 here... Three! It's crazy! I think that's contributing to the epidemic of autistics here, honestly. I've seen so many people just hand their kid an ipad instead of actually parenting their kids. 

Well, while I was homeschooled, we also got together with other homeschool families one a week to have classes together. I was the same as you in those classes. I didn't really have 'friends'. I've only stayed in contact with one of them up until now, but we're not particularly close anymore. He's just someone I message once in a blue moon on Facebook. 

I never fit in one clique, I was acquainted with several different cliques and refused to let anyone tell me who I could or could not hang out with.

There's only one person I was really close to when I was a teenager... I was madly in love with her, but as soon as she got a boyfriend she dropped me like a wet blanket. I'm actually still scarred from that.

I'm sorry you didn't fit in growing up, but we all go through it, honestly. And you know what's great about the internet? Meeting people who DO have similar interests and will accept you no matter what.

I'm not sure what advice I could give you a about coming out to your parents. I understand not wanting to disappoint them, but that'll likely happen as long as you have feelings for the same gender. My family was the same. I hated disappointing my mom and I had to come out 4 times before she finally accepted it. I'm using the term "accepted" loosely here, she still hopes I'll meet a man and fall in love. At this point all I have is a good male friend I've had for about 6 years who I've talked about moving in with me when I have my own place. 

I wish I could pick up programming, but I don't have the patience to learn. What I do on computers now is stuff I took years teaching myself how to do. When I wasn't playing solitaire, I was poking into every nook and cranny of the Windows programs to see what all I could do.

It sounds like something that has some really exciting days would be better for you... Maybe a game programmer, because then at least there'd be exciting scenarios to write sometimes.

It's definitely not pity that Darius feels. He's actually legitimately touched that the MC trusts him, then after an... altercation (not physical) Darius realizes how much the MC cares if he sleeps around so he stops. It's like they're dating but it's not like 'official' because Darius is scared of commitment (which is also explained in his route).

Heh, unfortunately I agree. At first I thought the complaining was unwarranted, but then I saw Bane was double charging the patrons each month with updates that were 15 minutes apart, plus the lack of content. I commented that Bane should drop the strict schedule and work to give proper updates. I probably will be ignored, but at least I tried. Besides, Bane said they were rewriting large portions of Blackgate, so I recommended they stop updating until they catch up to where the current build is.

I can't bring myself to harm wolves in video games. The first thing I try to do if I can is find a mod so the wolves are friendly in each game I play. Otherwise, I run away as often as I can. I guess deep down they're still my favorite wild animal from when I was young.

I think Grizz's backstory is more moving, but I'm dying to know what makes Reiner tick. He's so close-lipped about himself.

Well, just like in Brightburn, my brother and I were both adopted (as newborns). Most adults my age have parents that are around late 40s or early 50s. My parents are in their early 60s. I guess they didn't want another kid when my brother was super young. I'm really grateful though, because my  birth family is awful. I've met them, and now want nothing to do with them. 

If you're including my birth family, I have one older brother and three younger sisters from them, for a total of two older brothers. 

I only count the one I grew up with though, and he's the one that's 9 years older than me.

I have not. I don't put a lot of faith in reviewers, honestly. Probably because I always like movies that the movie critics hate. It translates into other fields as well though. 

Was he reviewing Morenatsu or Morenatsu Revisited? 

Either one, I honestly only liked two available routes. I've done them all.

Tatsuki, the Dragon, was an alcoholic and too bold for me. His route has too many twists and turns and too many endings that don't make any sense at all. I also preferred other characters on his specific route to himself.

Kounosuke, the Tanuki, was such a self-absorbed schemer. He's late to everything and honestly only cares about himself.

Shun, the Wolf (innocent kid, not grey husky-- it's easy to get them mixed up), was like dating a child. He's too innocent, his route just made me feel like a dirty old person. 

Juuichi, the Bear, wasn't bad but I was honestly more interested in someone else in his specific route. He's kind and thoughtful, but his route wasn't exciting to me.

Torahiko, the Tiger, wasn't bad either but like all best-friend-turned-lover stories it was too anticlimactic for me. It also ends the soonest, you don't finish half the game after choosing Torahiko.

Kyouji (the Dog) and Soutaro (the Lion) both have unfulfilling endings. I don't want to give anything away, though the outcome is obvious even if you haven't played their 'routes'.

Kouya, the Husky, was my second favorite. I can't even describe why, but I guess because it had so much depth to it. His route wasn't superficial like everyone else's was, he had realistic issues.

And Shin, the Cat, as I've said before was my favorite and still is. I love opening up the stoic characters, and his shocked, blushing face is the cutest to me.

Yeah, clearly Brandon's father didn't think his plan through. Your son has never had a cold, been bruised, or bled and you think shooting him will work? 

His mother at least had a better idea of what to do.

