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There’s definitely going to be at least one each month hosted by the RPG Design Friends, and I’ve already heard plans for #hothorrorjam in the summer and I’m really looking forward to them. 

Ironically, I haven’t managed to finish any of the RPGDF jam games yet 😅 I do think a thing we really need to emphasize is to pick the ones that excite you most. The fact that the monthly themed jams only run for the first two weeks of the month and have two weeks to rest is really vital imo. This goes for general game design too! I’ve got way too many plates spinning right now and cutting back on them has been hard but necessary. 


That's really great advice. I got really worked up trying to do both Short Rest and March of the Wizards after coming off sad mechs and I didn't realize that it was obviously too much until too late.


Ahh yeah I have games for both too but I don’t even know when I’ll be able to finish them sadly. But beating myself up over it isn’t gonna help!


Short Rest will always take “late” submissions as strict time limits are Not Cozy. So no worries on your cozy submission, it’ll be here when you’re ready.

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I definitely appreciate that. How would the mechanics of it work? Is there a way to add a game to the jam page after it's ended, or would it be adopted into the group some other way? (I say because the stress of trying to get my wizard game done in time was, as you say, definitely not cozy.)


Yeah jam organizers can generate custom links that let you add a project into a game jam late, I did it for sad mech jam

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had a game idea and was all set to do it for sadmechjam then I didn't cuz the deadline. I should have spoken up. oops. Oh well. :D


I'm not going to lie, I'm incredibly interested in whatever #hothorrorjam turns out to be. Any hints as to when in summer I can look forward to this?


Not totally sure yet! seems like Ben/Flowers is more taking the lead, although I've offered to help support basically. I'm hosting an RPGDF jam in July so hopefully not then? June or August?


Oh my gosh, a horror jam... might have to be my first jam!