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Well, maybe there's an ending with Leo where Chase survives if you -don't- snoop in his phone or check his browser history, but I was too nosy to ignore them.

The ending I liked, since you won't reread it, is where Chase and Leo break up, but in the end Chase winds up with Kudzu. I was so happy!

Yeah, in Route 65 Leo was 18 and Chase was 15. I don't know what the laws are where you live, but here that's statutory rape. The age of consent in ~most~ of America is 17.

Flynn's route isn't finished, but I don't think it's enlightening to Echo as a whole. Just to Flynn and who he really is.

Flynn's roommate is an Adastra nerd. However, it sounds like Adastra in the Echo universe is the adventures of Amicus Sr. Amicus's father. 

In Echo, Adastra is a TV series that sounds like a cross between Doctor Who and Star Trek (Captain Kirk, not Darth Vader).

As a whole, I'm not big on sci-fi anything (Though Doctor Who is a guilty pleasure). Not unless it could actually be a real thing, like the book Daemon by Daniel Suarez where a madman sets up a computer daemon/AI to follow orders to kill people once his death is announced in the newspapers.

I do like Echo's complexity, though, it's true.

At least Blackgate is getting updates! I'll probably read that one next. 

I finished what's available of all the routes of Repeat, and the longest route left me crying with a bad ending and a "to be continued" so I need to rest emotionally first.

... Sonadow? As in Sonic/Shadow fanfiction?

I have a love-hate relationship with Echo.

You're correct, there's no good ending where you end up with Leo. But that didn't bother me, especially after playing Route 65. I highly recommend replaying Leo's route (totally worth it to skip all the dialogue until the final choice of leaving Leo or staying with him) and choose to end the relationship. My soul was uplifted with that ending. Probably Chase's too, but you should make up your own mind.

On Flynn's route in Echo is that he says to Chase something about how Leo took advantage of him because he was so young when they started dating. That'sexactly what Leo did in Route 65. Here's this 15 year old kid who's just coming to terms with his sexuality and in swoops this manipulative, explosive (anger) college boy who controls every part of Chase's life. I didn't find Route 65 romantic at all, honestly... I've been in relationships with people like Leo. They're emotionally abusive. They alienate you from everyone you care about and force you to only be with them 24/7. They get jealous at the smallest things and will beat anyone they see as a threat. Leo doesn't love Chase. He sees him as a possession. He's like a trophy. He won't even let Chase leave when that's the only way for him to be happy in the long run, even if Leo was suggested to go with him.

I mean, Chase says they'll work it out, but Leo grabs him from the train and when Chase's feet get cut off he doesn't even get him medical treatment, he just holds the otter until he dies. I bet Leo turns into Norman Bates (Psycho the movie; Bates Motel the series) and keeps Chase's dead body around pretending he's still alive.

I imagine Adastra is going to be a romantic story. There's nothing dark about it. 

It does sound like they may do a prequel, but I'm not sure. This is based on Adastra being mentioned in Flynn's route in Echo. 

I just started Repeat. It's really interesting. It has dark elements, but it's not at Echo level darkness. I finished what's available of one route, 2-3 more to go. New updates should come this month. 

Project Aego seems to have been abandoned. No updates in 2 years. It's sad because it had great potential.

I -like- Echo, it's just mentally and emotionally draining to read.

That wasn't the ending I was talking about lol. The good ending on Leo's route is actually where you tell him you're breaking up. My soul was uplifted with that story's ending.

Who you choose to follow when Flynn blows up at everyone is where you choose a route. Sit by Carl, it's Carl's route. Find TJ, TJ's route. Follow Jenna and Leo, you choose one of them based on how you respond when Jenna tells you to talk to Leo. Flynn's is more eye opening about his character, at least to me.

I saved right before choosing who to follow so I could just load it up and choose a different route. I do that before the seemingly important choices, such as endings as well because that could switch from the good or bad ending depending on what you choose.

Carl's route is also really dark, FYI. Not to the extent as Leo's, but still dark.

I see 'dark' as in mentally straining. Depressing.

Horror is more suspenseful for me, with supernatural beings... Which Echo is sort of horror considering that, but it's not scary horror... If that makes sense. 

They did say Echo is cursed, but after doing Leo's route (which I saved next-to-last) I think what they're dealing with is aliens. They never explicitly say what the characters are seeing, so it's up to the reader's interpretation. Is it angry ghosts? Demons? Aliens? Their mind playing tricks on them? It's your choice.

