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Happy Anniversary! *Applauds you All* Thank you for all your Hard Work; AR will be Amaze Balls~

Just played (LAST) uploaded demo - and you all did so well in Smoothing out Act 1. Been a while since I played previous demo, but the changes I caught really made everything Transition well and, overall, more Natural.

Something I wanted to bring to your attention, there were a few typos(I played Cat's route again because - FAV <3)

1. (While you're playing cricket with Morrigan) 'It rolls to the first wicked but doesn't quite reach.' Wicked -> Wicket

2. (When you go back to Cat's house after) 'The moment I walk in, cat runs right up to me.' Cat's name should be capitalized.

3. (When Alice talks about nature) 'The only nature I'm used to pigeons and cars.' Pretty sure there should be an 'are' in there.

Congrats again and Best of Luck with Acts 2 and 3!!! 


Thank you for answering. I actually just finished watching Charlotte demo with friend(she SQUEED like crazy, btw)and I could Definitely see the workings of some serious political intrigue with the More hands-on approach of MC's mother speaking on the fate of her own house as well as Charlotte's. With that route it felt more out of the frying pan into the Fire kind of start, as opposed to Sofia's where you get A Lot more background on current events and the idea that peace talks will happen (as well as Sofia's family possibly being implicated due to new union) - but it's a bit more Vague how MC will be directly involved with the volatile political landscape(beyond being at peace talks). So I absolutely saw your quoted piece in Action.

Apologies if it seemed like I was taking your words out of context -- I more so Read that section and it made me think on what I asked. Given this particular game's Circumstances - and how Male romances are the only ones that lead to the throne - it naturally feels they'd have More *Weight*, story-wise. Going at it from the Stance of the F/F relationship is akin to being the Underdog. From what I've learned in Charlotte's demo, it looks like the MC could have the Possibility of playing both warring sides like her mother (i.e. not Getting the throne, but Deciding who *Does*). Which makes me Very Interested from that Female perspective -- because it seems those 2 routes will have a More guileful touch. Which: Awesome in its own way! My biggest Fear was just not feeling like I got cheated, story-wise, because I didn't end up with a quote on quote 'non-Influencer' male character.

FULL DEMO!!! (The art above is ADORABLE, btw XD Let's be REAL: MC is LOVABLE enough she SINGLE-HANDEDLY STOPS ALL WARS~) I hope  other sales are fruitful so you can get the funds needed for 'Thorns'! *crosses fingers*

One Question: 'in routes where you are closer to court you will know more of what has been happening in the political situation (at least, at the beginning) than if your character has been living outside of Segunda for the last two years' -- naturally Leo and the Prince's routes will have the most Direct 'canon' ties with the war -- but does that mean for routes like Sofia's/Charlotte's there won't be as much political intrigue? Playing 'Rose', I was happy to see how you handled all routes Fairly - but I admit, I'm a little concerned, now, if your romance is with one of the girl's, you won't get as involved a story? With MC being second only to the throne, I feel like even if she's not connected to a source to the crown, she(like her Mother)can still be a Game-Changer if she so chooses. Or are you planning to go an entirely Different route with those LIs farther away/uninterested in the Crown?

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That IS consolation -- my friend who I got *JUST* as addicted to 'Rose' loves Charlotte, so SHE'S GONNA FREAK knowing that route's open now~ ^^

Fair on shows of affection(and I can't rightly Complain since you're saying there will be 'lots' - YAY~) -- it'll also make the CG we get far more Coveted. No Pressure. ;P

I'd be happy to send in typos! (Aforementioned)Friend and I are currently playing a game that has AMAZING Writing -- but the Editing job SUCKED. And it's such a SHAME. Anything I can do to help 'Thorns' shine/the work you've all done its most Awesome, I'm happy to. Let me know if you need a Proofreader for final version as well!

