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Tam-a-raaaack~ <3 <3 <3 Liking Qiu's development too, but STUPID EXCITED to have a girl to romance from the beginning/grow up with this round. (still Grin like crazy at the - 'found me a whole Wife' choice) - and squeed when Mom commented on it. Speaking of: not surprising given MOMS(TM) in the first OL, but it must be GB magic that I can make complicated relationships with mothers in other games, but NEVER in yours. ahaha Single mom vibes are what's up - and I love how Human she seems. You can really catch glimpses of her insecurities with this big move and how it affects her child.

But back to future Wifey! Already starting to see those not so cute sides to her (I know you all don't like making perfect characters) and I'm here for it. I'll have to replay, but also so interesting to me how her 'Crush' isn't as stereotypical 'AAAH'. Like, obviously she likes them, but I don't really see her acting bashful or all that differently (she's always so cheerful). I appreciate the different take on how attraction can play out. Oh! And I'm super excited to have school time this round! Sure to be all kinds of fun social interactions~ ^^

As always, super addicted to any and all Our Lifes and was so sad when this expanded demo ended (which is a good thing). Thank you so much for your continued hard work and hope the move went well! <3

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Just finished making character - barely started story, and I'm already Prepping for -- FEELINGS(TM). But I am SO IMPRESSED!! From the hair texture options to skin tone tints  - and even personalized pronouns!! You can really tell you all took the Best bits from the 1st Our Life and made them even Better! So excited for little Josie to grow up in this world~ <3

Edit: Okay - Tamarack noticed and COMPLIMENTED Josie's ribbon. It's NOT just an aesthetic?? The characters actually NOTICE what my baby is wearing?? LOVE THISSSS

THANK YOU FOR THIS - GIFFFFFT <3 <3 <3 *prepares tear ducts*

This looks GREAT!! So glad you're chugging along despite what happened with Neptune Diaries! Truly can't wait to see this story unfold as intended! <3

Can't wait to play - this is still a Masterpiece! <3

NOOOOOOO!!! I'm so heartbroken to see this! But I very much understand Life happens. Thank you so much for Blessing us all with what you could; this one will forever remain in my top favs. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! <3<3<3

What a Lovely surprise! Thank you for making a Valentine DLC for us, dears!! (Always happy to get more Selena content ;)) Legit Beamed upon seeing the notification! <3

Well said! I knew Lee all of 5 seconds before she lived in my mind and heart rent-free. I've never seen such Pure, Loving, Supportive precious. And I always Loved Lizze. Pretty sure I woke the neighbors when I found out we majored in the same thing in college. There is also No Moms moment I don't 100%  enjoy. A choice between family and Cove with my MC typically goes like: 'Cove. I love you, you're so wonderful - *SLAMS THE FAMILY BUTTON*' Poor guy. lol

Did Cove Cry when he got that tattoo? haha #crybaby Love them both! Here's hoping MC can get tats too! Congrats on the followers - totally Deserved!

*raises hand* Yes - Hi, I'd like to formally request more Lee. And Liz. And Moms. You know what -- just go ahead and make an entire game featuring MC's family. Here's my money. K-thanks.

Srsly though - my GOODNESS. I know Cove's on the cover (and he is lovely - as is Derek and Baxter), but I Legit cried most from interactions with fam. It's so HEALTHY. That doesn't mean they don't have their issues - but to actually see genuine Unconditional Love - that doesn't exist in many RL families- ...You've cleared my skin and watered my crops. Lee (Best Cousin), Liz (Best Big Sissy) and Moms (just - Best) have my Entire Heart and you just about near killed me with them in Step 3. Please - Moar

It's Out~! Was a beta backer and there every step of the way through production -- I know there were some Serious tough times, but I'm so Proud of you all! You Did It!! I know this game (and future releases) will be Amazing! *digs in* <3

YAAAASSSSSSS!!! Thank you for this meal!! <3

*passes chips* I'm waiting too lol

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And this concludes my Ted Talk on Selena's chap. 7. XD First of all - BEST WEEKEND EVER (Trump fired, chap 7 coming out); MY~ So worth the wait. There were some GORGEOUS CGs in this one. Simply stunning. *chef's kiss*

In other news: I Both LOVE and want to STRANGLE Brie -- her and you all, Dammit. HOW *DARE* you DENY MEH MAH SEX SCENE?!? I was all PUMPED, all 'Yea! Now I can talk shit to Ren folks BRAGGING about their AWESOME SEX(lovingly)' -- AND THEN YOU GIVE ME AN INTERRUPT. *FLIPS BRIE'S LAB TABLE, FOAMING AT THE MOUTH* Why u do dis??? My Detective's so Horn--*clears throat* Emotionally Constipated. ;) What REALLY upsets me is I'm not even complaining (for Emer's route either - love that we waited); Selena romance is a series of stolen moments and each one you get is just so Electric b/c you don't know the next time you're gonna get shot All I have to say is when you *DO* let me have mah sex, Selena will need a wheelchair~

Plot-wise, I'm Speechless - had NO IDEA ish was going to go down like that and I am Freaking Out(TM). This is Soooo Good. Ugggggh - I want Mooooar -- will we LIIIIVEEE?!? Hopefully Emer's route comes soon to tide me over - NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING SINCE YOU'RE MAKING ME WAIT <3

...oh? Is that the sound of me SCREAMING? 7 is Almost Heeeeere~ *pops bottles* Great work, Darlings. Already aflutter with anticipation. Now let me just find my 'STAN-ing Selena and Emer' hat.... ;) 

And I appreciate you responding to it. Looking forward to seeing accurate representation in future chapters/games! :)

Sad to write I see this often in visual novels/writing/art. It may seem 'nitpicky' to some, but it's on par with using proper pronouns and giving queer positive romances. It happening comes down to a lot of factors, but seeing such an inaccurate portrayal - and having it Accepted/Unchallenged - makes people who do it feel they've done nothing wrong. Even though it's not our jobs (research is your friend): It's up to people with our skin tones to call it out and speak on it - or it'll never be rectified.