Adastra... Hmm... I like the slow romance, but I'm not a fan of the plot. I like Amicus and Alex, and the MC is okay. I don't like the other characters so far though. I want more information about the characters than they're giving me. I may like it better when it's further updated.

I think it's cool they went for comedy after horror though. Either they're stretching their wings and showing they can do more, or they just need a light hearted reprieve from the emotionally draining writing of Echo.

I want a sequel sooo bad, but more in the Dramatical Murder sense, where you choose a character and then their good or bad ending. I base that off of Leo's good ending, which I won't spoil because it sounds like you haven't read it yet.

I enjoyed playing it, but it took a huge toll on my mental health. I didn't even realize it until I was on my final route. It's just so dark. I didn't really find it horrific in a scary sense, just dark.

I don't remember which route you said you played. I've played all of them now, but Flynn's route isn't finished yet. Neither is Jenna's.

TJ's ending upset me a lot. I got his so-called "good ending" but it wasn't that good to me.

My favorite ending was Leo's good ending. Leo's route so far also is the most dark, showing you the true depravity of the town of Echo.... I'm guessing this is the route you played?

I suspect Flynn doesn't have a great "good ending" either. 

I've heard of Kiligans Treasure. I'll have to hunt that down too.

Ah, I know. I was just lamenting.

I finally finished a couple of routes in Echo, but some are just... Confusing. Mainly Carl's so far, holy shit.

I got the to be continued on TJ and Flynn, which made me sad (I'm not a fan of unfinished routes, honestly... Not that patient). I'm on Leo's right now and I'll see if Jenna has one next. Also gonna go back and explore Flynn's a bit more. Something about the complicated characters I just can't get over.

But apparently TJ's route was finished in build 0.36, so I'm looking forward to that.

I'll have to look those up too.

... I was the one who recommended Amorous, haha. Still bugs me one of those routes didn't have more to it, but meh.

Even if they're not very good, I like hearing about new VNs. That way I can see for myself. Everyone has different tastes, after all.

I still haven't played through it so I honestly can't answer that, but maybe they feel more background is needed to make sense or something. You said it's horror, so it's probably something like the 80's horror films where the previous generation did something and pissed off the wrong person. In the films you only get a glimpse of what happened, but maybe they want the readers to see what happened before and feel like they're there. 

Sometimes it does. There's not always a reason, but often there is.

From Echo Project's Fur Affinity comment, "1915 is an upcoming standalone prequel VN to Echo." It was posted a week ago so it hasn't been released yet.

I'd give it a... 7/10. The second season really lost me.

That's part of what fascinates me, the differences in people's thinking.

I'll try to find 1915 and give you the link if I do. 

I've watched Stranger Things, but that's the only one of what you mentioned. Lucy is good as long as you overlook the junk science they use. That crap about using 10% of your brain is bull.

Stockholm Syndrome is where someone admiresor falls in love with their kidnapper. The most obvious thing I can point you to is Beauty and the Beast. Belle suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, regardless of the Beast treating her nicer later on.

Actually, Hannibal the Cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, isn't a real person. He IS based on a real person though, however the guy was older (50's?) and in a prison in Mexico when Hannibal Rising was written in 2006. 

The only real life cannibal serial killer I know of is Jeffery Dahmer.

I actually got my Associates degree in Behavioral Sciences (psychology). So I AM interested in why people do what they do, but most actually do have a reason, often something from their childhood's.

What's the 4th game?

I'll see if I like Echo and then Route 65 before hunting down Blackgate. I know I love horror films and books, but I'm not sure it'll translate to VN's.

I do like werewolf and vampire stories, but the Twilight movies weren't great. In the books, Bella Swan has a sense of humor, she's lively, and has an actual personality. Kristen Stewart has one look on her face, and it only works in thriller and horror films. She completely took away Bella's personality in the movies.

Specifically the first one. The rest stayed pretty close to the source material, but the first one was totally off.

I don't mind if the changes to supernatural stories are small-- Such as, werewolves can change themselves and it doesn't have to be the full moon, or vampires can walk in sun but have to stay in the shade or something (like Serana in Skyrim), but the glittering skin was just so.... Ugh, ridiculous. Even the 'Vegetarian vampires' who only eat animals was fine, but that skin thing was dumb. "Look at me, I'm made of diamonds! I have to stay out of the light though because people would know!" Which isn't true. People think vampires can't be in the sun, period. Nobody would think twice about someone sparkling in the sun. They'd just figure you're covered in glitter.