*(Also forgot to mention earlier with Sofia's demo route)How SHOOKETH I was that a certain Mama didn't know the True Nature of a certain couple's relationship. *Plays Theme of 'My Fair Lesbians'* LOOKS LIKE THERE MIGHT BE MORE DRAMA HERE THAN IN THE WAR

NOOOOOOO -- it's OVER?! *SOBS* That was Much too SHORT! In the end, that's a GOOD thing - but I feel so Bereft. I missed MC and Sofia's Banter SO MUCH... Seeing the start of their route was like jumping right back into what made the pairing so Wonderful.

A few initial Impressions:

- I like new dialogue box! The little touches(curly corner, what looks like a damask fill)are Really nice!

- The 1st room I saw at the inn: I could Already see the added details. There was a inherent Lushness to the room - even though it was sparse. Deliberate or not, it gave an immediate indicator of war times. A -- shift from Needless Extravagance.

- With things like kisses and shows of affection, will that always be cutaway(only scenery shown) or will CGs be made for them in the future? Obviously, I get you can't do one for EACH display, but it felt remote not having any.

- FEELZ came rushing All the Way BACK just from the brief intro -- I really felt you managed to make it feel like I just played 'Rose' yesterday. I also really enjoyed the Concise telling of 'the story thus far'; it felt Informative without feeling like I was reading a history textbook. It was Just Enough to let me know what had gone done in those 2 years -- not only in Segunda, but with my LI. Very dynamic. On that note: I also liked that I got to see Clips of how the Times are affecting certain characters as well; given darker theme, those kinds of details will be Crucial.

- With Choices: I personally feel like the light blue text on the dark blue background is Hard on the eyes. It certainly Helps when you hover over them and they light up for legibility, but it's a strain to read before that and I'd like to be able to immediately process my options.

- I caught a few typos here and there (several in Sofia's dialogue); I'm sure it'll be cleaned up before Final, but thought I should let you know.

- Loved how 'minor' characters that would once be silhouettes are now fully detailed! I'm Really Glad this is a thing - Always felt like a bit of Immersion was Lost talking to shadows.

So EXCITE!!! I Really HOPE there will be a longer demo in the future! But, if not, I'll just take the Full Game~ ;) As I mentioned in an earlier post, more than ANYTHING I'm looking forward to how Established Relationships are handled. Is Maintaining them a factor? Will choices Affect your standing with LIs? Can they Potentially Leave you? Yes, the battle was won in 'Rose', but the country isn't the only one with a war. Seeing how the current state of things has MC(and others)particularly occupied, I'm even more Interested in how 'romance' factor will develop alongside as it's not 'Talk to LI - Get LI to not hate you - Smooch - Ride off into the sunset' anymore. Generally speaking, of course~

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*Leaps into Sofia's Arms*

You're Amazing! Congrats on getting it done/setting up Official Page! I am going to DEVOUR THIS. But First -- *Love* the winter coats on the ladies! So Fash~ And I like how it fits their personalities.

Kk - going to dive in now! Missed mah Precious babes. ^^ Will review once I'm done!

Laura!!! [insert Raised Hands emoji Here] <3 I'm so Glad to see the team's flowing well for this second installment~ I also didn't mention anything for the new background(Apologies) -- I like it! My favorite bit is the Lighting from the windows, it feels Very Warm and well done. The room(looks like a Dining setting)feels practical and what it was intentioned for. I don't know where they are, but that Practicality also feels conducive to 'war times'.

YAY for accessories! It's the little things that Make It. And - Ah - on budget constraints. I read something on the additional romance options you would have if you stayed unromanced, but I didn't know there would be another SEVEN character sprites(+EXTRAS). I suppose if we get THAT much NEW in the character realm, a few old poses can be allowed. ;)

