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*Leaps into Sofia's Arms*

You're Amazing! Congrats on getting it done/setting up Official Page! I am going to DEVOUR THIS. But First -- *Love* the winter coats on the ladies! So Fash~ And I like how it fits their personalities.

Kk - going to dive in now! Missed mah Precious babes. ^^ Will review once I'm done!

NOOOOOOO -- it's OVER?! *SOBS* That was Much too SHORT! In the end, that's a GOOD thing - but I feel so Bereft. I missed MC and Sofia's Banter SO MUCH... Seeing the start of their route was like jumping right back into what made the pairing so Wonderful.

A few initial Impressions:

- I like new dialogue box! The little touches(curly corner, what looks like a damask fill)are Really nice!

- The 1st room I saw at the inn: I could Already see the added details. There was a inherent Lushness to the room - even though it was sparse. Deliberate or not, it gave an immediate indicator of war times. A -- shift from Needless Extravagance.

- With things like kisses and shows of affection, will that always be cutaway(only scenery shown) or will CGs be made for them in the future? Obviously, I get you can't do one for EACH display, but it felt remote not having any.

- FEELZ came rushing All the Way BACK just from the brief intro -- I really felt you managed to make it feel like I just played 'Rose' yesterday. I also really enjoyed the Concise telling of 'the story thus far'; it felt Informative without feeling like I was reading a history textbook. It was Just Enough to let me know what had gone done in those 2 years -- not only in Segunda, but with my LI. Very dynamic. On that note: I also liked that I got to see Clips of how the Times are affecting certain characters as well; given darker theme, those kinds of details will be Crucial.

- With Choices: I personally feel like the light blue text on the dark blue background is Hard on the eyes. It certainly Helps when you hover over them and they light up for legibility, but it's a strain to read before that and I'd like to be able to immediately process my options.

- I caught a few typos here and there (several in Sofia's dialogue); I'm sure it'll be cleaned up before Final, but thought I should let you know.

- Loved how 'minor' characters that would once be silhouettes are now fully detailed! I'm Really Glad this is a thing - Always felt like a bit of Immersion was Lost talking to shadows.

So EXCITE!!! I Really HOPE there will be a longer demo in the future! But, if not, I'll just take the Full Game~ ;) As I mentioned in an earlier post, more than ANYTHING I'm looking forward to how Established Relationships are handled. Is Maintaining them a factor? Will choices Affect your standing with LIs? Can they Potentially Leave you? Yes, the battle was won in 'Rose', but the country isn't the only one with a war. Seeing how the current state of things has MC(and others)particularly occupied, I'm even more Interested in how 'romance' factor will develop alongside as it's not 'Talk to LI - Get LI to not hate you - Smooch - Ride off into the sunset' anymore. Generally speaking, of course~

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Thank you for the feedback - I'm sorry it fell too short for you, though if it is any consolation the complete demo as just been released with the final three routes ^_^

To answer your questions, kisses and shows of affection will mostly be cut away, since I plan for there to be lots of them, but of course, I will have at least one CG for a 'kiss scene' since I understand that people like them. 

Hmm, I'll look into the menu choice text colour and see if I can find something easier to read then.

As for any typos, yes, I would hope to catch them all before the full game release, though if you want to help, please feel free to send me any you find to

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it so far

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That IS consolation -- my friend who I got *JUST* as addicted to 'Rose' loves Charlotte, so SHE'S GONNA FREAK knowing that route's open now~ ^^

Fair on shows of affection(and I can't rightly Complain since you're saying there will be 'lots' - YAY~) -- it'll also make the CG we get far more Coveted. No Pressure. ;P

I'd be happy to send in typos! (Aforementioned)Friend and I are currently playing a game that has AMAZING Writing -- but the Editing job SUCKED. And it's such a SHAME. Anything I can do to help 'Thorns' shine/the work you've all done its most Awesome, I'm happy to. Let me know if you need a Proofreader for final version as well!

*(Also forgot to mention earlier with Sofia's demo route)How SHOOKETH I was that a certain Mama didn't know the True Nature of a certain couple's relationship. *Plays Theme of 'My Fair Lesbians'* LOOKS LIKE THERE MIGHT BE MORE DRAMA HERE THAN IN THE WAR