I don't know any of those. Maybe they're German exclusives? Even if they aren't, it's been years since I've looked into popular books.

The reason it's 'wrong' is the same as when parents tell their kids that someone's mean to them because they like them. It makes people think abusive relationships are normal. They're not. One person is an unfeeling psychopath who gets off by being a sadist, the other sticks around because of low self esteem, a misplaced obsession, or Stockholm Syndrome. 

Anybody in Harley Quinn's position needs serious therapy, and possibly to be institutionalized for the remainder of their days.

I barely played any of YAGS so I feel a review would be premature. I literally stopped right after meeting the roommate.

Actually, even worse, a lot of amateur porn features people who were trafficked. 

Deadpool is definitely not a realistic outlook on serial killers. He's more a story on revenge than anything.

Generally serial killers come from broken homes, and/or didn't fit in growing up. Ted Bundy's family stayed together, but he had a hell of a time fitting in. Jeffery Dahmer was gay; instead of coming out (he'd possibly be killed at the time), he invited men over discreetly.... I don't know as much about him as Bundy since I watched a documentary on Bundy, so I'm not sure why he wound up killing them. I assume he ate them to avoid capture, but he could have also suffered from a mental disorder.

I read Echo Route 65 was supposed to be a prequel to Echo.

The demos (all three games) are here:

There may be updated versions in the Posts at some point. Some posts are public.

I don't know if the full games are available.

If my brother (huge comic book nerd) is anything to go by, the movies are generally let downs. They tend to change too much. He likes them to stick to the source material (as avid readers do too) but they almost never do.

In fact, Twilight the movie was horrible. I was bored the whole time watching it. I didn't want to read the books, but when I did I was blown away. The books are amazing; the movies are crap. Besides that, the sparkly vampire thing (I call them 'fairypires') was ridiculous. 

That's really completely different than the ending I'm thinking of... You know, it could be changed for your country. Or if you've only seen it on Netflix. There's already been an outcry over Netflix changing the end of The Notebook and claiming it was an alternate ending (something even the author of the book was blindsided by).

I didn't see Suicide Squad. The commercials made Harley and Joker's relationship seem loving to the extreme, and my brother confirmed it when he saw the film. 

My ex also claimed it was a loving relationship after seeing the movie, despite my attempts to point out how the movie didn't properly portray the characters of the comic books.

I haven't rated YAGS yet, because I haven't played the whole thing. So I'm not sure.

In reference to your other comment: Echo (the demo, I think?) Is on my phone and will be read soon. I'm going through Adastra first.

The last paragraph is just how porn affects the brain... I'd recommend looking up documentaries, study's, and other things on the subject to delve further. On Netflix, there's a show called Inside the Criminal Mind and the first episode is about serial killers and how they became what they did.

My parents didn't drill me or anything. I just enjoyed playing basketball.

Yeah, I've watched some of Spartacus and do actually like it, but I've only watched a few episodes (no spoilers!)

I don't think Light lived at the end... They left it up to the watcher if I remember correctly (haven't watched it in years). It makes sense he'd give his soul to the Shinigami, but I was thinking there was some reason that wasn't feasible. 

I don't know much about the comic books either, except that they're ten times worse than they are portrayed on screen. I do know that Joker actually tortures Harley Quinn in the books. Meanwhile, she suffers from an extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome.

I haven't read an actual book all the way through in a few years. I have several unread books just collecting dust on my bookshelves.

(1 edit)

Is this still being worked on?

The Patreon link doesn't even work, so I can't find out that way.

.... My dad removed our basketball hoop, it's not like he abused me.

Also, spanking you, as long as your parents weren't angry at the time, is called 'discipline'. It's something more parents should do, so their kids don't scream their heads off in the middle of a department store, or run into traffic when  told not to.

If you watched and enjoyed the anime series of Death Note DO NOT watch the Netflix movie! Every fan of the anime series had said the Netflix version sucks. They didn't stay true to the characters and tried to spin affection where none was to be found. Kinda like what people do with Joker and Harley Quinn; He's a psychopath and by definition cannot love anyone, but people still claim they have a loving relationship. 

Also, South Park isn't meant to be serious, but okay.

I'm fascinated by how serial killers became serial killers, and how they avoided being caught for so long.