Beyond Darker Themes, another thing I'm REALLY looking forward to(and what the image you provided invoked)are the Deeper conversations/banter between the girls. In the first game, Understandably so, each of the Nobles(+Sofia)were all Wearing Masks -- the conversations were all centered on the Prince(or future unions) and who would get the Prince and Out-Daintying each other. But we all saw BLIPS of the ladies' respective Intellects. I'm VERY Sure they all have Strong Opinions on this War -- Especially all being from different homelands. I'm also MORBIDLY Curious(Get that POWA, Hunty~)on QUEEN MC who just romanced Prince to be in Position of POWER and what Greater Role SHE Might Possibly have in Negotiations(or redirecting the war elsewhere for her people's benefits). It would be nice to see if there's the option of Truly Falling for Prince after getting to Know him better(not SHOVED down her throat) -- OR: If Queen can have SECRET AFFAIR in her loveless Marriage. ^^


There was a SURVEY?!?! *Gasps* THERE'S GOING TO BE A SEQUEL?!?! ('Thorns of War' -- YAAAS) *GASPS* MORE SOFIA?!?!?!?!!

*Dramatically Faints*

Sad I Missed Survey -- but YES to RESULTS! I Absolutely Cannot WAIT to Continue a Romance with my Baby!!! Completely Agree that Most VNs Focus on the 'Falling' bits; not the Rigors of KEEPING the Relationship. The Sprint vs. the Marathon. I'm actually REALLY Looking FORWARD to seeing each character's own Personal desires for the Future of their respective relationships -- not just the MC's. If there are Clashes in Ideals and how that will be Resolved. And what PLACE that will all have in a WAR.

Saleha Chowdhury's style is AMAZING, btw -- Exciting you've commissioned her! As for the new outfit designs: It feels like there's a lot of Blue/Green/Purple? I know this is supposed to be Winter, but I'm surprised there aren't any Burgandys(Muted, yet Bold -- the MC, especially, would look good in it since her eyes are Green) or Browns. I also feel MC's outfit should be more Distinctive -- beyond a Bow to tell you she's Important. Also to the changed season, I'd love to see jackets and shawls. Even embroidered gloves. Wouldn't be against MC having a different hairstyle - especially if it were let down a bit to reflect shielding the cooler air. Slightly off-topic, but will there be more poses as well? Just looking at this single scene, a good Number of the women have the Curled hand thinking pose going on, which makes it lose its Power.

Hope that helps! I feel like this round will have Darker themes, and that is my JAZZ, SON. <3 Rooting for you!


You know when you see something and you DIDN'T KNOW HOW MUCH YOU NEEDED IT, until it EXISTED? *THAT'S* how you sharing this art made me Feel. Thank you So Much -- what a Way to Start a Monday!

Completely understand where you're coming from with Charlotte having a bit more breathing room given she didn't face the same circumstances(I'm sure her rank helped as well), but it was Painful seeing her and PC get that open kiss in FRONT OF EVERYONE after Sofia's route. Even that little Push further in Private would have been Everything. But again: Disappointment only stems from something you care deeply about. Every moment Sofia and my PC were together, I was Thrilled.

A thing I neglected to mention in my first comment: I Adored that you featured darker-skinned characters in this game -- I wasn't interested in the Prince romantically, but not seeing a Stereotypical Blonde-haired, blue eyed 'Charming'?  BEST. <3

Amazing VN -- *Whenever* I find a visual novel that not only features F/F romance, but does it WELL -- GOSH: I'm so APPRECIATIVE.
More than anything, I *Must* Praise the Depth of Characterization in the PC -- I *Adored* how you could have this scholarly, troublemaker, cunning -- KNOWS when to PLAY THE GAME -- character(who if you chose, could be a Manipulative, Horrible Person). Honestly, favorite character has to be HER.

My one Truly Heartbreaking Disappointment was the way Sofia's route ended. After playing Charlotte's route(and seeing the number of kisses featured --and even a mini-epilogue of sorts) I *really* felt Cheated; that Sofia romance was one of 'almosts'. You don't even get as solid a declaration of love. Truly sad since Sofia was a Tremendously written and fleshed out character I felt was truly on par with my particular PC. But to close of such great pacing and banter and chemistry with such a nebulous ending.... I just felt they deserved better.

Regardless: Thank you so much for all your effort with this game.