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I'm replaying the game after a good 2 years of letting updates accumulate and I wish that Oswin question doc was still available. Oh well.

So, we can choose the main cadets as a main love interest, and now we can choose Chad as a main love interest... At any point will Ayewn become available as a main love interest? I know he has his whole family group on Volchak Prime, but I can't help but wonder.

I like Sam, Jared, and Chad, but honestly that Volchak stole my heart immediately.

Glad everything has gotten better for you! Hope it stays that way.

Huh, okay. 

A tiny bit disappointing, I was hoping for full-on Stockholm Syndrome with Ray admitting he loved Dietrick. But not a bad ending.

So... Was that it for the good end or will you add more to it?

Bought it as soon as it came out, just as I have with all of the DLCs. Can't wait for Baxter's (especially after playing the Wedding DLC. My heart!) and Derek's.

However, I noticed if you wait until Step 4 for most things, it's like they never happened. I have a couple instances. Oddly, it's like there's a disconnect between Step 4 and the Wedding.

(Spoilers below)

Apparently I like seeing Cove cry. I never knew I was the type to bully the person I love. Anyway:

I like waiting until Step 4 to tell Cove about the $20, but then in the Wedding when his dad talks about it, it's like I never told him. 

Similar if I don't get together with Cove until Step 4, I expected Baxter to be like "when did you two get together?" And telling him we got engaged after dating less than 12 hours should elicit SOME reaction. 

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I got this on Switch before realizing it was on itch (damn it... I prefer itch, oh well.) Anyway, I played through all the routes, including New Game + (and wrote a fanfic on it), but I'm missing two of Liam's pictures. The top right two.

In case anyone's interested, it's Erika/August (cause August is my favorite):

I saw a post with a suggestion I tried and it worked like a charm:

Disable the Play Store auto-updates for apps and it'll stop reverting the app to the demo version.


On the home page, click your profile pic, choose Settings, under Network Preferences, click Auto-update Apps, and choose Don't Auto-update Apps.

You can then install the Android version from itch.

If you want to turn auto-updates back on without updating Hollywood, follow the above steps but choosing either update over Wi-Fi or Any Network, then find Hollywood in the Play Store, click the three-dot menu button, and uncheck "enable auto update" 

Voila, all of your apps will auto-update except Red Embrace: Hollywood.

I couldn't resist adding to this one.

Honestly, I wonder if ANYONE likes Heath. He's too... Broken for me, in a sense. I just can't stand his "woe-is-me" attitude.

Markus is my personal favorite, I don't even mind being asexual (I'm demi, after all).

However, I do empathize with Randal a great deal (and I'm a sucker for things getting rough).

Anyway, after playing all of the routes (again): 

1. I think that crying phone call is from either Heath or Markus, especially since you can call Randal right after and he sounds normal.

Heath for obvious reasons-- He's not the current love interest.

Markus because he admits in his own route that as soon as he saw the MC, he saw their entire relationship before his eyes.

The most likely is it being Heath.

2. I'd have to play as other Houses (or the prequel) to tell, but playing as a Gol you see a halo on his head that changes the further into his route you go. I don't remember if you see the glowing eyes in other Houses, either. If so then I'd say likely a Gol, yes.

I do like that theory that he's a cross, but I'd say a Gol/Mavvar cross instead.

3. He's basically a stand-in for Jesus, so stigmata makes sense. 

He wants to peacefully bring the Houses together but his group is too rowdy. Like, Markus mentions, the Crusades. The majority of conflicts all over the world have been fought in the name of religion. 

Honestly, these guys live in America... Why can't they just have a three-way presidency with representatives from all three Houses as Congress and vote on the rules they come up with? It's at least better than a dictatorship.

Sooo, I'm seeing double Jun.

As much as I love this adorable cinnamon roll, two of them would be too much.

These are the lines where there starts being Jun*2 and goes back to normal.

I just started the game after having it sit on my computer for a while, and I literally snorted at Vexx being called Ariel.

Your writing never fails to make me laugh... Even after playing A6 for over 100 hours (I know there's only 5 chapters, but Damon=Love)

Everytime I saw Akira I kept seeing the antagonist from Sculptor (a favorite of mine).

It made me grin, to imagine later playing that game and turning "Akira" into a girl~

It's literally the next day when you find out what you need for the restaurant and find a jacked guy at the park to help your puny self.

I suggest reinstalling. I played the Android version today and it didn't crash on me.