The majority were porn addicts who's addictions went too far. Eventually, porn stops exciting the person and to get their sexual gratification, they have to venture into other things. That's also how people wind up into pedophilia.

I'm a horror movie junkie. I love American Horror Story (season 3, Coven, is tame if you want to try it but not be totally freaked out.), Saw is a guilty pleasure of mine and I even got my mom to watch the first 3 with me. She actually enjoyed it. I always skip the first movie, it sucks.

I lost interest in The Walking Dead in like the third season or something. Final Destination, we own all but one of the movies and we tend to watch them once a year at least.

The first Purge movie is okay, but I like the second one better.

Zombieland is amazing, but I wouldn't consider Castlevania or Doctor Who anywhere near horror. Paranormal maybe, but not horror.

Yeah, I was really unhappy with my body at the time. I wanted to be flat chested. I'm still sad my dad took down our basketball hoop.

Dude, EVERYONE is 'contrary' to South Park. They make fun of everyone and everything.

It's only a little over 2 minutes:

In my experience, it doesn't matter how long you're at a church. People are people and they'll let you down.

When I choose phones, I tend to go for cheaper. I don't need something too fancy. I tend to get the lesser known/used brands, like Blu or Motorola. They always have some glitches, but not enough to stop me from getting them. 

I've heard god never changes, and I believe he doesn't *now*. However, I do think he did after being human. In the Old Testament, "fear the Lord" truly meant FEAR Him. In the New Testament, it's more like Praise Him.

Some of those Old Testament stories are nightmare inducing. He condemned Sodom and Gomorrah, but the one family he told to flee had one person look back and become a grain of salt. Another, a guy was being bullied and asked God to take care of them, so a bear came up out of the ground and ate them. Then there's Job's whole story. I like how South Park did it, "So, God kept betting that this guy would continue to praise him no matter what and tested it by taking away everything he had? That's terrible!" (Not word for word, but the gist of it).

It's... A little hard to explain. I don't like gay girl games. The only one I actually liked is called Always Sometimes Monsters, and it's more like you can choose who your partner is, so you could be anything at all.

I've always preferred reading about gay men, and I think it's because I feel like a man 80% of the time. However, I'm perfectly happy being in a woman's body (especially since getting a breast reduction from DDD to approximately a C). I've gone as far as looking into prices for sex change operations, but that was before the reduction and before I was comfortable with myself. I was still a late teen at that time, around 16.

... Why'd you destroy the ebook after they'd already seen your books?

Oooohhhhh, okay. I thought you really meant paranormal, like they were choked by an unseen force or something. (Huge paranormal fan)

Believe me, you're not the first person I've spoken to online who's English isn't the best. Hell, most Americans have crappy English. 

I'm not a fan of watching videos on my phone, so I honestly didn't. 

You're right about the difference between bara and yaoi. Yaoi is created by women for girls/women. Bara is created by men for boys/men. That's why yaoi has a more effeminate appearance to the characters (though I do love some yaoi manga).

I do believe in Jesus being God the Savior, however I don't believe he's as hateful as many Christians make him out to be. When condemning gays, they always quote the Old Testament, because there's nothing about homosexuality being wrong in the New Testament. I believe after Jesus was born on Earth, he became more compassionate. He understood better what being human was.

I mean, the entire Christian Bible was written 60 years after the events transpired, translated multiple times eventually to English, and the Catholic Church removed Books and changed Scripture to better support their own beliefs. So I take the Bible's sayings with a grain of salt.

I also like what Amy Farrah Fowler says in Big Bang Theory (the tv show), "I don't object the idea of a higher power, but I'm baffled by one that takes attendance." My own beliefs on going to church.

They just didn't want to believe I was gay. Parents get this idea in their heads about who they want their children to grow up to be, and there's this dissonance that happens when their kids grow up and become their own person. That was very obvious in my family. My mom wanted me to be a girly girl, but I never have been.

The girl I've been most interested in lately hasn't been talking to me much. She lives in England. I've been missing the hell out of her.

Let's see... I was homeschooled, so I wasn't bullied. I also wasn't diagnosed until I was 22, which was a blessing because my parents didn't treat me like an invalid. Too many parents find out about a disability and decide they should be extra careful with their kid, it's ridiculous.

My second cousin is around 8 now, has autism, and his mom has been way too lenient on him because of it. 

