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It also helps that more people can experience the charm of your games if they're free. Once I played the free ones, I didn't bat an eye at paying a few bucks for them. I've even wound up buying on Steam separately at times just to help you out because I love your games so much. 

Knew it! Yay Chani for being inclusive! 

Did they ever mention that? I kinda assumed they were nonbinary.

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I'm holding off a full review since I literally just started, but I had to mention the irony. The same day I watched a YouTube video about whether or not breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day is the same day I play this. Vincent claiming that made me smirk.

Also, I'm surprised this one's free. Either way, you'd have me going "shut up and take my money" but it's still nice to save a few bucks. 


Finished! While the confusing the twins part is a bit cliche, I'm glad it wasn't the basis for the whole game. As always, so glad there's no sexual tension~ Love both brothers and kinda wish you could date both. Like they said, they each have different qualities, but since we have Prince/Villain (and it's sequel) it's fine that it's one-or-the-other. 

Normally I prefer the mischievous character but this time I liked Vernon more. He wasn't overly nice or doting. Those characters generally make me uncomfortable, my first thought is "what do you want?" 

Vincent was perhaps a bit too douchey for my taste, but it's literally in the title so... Lol.

Overall, a bit mixed for me. Love your artwork, the MC was relatable to me, side characters were adorable. When I saw you could mention cute and bubbly at the dinner, I thought "Is Jamie an option?" I picked it literally to see the twins' disappointed faces... I'm evil like that, tee hee~ If anything, I'm glad you spend most of the time with Vernon cause Vincent just annoyed me, even if I knew why he was acting that way.

Anyways, looking forward to upcoming games! Seriously, I'll reiterate what someone else asked... Do you sleep? xD

I certainly don't mind sex scenes, but I prefer when it's done after a connection between characters has been firmly established. I'm demisexual, though, so that could just be my own sexuality talking lol. I can take it or leave it, even irl. Sex is extremely low in importance to me. 

It just bugs me that so many people focus on the physical part of a relationship. Sex isn't everything, and relationships built on such a thing fail like 99% of the time. 

Probably why your games are such a breath of fresh air. If there's any sort of hint of such a thing, it's just when sharing your bed with Percy or Gavin in Prince or Villain, and even then it's up to the player to fill in the blanks if they want. 

Well, I mean... the signs were all there. Being able to touch ghosts was a big one, then not being tired or thirsty/hungry after staying up all night? Yeah...

I totally getcha. I love that you make so many BL games. Forgive my Desires is still my favorite, with Mixed Feelings being a close second. 

Honestly your games let me live out my gay little fantasies, and have helped cement my 'types'. I also love that you don't shy away from polyamory, or imperfections. Your games normally just feel so realistic and not like fairytales. 

I always feel like there aren't enough gay games with actual humans (the majority on itch are furry... I don't dislike them, but I gotta be in the mood). And the ones that do focus on humans are almost always focused more on sex than the relationship aspect. I prefer when sex is a secondary or even tertiary motivation for people. Plus, making the characters likeable and relatable... I swear most MCs are just dull nobodies that are walking sex dolls for everyone else in the game. Usually the models/art used are even generic. 

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I did play it, it was short enough. 

Naturally the story is charming even if both characters are women. I like their personalities and backstories even if it's not my preferred coupling. I can imagine it being difficult to write those backstories for males.

But yeah, I'm cool with whatever you make, even if I pass based on the subject matter sometimes. It would certainly expand your fanbase if you do more than just BL. Nobody can fault you for that, especially if you simply want to make those games. 

(Because spoilers, I put this at the bottom)

The twist I saw from a mile away, but there were many hints. I feel more sorry for Cynthia's father honestly, because she can never take back what she said and he has to live with the guilt of pushing his daughter away and thinking she left while hating him. Meanwhile, since she still regrets her last words, she and Lynette can stay together. Unless her disappearing at the end was meat to symbolize her moving on. 

I downloaded it on Sept 21, so maybe its been updated since.

And yeah, getting a route was simple. I wasn't sure how hard LI 4's would be because the necessary goals seemed hefty at first, but it was really simple if you're a good little cupid lol.

I actually sabotaged both couples in my pursuit of Cy, because I wanted to easily switch to Kido afterwards. Easy peasy. Seemed like it'd be pretty easy to get almost everyone available in one playthrough and just save right before the confessions. 

I haven't tried it personally, I just have a difficult time getting into most yuri content. I kinda have to be in the mood to give it a shot.

However, I have no issue with you trying out other genres if that's what you wanna do. Despite being an otome, I checked out Rapscallions and ended up really enjoying it-- In part because the MC wasn't super effeminate (I was born female but relate more to men and prefer male pronouns), but the story was just so cute. I was surprised because isekai stories aren't usually my thing. 

As for the more serious subject matter, that's also not something that would put me off. I love light hearted games but I thoroughly enjoy more serious dramas and mysteries too. My favorite movie genre is horror.

Like another said, I also generally prefer games with multiple endings, BUT I literally just played a kinetic VN yesterday and enjoyed it. 

