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So... I just finished the game, I loved it! So i decided I wanted to pass my feedback onwards regarding both what I think It worked and what didn't work.(sorry for the english btw, not my first language).

Things I loved:

The characterization of each charachter is amazing! I've know some of this characters for years and They act just like they would anywhere else.

The art Style is amazing, both the hand- drawn and the sprites are lovely.

The mechanic of time slots filling a big week is really entertaing and makes up for a lot of replayability.

Papaya is bae.

Really funny dialogue and well written mini arc.

Some problems I had:

Full screens leaves a big gap in the game, So I think it could expand a bit more.

Some crashes in the Windows Version. 

The lack of a gallery mode is kind of a bummer, but no harm in the lack of it.

The movement feels a bit cluncky at times.

Some dialogue options are a bit unintuitive.

Overall, I think it was a great little project, loved every second of playing it and hope you keep it up! :)

-Sincerely, a fan

Ps: In which archive is the save located? I want to know so I can pass my progress fowards whenever a new version comes out.

Thank you so much!

The game should scale up to 2× on a 1080p screen, but I've seen that not happen for one or two people and I'm not sure why.

I put out a new version a couple hours ago that hopefully fixed the crashes!

The art pack is gallery mode!  :)

That's interesting about the movement; is the problem with actually walking around, or do you feel like you bump into things too much?

And the save file is stored in appdata or somewhere, so every version of the game (including HD vs not) will share the same save file.

When I mentioned the movement, yeah, I meant that I bumped a bit too much in stuff, thanks for your answer tho <3

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i think that i know why: the game is 832x448 which when you multiply it by 2, it will turn as 1664x896, hence why it does have a gap when using F11 if you want to go as 1920x1080, you will probably need to use 960x540 be aware there will have a gap on the height which it's about 46px for the top and bottom. but i suppose it's probably not what you attended with the original size of your the way, doing math with HD resolution can be a bitch sometime...

edit: i think i know why, it might be in the conf file which your game have the resolution of 832x448.

Oh, if the problem is just that there's still a border when scaling up on 1080p, then that's deliberate.  It gives a little wiggle room, so the game can still scale up on slightly smaller screen sizes like 1680×1050 (which I had until very recently).

mae sense, just wondering: did you created 2 versions of same game, right? one is the low version while the second use the HD, it's possible that you had mixed them up?

That just affects the base size of the illustrations, not the size of the game.  Just double-checked and they fullscreen identically for me, and the assets are right.

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I actually like the border because it makes it look like an art piece on a wall, somehow it complements the art style and the overall feel of the game.

And a question: how do I download the art pack? I can't seem to find the option to download it.

Oh, silly me, I found the art pack :P