I hope my guinea pigs don't die of paranormal circumstances... I've only had them a few weeks. They're my first rodents, but they have so much personality.

Whiskey is a pig, he eats constantly and begs for food all the time. He's also a grumpy old man... Though he's not that old, he's only like 2.

Buck is a shy sweetheart. He's starting to get used to me picking him up. 

They get transferred from my room to their living room cages everyday, so they can socialize a lot.

Apologies, I didn't check itch all day. I spent some quality time with my guinea pigs.

I'm actually gay too. Also in a Christian family, but my parents know. Ever since my first real girlfriend when I was 22. I came out to them multiple times, but they didn't believe me until I actually dated someone.

I used to feel ashamed about my identity, but that's because my parents tried to pray the gay away. I was a big disappointment at first.

However, I can understand being apprehensive about telling the family in those circumstances. But, you're only 19. Things will get better.

I don't care because I'm also autistic. Something about it makes me not care so much about how people see me.

I don't mind the yaoi appearance, but I've definitely come to prefer the bara appearance. 

I did see a review you did right after following you, so apparently it works.

I redownloaded YAGS, but I haven't started it again-- yet. 

Haha, I wouldn't think you were a creep. Clearly I don't have an issue with following someone, then again I don't care too much how others perceive me.

A lot of people would disagree with you on the sympathetic part, but thank you haha.

Transfer works there. 

Well, he could be Asian even if he doesn't speak Japanese. If you want to get technical, Indians (from India) are Asian too; India is in Asia the continent.

I'm not sure I understand the question. Yes, Japanese are Asians. As are Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, etc. They're all Asian, and generally prefer to be called Asian than possibly the wrong type of Asian.

I have heard of The Secrets. I think that one is in my library too. So is Incubus Academy.

 However I haven't heard of Ocean's Blue, Guardians of ParVa'La, or Let's Meet Adam.

Umm, it might? I see when developers I'm following add a game to their collections. Maybe you see reviews too?

Uncommon Breed certainly works a lot better on PC, but hopefully they'll figure out how to optimize it for Android.

I just started Blood and Lust actually. It's interesting so far. 

I'll have to look those up then.

I hope you can go back and give a longer comment next time after you get some sleep. I enjoy these long back and forth comments.

Heh, I'll accept the great Easter wishes. Happy Easter to you too.

I tend to save VNs at the initial "Choose One" dialogue. Like the first day of tennis in EA, or the 'Alex or Janus' in WSSAP.

I've only played a small bit of Homecoming. I'm not a huge fan of Shinji's sprite now. All black, I can't see his details. 

Morenatsu itself is finished (Homecoming isn't). It was originally a PC game, but they remade it for Android. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take Homecoming. They plan to add more depth to the characters and probably more romance too.

I like both WSSAP and Uncommon Breed. It's true in both the characters are exaggerated, but I think that makes it fun. They're different types of VNs, which is nice. Although, UB is VERY glitchy on Android.

I haven't heard of Eldet or After Years. But I do want Coming out on Top.

...Echo and Adastra? Are those more renamed Morenatsu characters?

Nekojishi has a few more beast men besides cats, however the only dateable characters are cats. I'd follow the walkthrough in order, if you use them at all. I played in a different order and discovered I should've followed the walkthroughs order.

Basically you only get a bit of the story with each character, and it's best to finish the game with Senpai as the last character to pursue.

Amorous (PC) was a good game, but they do that "3 and done" formula with most characters. It disappointed me, honestly, and my review reflected that. I highlighted the parts I liked and what I disliked. I also requested the developers make a sequel, because I love the characters but you don't get to see the relationship after the third date. 

Heh, yeah your profile picture is cute.

I may change my opinion of TA when romance makes its appearance. It's getting there, but not quite. I agree it feels more natural, especially since it's not like "I've been out with you three times and now I'm in love!" which is what many VNs do. 

I just adore Darius and his route in EA though. I can see the resistance and how it slowly changes. How he becomes enamored with the MC and at first is so resistant to it, but he becomes gentler and stops sleeping with other people even though they're not technically dating and he doesn't have to. His character development just makes me swoon. Not to mention how excited he gets about some things, like playing the piano for the MC or going camping.

In TA though, I love Keisuke. His blushing face is adorable. 

I felt that way about Shinji in Morrnatsu too. I'd say I have a type, haha.

I don't honestly care if the MC is human or not, but I do agree it's odd when he's the only human. 