Since you're explicitly asking for feedback, I will go ahead and play this one to give a more in-depth review. 

I don't think you need to worry so much about how your games are received though. The art is charming, the stories are enjoyable, and if you want to make it then you should. 

Alright, well I write fanfics and my offer to help or even just to be someone to bounce ideas off of stands if you ever need it.

Honestly I just like writing and helping people, so I don't really care about compensation personally, especially in cases such as one person making games and being unable to do it all themselves. It's a lot of work.

What was your previous writer supposed to be working on? Like, did you have a basic outline for the game already and they were just supposed to type it up, writing full routes, or what?

I ask because I'd love to help if I could, no payment necessary. I just like the game so far and while I have no problem waiting however long is needed, I want to help. 

Love the concept, Kido is my favorite (enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes).

I wanna replay the first half to see what happens when you encourage couples against their soulmates cause I played it like a good little cupid and saved the second half to switch LIs easily.

LI 4 (avoiding name spoilers) was my first, since I tend to play in least favorite to favorite; turned out I should've saved him for second to last but oh well. He's so sweet. 

I totally called Cy's soulmate long before it was revealed. Same with Kido and Luan (I honestly didn't read the page, I just went "OMG NEW GAME *BUY*"). 

It's a little grindy and the mini game is a little difficult on Android because it's a bit fast, but I understand the link between stats and the next club level. At least that skip button makes it a little easier to deal with the repeated scenes.

Thanks again for the gallery! It makes me smile. 

Hey, take your time. Art such as this shouldn't be rushed. I can't say I'm patient because it's really amazing and I'm like "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?" But I know making games can be challenging. I'll wait forever for a good game. 

This is amazing! It sucked me into the story so fast, I couldn't put it down til I finished the demo.

I'm so excited!

Awww poor Lance!

I'm sorry, you're so sweet but I love Gavin so much! Besides, my life would suck if I dated a popular celebrity. Zero privacy, eugh.

Great game even if the endings are a little sad. Seriously, as soon as I saw a new game went up, I had to get it. Honestly, I'm wondering if I'm your biggest fan lol. 

Possible spoilers below... 






I kept thinking the throuple should get together (now that Kai is back) and find a new apartment where they could get a king size bed to fit them all. I imagine Kai being cuddled from both sides. Gavin hugging from behind and Percy hugging from the front, it sounds so cute. 

I had two thoughts. The first was how nice it'd be to see a Percy/Gavin sequel putting the pieces together after Kai leaves. I've been wanting to see those two hit it off and fall in love since the first game. 

The other was I wondered how Lance would hit it off with Mr. Receptionist, Brendan. 

Suddenly, Lance finds himself at a beachside resort with a charming receptionist, who seems sad after the person he had a crush on (Aries) rejected him for his childhood friend (Ross). And they bond, because Lance also lost his crush (Kai) to childhood friends (Percy and Gavin). Plus Lance keeps sneaking off to get sweets from the kitchen. 

I think you're misunderstanding me, but I'm not sure how to articulate what I mean. I'm gonna try though. 

Take this as an example:

Notice how it doesn't specify the price up front, but if you scroll to downloads it has files listed for "If you pay $*** or more" 

I just wondered if there was a way to specify the full game as "If you pay $25 or more" in the individual files. 

For some reason itch sees this differently than the full game price. 

I know cause other games were like "if you pay $3 or more" for certain files, then later an update was uploaded as "$5 or more" and I only had to pay an additional $2 for the new files. 

If that's confusing, I'm sorry. Honestly idc if I, personally, have the walkthrough or not, I just wanted to try to help you out. 

I don't know how itch works with uploaded games, but I've seen some where the game is "free" but certain files cost money to buy them. The way that's set up to buyers is kinda like "Pay what you want" but if you want a specific file you have to pay a certain amount of money. Would it be possible to rearrange the game so the main files are $25 and the walkthrough is $30 in that case? The demos were automatically set up as paying what you wanted before the full game was released. 

Love the game, took a few tries to get Ram's good ending but I believe I've officially finished all the routes.

I love how everyone is so different, and none of them are perfect. Flaws is a fact of life, so glad to see a game where the LIs have flaws (after XOXO Droplets, which isn't a gay game).

The only CGs I don't like are the ones with Stefanos, which sucks cause he's my favorite. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the CGs. Except his end CG, at least.

"I don't expect any people who haven't already paid for the game on Kickstarter to go and buy the game right now"

Funny, cause as soon as I saw the announcement that it was released, I bought it.

I've followed many games over the years, and often the first game turns out to be too ambitious and the devs have trouble with their original release date. Kudos for sticking with it, despite everything. Hope things have improved in your life, and thanks for releasing the game when it was finished. Can't wait to play it.

Yeah literally around the corner from me there's a convenience store, gas station, fast food and coffee shop all on the same intersection. It's nuts. 

I'd love to live like a 15-30 minute drive outside a town. That way there's still the convenience of being nearby without the annoyance of so many buildings and people.

