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Hey, I'm sorry to ask this all of a sudden, but is this game +18? I remember seeing this game about a year ago and seeing a note that It had some 18 scenes planned, but I can't find anything regarding that in the page.

Just wanted to know.

When I mentioned the movement, yeah, I meant that I bumped a bit too much in stuff, thanks for your answer tho <3

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So... I just finished the game, I loved it! So i decided I wanted to pass my feedback onwards regarding both what I think It worked and what didn't work.(sorry for the english btw, not my first language).

Things I loved:

The characterization of each charachter is amazing! I've know some of this characters for years and They act just like they would anywhere else.

The art Style is amazing, both the hand- drawn and the sprites are lovely.

The mechanic of time slots filling a big week is really entertaing and makes up for a lot of replayability.

Papaya is bae.

Really funny dialogue and well written mini arc.

Some problems I had:

Full screens leaves a big gap in the game, So I think it could expand a bit more.

Some crashes in the Windows Version. 

The lack of a gallery mode is kind of a bummer, but no harm in the lack of it.

The movement feels a bit cluncky at times.

Some dialogue options are a bit unintuitive.

Overall, I think it was a great little project, loved every second of playing it and hope you keep it up! :)

-Sincerely, a fan

Ps: In which archive is the save located? I want to know so I can pass my progress fowards whenever a new version comes out.

Loving it so far! My only problem is that I have experienced some game crashes...

Does that mean I have to buy the game again?

I can't get the link either, i bought the game 210 days ago but I still can't get the link!

Something is odd... I left the human princess at the tavern with 10 lust, but when I came back to put her in my team, it said something inside her was "broken" and I couldn't get her any longer, What Should I do?

Where do I get the Battle suits?

I can't find the Battle suits anywhere! Where is it?!?