It wasn't the ending I hoped for. I wanted his mother, at least, to protect him. I thought she'd burn his notebooks to protect him from the police. Instead, she tried to kill him as well. You could tell he felt so betrayed in that moment. I don't blame him, I would've too. 

I think "assume we're getting" works better, but yes they left it open for another. I'm not sure if they'll make another or just leave it open. I honestly don't see where they could go with the next film because Brandon is too powerful. He's just going to take over the world, and nothing can stop him. 

I hate Archer, but I love Disenchantment. 

My family was always on the poor side. Not dirt poor, mind you, we were never homeless and always had food on the table, but we didn't have the money to get a lot of extra things. That's largely because of many mistakes my father made, but he's done his best to support us. 

My mom homeschooled me and my brother, and dad insisted she didn't work and educated us instead (which was seriously a good thing. The schools in America are going downhill at a rapid pace). She went with me to college and got her Master's degree in Psychology so she could teach at the college level. I'm back in school because I didn't learn the right things for a field I'm actually interested in.

I've never had an allowance or anything, so I just occasionally get paid for the work I do on the computers at home. I help mom with her paperwork at the end of the semester and keep the computers free of malware. When something's malfunctioning, I'm always asked about it.

I always view the childhood friends storylines as awkward. Though I was pleasantly surprised by Extracurricular Activities' friend-turned-lover story.

Your character is suspicious of Darius at first, but there's a tragedy that strikes and the MC can find out he hasn't been around the block lately.

Honestly, I'd rather WolfBite take it slowly. At least they have steady updates, unlike Bane with Blackgate.

At first I liked Reiner more, but I was happy when Gear's route came out. I generally like the stoic characters, but Gear is just so charming.

Yes, Attack on Titan is an anime. It's quite popular too. I imagine you'd ship other characters than I do though lol. Which is fine, to each their own.

I have one older brother. We're 9 years apart.

Morenatsu is finished, and it was basically just porting a PC game to Android. Besides, it was the makers of Homecoming who ported it, they just let someone else hang on to their original port while they decided to add to it and rename it Homecoming. It'd feel wrong if they were taking donations for it, honestly. 

Everything in Morenatsu from the PC game is the same in the Android version, except they increased the resolution on CGs and stuff.

I can only afford to support VN creators occasionally, but I do want to support ones I really like. I considered helping with Blackgate, but after so many months of 'housecleaning' updates, I decided to wait. Bane is so focused on keeping a schedule that Blackgate isn't having any real updates.

I don't know why, but I'm not a big fan of the childhood friends-turned-lovers routes. They usually strike me as anticlimactic. One friend confesses, and the friend either immediately says they feel the same way, or they think about it for a day and then decide they feel the same way.

I do like Hyper's sex scene in the beginning though.

'Doppelganger' is used frequently in America too, so it's okay.

Yeah, I've played all the way through WSSAP a few times so I know what happens to Cornelius. He's an angel, so it shouldn't be that easy to kill him.

Haha, well Alex and Janus clearly have an open relationship. That said, I don't think he's a cheater, just shady. 

And yes, I've done the labyrinth a good 10 times now.

I actually love EA's lion, Darius. I even become a $3 Patron on the months he'll have an update. Since your character isn't actually dating him, he technically isn't cheating. That said, as soon as he realizes how much it bothers your character, he stops sleeping around. Even though he's sleazy at first, I still recommend giving his route a try. I don't want to give away a spoiler, but he does become oddly affectionate, to the point he's bothered by it himself (and it's obvious).

The lion in UB is Juleon, and I played that update yesterday. That lion is such a damn tease! I wanna yell at him to stop the game of cat and mouse already. My character's getting blue, I swear.

I do like UB a lot. Gear, Reiner, Juleon, and Grizz are my favorites, in that order.

Sonic's Alpha... That sounds like an Omegaverse title. I actually really love Omegaverse stories. Also when it comes to fanfiction I prefer more romantic than horror. However, unlike most Americans, I like there to be conflict in some places so it's a little realistic. 

I'm a huge Riren fan (Levi and Eren from Attack on Titan) and my favorite ff (fanfic) is The Intern. It has a good amount of conflict, but such a heartwarming story.

We're actually seeing Brightburn for the second time today. My brother hasn't seen it yet.

It is similar to Superman, but I don't think it's bullying that pushes him over the edge. But I'll leave that up to you.

Also, his name isn't Clark Kent, so it's not Superman in an alternate universe.

I think your English is better than most Americans who write fanfics. Your English doesn't have to be perfect, so if you want to write then you should.

There's really not a lot of Killigan's Treasure. It's also being rewritten so it might be better to wait until the new demo is released. It's being worked on now (after the project was abandoned for about a year). Obviously it's your choice, and the demo isn't bad, it's just pretty short.