I can fix a lot of tech gadgets so that's not a problem for me. Sucks for you though, gotta be super careful. 

Luckyyyy!!!! Wish I lived somewhere quieter. I'm technically in the suburbs, but I'm not sure my area counts as suburbs anymore. Too many buildings and people now. 

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Been pretty good, just busy working. Decided to catch up on your games I missed and replay my favorites. 

What about you? 

Missing the Gallery, but I still love your games. I wanted to save pics of the hugs and head pats.

I still haven't found anyone else who does BL games as cute as yours. Love the art, love the relationships, love the weird personalities. 

I definitely would love a Tanabe route...

I saw someone mention how they think he only cares about Yuu because he's getting skillful again, but I read it as him being upset that Yuu gave up like he did after losing so many times. He admitted to not being good with people, and I can totally relate to that. I also had this thought in Keisuke's route that maybe Tanabe put distance between himself and Yuu because Tanabe realized he had deeper feelings for Yuu and was freaked out by it. 

Fair enough. I do that with everything anyway, even if there's a canon ending. If I don't like it, I change it in my head. As I said, I'm probably spoiled. I completely understand giving an ambiguous ending so people can fill in the blanks themselves. 

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Playing this for the first time (the rough draft), and LOVE it.







I'm not done, but I swear Max is autistic too. Just finished the coffee shop discussion to the point he leaves and comes back. He has a lot of the signs, but it may just be more subtle. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 22, myself. High functioning is apparently difficult to detect.

EDIT: Just finished it.

Honestly kinda wish the epilogue skipped a few years and showed like Mikhail and Ash together in the future with Ash's bro chilling out on the couch playing games with them or something, but in contrast I think it gives you an opportunity to make more games focusing on different characters and their journeys if you wanted. I'd love to see Zack meeting Braden's family and them slowly being accepted. Zack finally getting the family he always deserved. I imagine Braden's mom doting on Zack once she gets used to their relationship.

Before the epilogue, I thought Braden was gonna bail and Mikhail would step in an wind up being Zack's true romantic soulmate, but I'm definitely not mad about how it ended. 

Maybe I'm just spoiled; I blame YAGS, cause its epilogue is more like "2 years later".

Still an amazing game, what a journey. 

I've not played it myself but watched others. Jacksepticeye's playthrough of it was probably my favorite. It took him some time to figure out how to work the puzzles.

We can all see the inspirations in the game-- The toy to reach distant buttons, colorful characters for kiddos. I still think it has potential. Is it odd they have a merch store already? Of course it is. That they want you to WL the second installment instead of updating the first (obviously unfinished) game? Again, of course, but this is free. 

You didn't pay a dime for the experience, so death threats seem like an overreaction. I think of this as them trying something new out, and while it obviously has some issues with the drone's actions, the Opila bird's animation is really cool and kinda freaky.

Just a reminder, remember how popular FNAF is? How did Scott start out? Sit and Survive. FNAF was literally his last game attempt before giving it up but his popularity exploded with one home run. 

Personally, I don't think this game itself is "bad" per se, just a bit unfinished/unpolished, but game designers have to start somewhere. 

So, good luck, Eu Bros, and I hope you find your niche one of these days. I like the characters and the character animations. 

I couldn't tell ya, but I've been wondering about that myself. I've wondered ever since I saw it was a possibility on their Patreon. 

Yay, gives me something to focus on while waiting (as patiently as possible) for Chris and Russell's routes! 

Awesome idea, even for those of us who like gay routes, but aren't too interested in the main choices. 

I like Carlos okay, but I honestly squee like a schoolgirl over Chris. Socially awkward computer nerd? I can relate, and love him so much.

My heart goes out to Russell, his story is heartbreaking. I wanna hug that hurt away. 

Hehehe I love your sense of humor.

I'm sorry there were people getting up in arms over you taking a break. Sometimes people just get burnt out and need some space, people!

Glad you're back, though! Tom may not be my favorite but idc, as long as my boys are back. <3

It does. Obvs you don't have to do a sequel. If you're unmotivated to do a dating version of this, then don't make one. Your games are amazing regardless. I wish I'd played the originals. 

I have to agree, a sequel or side game where you're actually DATING them or at least courting them would be nice.

<3 Cain, so so much. Creepy borderline-yandere is my type. 

I'm honored, I love your games! 

Ahhh so cute!!!

Totally called the pairings when I played the game, by the way.

Thanks so much. 

This one definitely came out at a good time. I just had to put my precious cat down the other day, and the only thing to make me smile was this game. They're always so heartwarming and fluffy, I love it. Aeron has to be my favorite. In fiction, my type is definitely tsundere. 

Very true, but Andrew handles it well. I like to imagine a long engagement for them after that. 

That I do. I really enjoyed Samael having some sort of unnamed mental health issue, and helping him navigate that to the endings. I have an equal fondness for the ending where he stabs Andrew as the one where they live happily(?) ever after. 

As short as this one is, it makes me feel all the feels! 

Sorry Iver, I refuse to let you go out with your perfect match cause you're MINE!