They haven't given a specific date yet, but the writing was (As of Sept. 30) 60% finished, with coding half done, and the sprites were finished (it said 80% on art, so maybe they still had CGs to go?). 

They still have to go through Beta testing when they finish everything. I wouldn't quote me, but I'd guess maybe a month or two before the next episode is out?

Well, that's disappointing... I loved the concept and looked forward to updates, but I understand it's a huge project for one person to work on.

I decided to try being indifferent the entire game, and in Step 4 after seeing poppy hill populated with fireflies, my single-bed hotel room suddenly became a double.

Spoiler below...







Hopefully this is far enough down for a spoiler, but I just thought it was cool, first I have a beauty mark in the same place as Baxter, and then to find out Cove was demisexual and on the autism spectrum like me was even cooler. Can't wait for the rest of the DLCs. ^-^

Well, you're welcome to your opinion. 

I'm expecting them to grow and learn as the story goes on, so I guess I'm just more tolerant of their annoyances at this time. 

They're all fresh out of high school and in my experience those types tend to be very self-centered and think they know it all. 

Chris is excluded from that, but he just doesn't like conflict and has obvious anxiety whenever an issue arises... I can relate to an extent. 

As for Russell, I'm sure he was upset about how Ben talked to him, but he also didn't defend himself. I'm personally excited to see where the story goes in the future (and impatiently waiting for Chris and Russell to get their own routes).

That seems... Kinda harsh to me.

Yes, Ben could handle it better, but it's hard to think that through when you're still processing it. He really should've kept it to himself until a later time. I see Ben as just confused with Russell, trying to figure out if he did something unforgivable or not. 

As for Karina, I can see both sides of it. Yes, she's annoying about getting along with your roommate when she isn't, but I've also been in her shoes-- A tomboy among girly girls, and in my case I actually have overheard those types gossipping about me behind my back. Karina is trying to keep things civil, but she doesn't trust her roommate yet. Understandable, since it's only been like two weeks.

I... Don't see how Chris is insufferable, but I may be bias.

Wow, some people are harsh on the characters!

I KNEW he was falsely accused. He's seriously so nice, but Ben could have handled it better... Then again, I try to remember that JUST starting college puts them all in the 18-20 range, which is still young enough that their brains haven't finished growing which causes them to do and say stupid things.

I was sooo heartbroken to find Chris with that female in the woods! He's still my favorite... I'm a computer geek, myself, and I love the awkward and clumsy ones <3

I have to agree about the planner not being great... Maybe in future games (Another Gay Sequel???) you could have a planner as an extra for those who like it, or just give a general "I did blah-blah-blah for the next x amount of days/weeks"

I like that we can save and load a default at least, I just wish we could save our initial preference for the planner rather than the entire thing be "frat leisure"(I hardly have him hang out at the frat except trying to get Elliot's route).

I had to play YAGS a few times from scratch to really get into it because it's a slow start.. but Adam was the saving grace for me honestly and I was SO GLAD you could romance him. I really liked the way it was done, even the time skips were fine.  I honestly hoped he was romanceable here too but I understand seeing Carlos as a brother.

The writing and characters are still amazing, but I still prefer YAGS.

Also, the same wrong bg on Malik's route on April 14 when suggesting a movie at Q&A.

Just letting you know, March 25 has the wrong background in the morning... Unless Carlos suddenly started sleepwalking and woke up in the middle of campus lol.

The Day 17 password was a little difficult to figure out, but as always I tried to look at what idea kept repeating itself.

Finally got it, and it is so satisfying to get it right after struggling.

It's an Android picture type issue. Unfortunately that entire scene won't work on phones for now.

Yeah, he definitely  gets better once he realizes he has... well, nothing except his Kingsguards. He quickly learns he isn't the center of the universe, in all the routes. He's the most bratty (for longer) with Ramos, I think so the rhino can tell him off.

To me, he's most quickly humbled with Koshiro.

I'm starting the game from scratch, and I'm going through Maccon's route again and honestly came to see if there was any announcement of David getting a route. You're spending so much time with him now! 

I know multiple people have requested it and I liked someone's suggestion of him having a birthday shortly after starting college so he'd be legal.

Aside from John, he's honestly my favorite character... while Maccon's my least favorite.

I'm not far in the game, but on Android the text box should be dropped a little bit. On long blocks of text it looks like this:

(1 edit)

The ages don't make sense... My character is 40 and been married for 25 years? That means I married at 15 years old.

Otherwise, it's an okay game. I like the 'hidden stats' (don't want to give them away). Don't mind that the wife is hairy, glad the daughter is adopted and can be corrupted. It just gets kind of tedious. I maxed the affection of Michelle and the corruption of Lisa, played a bit longer but then got kinda bored.