In Nekojishi, at least there's lots of humans but the MC can see their 'true form' if they have one. That's how they explain seeing beast men. It's also a great game that I highly recommend if you haven't played it. However, I think it's only a computer game, so you may have to wait until you have a PC.

Of course I remember you. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And yes, I've played Tennis Ace, but I prefer Extracurricular Activities. 

Tennis Ace isn't bad or anything, it's quite well done.  

Something about Extracurricular Activities is just so charming to me though.

-plays 8 minutes then quits-

.... The hell did I just read?

I can't give a full description because I didn't play it all the way through, but the main character has a... lewd obsession with food...

I tried YAGS, but it wasn't really my thing. I think the art style was the most off-putting thing to me. I may try it again later and try to get past the art. It's not bad, just not my cup of tea.

Some games have horrific art but lovely plots.

I liked EBAE, but again it was a bit short for me. 

Personally, I like building relationships in most games; In other words, no sex right off the bat lol. However, some of those have a nice concept to them. 

In Charles 2.0, the sex made sense to me because the relationships were pre-existing. 

I don't expect you to compromise your vision of your games based on my own opinions, either. Regardless of preference, I've enjoyed most of the ones you've done.

Also, I have Blood and Lust that I'll be playing soon.

Yeah, but despite how short it was, it was done so well I look forward to future games from you. 

It's a little too short for my taste, but it's still worth a play.

The catalyst ending made me tear up, I admit. 

(1 edit)

It's interesting so far, however I can only play a little at a time, because the English grammar is BAD.

Also, Itch hasn't been updated since 2017, but their Patreon shows they're still working on it, albeit slowly.

Also, their Gamejolt link is wrong. It's this.

I know this old, however I still think I can answer.

Their Patreon has had more recent posts (January 20th at the moment), so the project isn't dead, however they don't seem to care about updating itch.

email works;

Yeah, that's fine with me. Whatever works for you. I was just manually editing the script, but maybe the Developer version would be easier to work with.

(1 edit)

I hate to mention another issue after reading some of the comments, however the new Android version (not sure how many .apk users give you bug reports) is squashing the smaller text together so it's illegible. It worked fine in version 0.4.1... of course you may already be aware of it and have since fixed it in the newer versions.

To get around it in the meantime, I just pull up the history to see what was said, so it's just a minor inconvenience.

Also, are the sprites being changed? I noticed Lars went from one appearance to a bigger (better, in my opinion) adaptation. It better matched his portrait next to his dialogue box.

That said, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the game progresses. It's really entertaining.

I figured it out, I think. Though I'll try Ctrl+D to see what that does; I've only used Shift+O. However, I'm editing the script now. 

Err... Developer mode? Are you talking about Ren'py?

I'm curious, are you open to having a proofreader? I'm barely into the story (first Calculus class) and have noticed quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I'm happy to help if you need it.

It was a suggestion. Sadly, he's not a route.

Like I said, Morenatsu has a LOT of repeated dialogue. The skip button will be your best friend. It's so large because of how many characters there are to choose from I think. There's like 6-8 characters to date. Also it was originally a PC game.

Nope, I meant pen name. My real name isn't Sam, it's a name I use online and when writing. It's pretty common in writing for people to use pen names. Like Mark Twain. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Not gonna lie, I had to Google that. I knew Twain was a pen name, but his real name is long; too long for me to remember.

This is probably a dumb question, but are any other characters going to become dateable? I'd jump at the chance to date Haruki. 

Like, you meet him when leaving class the first day when he's with Shoichi, and you just keep running into him after that. You invite him to join you for lunch (similar to asking him to sit with you during Shoichi's match), and he slowly becomes part of the group.

BL means Boys Love.

Morenatsu (misspelled previously, my bad) is actually available for android now. It's called Morenatsu Revisited (not on itch anymore; ) and I recommend it. The one on itch started out the same but now the fans are putting more depth into the characters, which I'm excited about. 

Yeah, I've played a LOT of VNs. They're my bread and butter. Gay, straight, trans. Doesn't matter to me, I'll give any VN a try.

Basically I just mean scenes that don't change no matter what your previous choices were. For instance, the group outings with friends in Tennis Ace. The only dialogue changes are determined by choosing Library or Tea House. Or the Prefecturals, the dialogue is all the same. 

And no, I'm American. Anntoinette, however, is a family name so I mixed it with my pen name. I quite like it. ^^