I just started playing this and I couldn't put it down until I reached all that was available at the time for the main story. Usually I have just a passing interest in games like these, but this one really hooked me.

I played on Android, and it works GREAT, but my only advice is to change the upper left hand corner (with the map/relationship cards/etc) to be bigger because the save button is so tiny I had trouble pressing it, and also to add a full menu button because it's not obvious how to get to the main save screen or skip dialogue. It took accidental movements and trial and error to figure it out on the second main case.

You could even just turn it into a button that extends to have the log, inventory, map and relationship cards, save/load, and options. 

It's no big deal. 

It never even occurred to me that it was a bug, but if it helps you then cool.

At least it's a funny glitch!

My MC is FTM, going through hormone replacement therapy, and I've honestly never seen any clarification like you're describing so maybe it is a bug. I figure it's because in Step 2 I say I was assigned female at birth.

His dad has never said he knows we're not getting pregnant, and Cove has never reassured me that his dad was just being dumb.

So his arm is relaxed behind the chair and he's whistling instead of sipping a milkshake haha.

This sounds like a "hey, you could get pregnant" warning to me. I've played the game more times than I can count, but I've thought that's what it was saying every single time I saw this part.

Summer for America (where I believe they are) is end of May, June-August. So it'll be released in just a few months... Unless it's delayed for some reason.

You can change MC's first name after the first character creation. Last name stays the same after the initial naming.

I tend to play Step 1 as a girl and then the following steps as a male, so changing a name can be necessary.

While I love the game, it's still REALLY weird that Cliff tries to warn about pregnancy when you and Cove are both men or a FTM on/after hormone replacements (which make the person infertile).

Definitely. I wish you could dance with him at the soiree even if you have a crush on Cove and have him with you.

I could've sworn you could in the past, knowing how uncomfortable Cove would be with dancing, but I may be confusing it with one of my many other playthroughs.

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Pardon the rambling and overexcitment, but I'm honestly curious about what you have planned for the future. 

I'm finally getting around to playing Echoes after replaying SoA (needed a refresher of everything and everyone). 

I actually enjoyed playing SoA better the second time, though honestly Takumi's has too much action for my personal taste and he's still my least favorite route. It still leaves me wondering about so many things BECAUSE he's only human.

My favorite actual route is Tatsuya, with Shinji a close second. Shou's actually made me cry even when I knew what was coming, even though I still prefer Iulius over Shou personally (thank you, Echoes for having a route for him!)

My favorite non-route character has to be Galinn. Who can't love the God of Chaos? Unpredictable results and all, though I'm pretty sure I remember you saying he'd never have a route in any game.

I finished Cillian and Nao's routes, but lots of questions have run through my mind...

The Chaos extra in MD:SoA left things open like crazy (took me ~embarrassingly~ a few minutes to realize the 4th wall break WAS a 4th wall break) with the convergence of timelines. I know the full team that made it dispersed, but I'm curious if there's plans to visit that in the future. I recognize Echoes kinda addresses it so far, but I guess I wish to see a return of Tsubasa and the original 5.

Which makes me wonder if there will be something like a 'direct' sequel that shows life with each love interest. 

I can imagine lots of struggles with Shou being a Dark Phoenix in love with a sorceress against his parents' wishes, 

Tatsuya being super busy as the clan head in addition to his natural standoffishness, 

Shinji helping his father get the Alfr to be nicer to the other races along with struggling against the spirits and Chaos that surrounds him,

Takumi with his crazy and dangerous lifestyle (does he ever get to become something more? Maybe something that has a super long life too? Does he have a life-threatening injury that causes Tsubasa to perform a spell that goes wrong like it did for her mother?), 

and Hikaru with the whole Divine Realm trial thing. Plus, I mean, he's a demigod. What if he loses his earring and winds up losing control of his god side with Tsubasa? She can't die, but recovering from that would be hell.

I wonder how Tsubasa will cope with living past their inevitable deaths in tens (Takumi) to a thousand years or more. 

Also while playing Echoes, I keep wondering if there will be a game where Isao, Yasu, and Jin Sol are routes (or if there is/can be a secret route for Jin Sol in Echoes).

I know you're doing it all on your own now and anything will take a while, I just love the games so much and love to see what you're up to. 

The universe is amazing, and the more I read the more greedy I get for more stories.

I already have an idea for a fanfic that keeps forming in my mind.