I fell in love with Maja's character the moment I saw her (she's quite Literally the reason I decided to play this), so I Def want her to be portrayed as accurately as possible! <3

Just purchased/binged all the way to latest chappie aiming for Maja -- and I'm HOOKED. Chap. 4 felt waaaay too short(in the best way)! You totes destroyed my MC's worldviews and kissed it better with being able to officially start romance. Sneaky. lol

One thing I desperately wanted to mention since a Lot of creatives do it perhaps being unaware or just 'one size fits all'-ing it (and it's a Major turn-off): There are a few lines where the MC says they 'see' Maja blushing. Thank God you all had the decency to not paint stock 'rosy flush' on her sprite as that would be Incredibly Inaccurate, but a person of her skin tone wouldn't show a flush. This is coming from a person with similar skin tone (actually a shade or two lighter and my blushes aren't visible). That doesn't mean they don't happen - MC could touch her cheeks/skin or be near enough to her face to feel the heat there. Beyond that, there's myriad cues in body language to convey embarrassment or bashfulness without needing to 'see' a blush. Just takes a little extra creativity. ;)

Hopefully this is taken as constructive criticism as this game, thus far, is truly promising with So MUCH inclusion that I'd hate to see immersion breaking, unrelatable factors like this ruin it.

...Damn. You're telling me I FINALLY get a redhead I wanna Smooch and you won't let my Traveler get in? *SIGHS* ...You sure? I'd happily exchange Vexx for Alisa - he's not that banged up and I have my reciept.  XD

In all seriousness: EPIC chapter - wow! It felt so long and satisfying -- you all Truly outdid yourselves! Brava! Hope affected team member's feeling better now!

You only get *THAT* after chapter 7. ;)

Also finished Emer's chap 6 and I'm SCREAMING from how Soft she's getting. SO SOF... That's Tsundere done Right, dangit. But the DRAMA! *sigh* These strong, cold Neptune womens will be the DEATH of me. XD And MORE CLIFFS? *slaps you, but with love*


I Love you for it, though - can't even complain. What A TWIST for Selena's route. You did Really well interweaving past/present content in a way that gave the biggest BANG Factor for the reveal. *claps* FYI: there are scenes where Selena's name is 'Selene' in game - I caught it when they were in Helios' home.

But srsly - you gave me GENIUNE SELENA SMILE(TM) AND PASSIONATE KISS(that didn't feel cray inapprops given the situation). This is my Happy Place~ <3

*Sighs* Oh Selena... Were you EVER able to be a child? She looks Cold even here. *hugs her close*

Firstly: Thank you SO MUCH for your Hard Work and Dedication! Especially when listening to your fanbase! <3 But what I respect More is that, while changes were implemented, you're all sticking with your decisions as they'll be expounded upon in further episodes. I think any '3' is hard when you have mulitple chapters, episodes, books etc. of something; it's one of those weird in-between stages that usually Needs to set things up for future happenings and, because of that, tends to risk feeling too much like an info dump.

Like others, I didn't have a problem with Episode 3 - I found it fairly well balanced between what we needed to know and how the Traveler dealt with it. Sure, there could have been More exposition on the MC's world falling apart, but that prevents progression and it can also be linked to pure - Shock. When you don't know how to handle things, Emotionally, that are too big for you, sometimes it's Best to just keep moving until you *CAN*. I thought adding qualifiers (like making a Traveler more Emotional for ex.) was a nice touch to meet those concerns. I certainly felt a more emotional MC vs. a Determined one had more 'Oh Gosh...I'm so Overwhelmed' moments.

I think what people mostly wanted (specifically those who went for June, for example) was the ability to have MC react accordingly and Most noticeably to their LI's views. Say, a Determined Traveler who was able to keep their cool through all the other crew's opinions/stories, but fell apart during (using the same example) June's. Because it Hurt deeper. While I find the choice to skip certain backstories nice for those who found it repetitive, I personally thought it was each crew member's way of showing a kind of empathy toward MC. Traveler (forcefully) regains some memories of who they were and might not know how to deal. So crew (who's clearly starting to accept them) gives their own stories to show they're not alone. That it can be Reciprocal.

What I'm hoping for more than anything, is to see in future episodes how Past MC and Present MC will be consolidated. Just an episode ago, they had No Idea who they were, none of this Mattered to them -- is it really that easy to disassociate with who they were becoming past-free? It seems you're all are eager to tackle that, so I'm excited to see that progression! Again, Thanks and looking forward to 4!

It makes us happy to hear you notice and appreciate the little details in the game! <-- THIS. Know it was a long read, but I always try to give commentary/FB (ESSAYS) like I'd want on my own stuff. ;) This game was Def deserving. Additionally: While I may not know as much on Hong Kong as others (beyond what I read - and what is that really?) or have a personal connection, that sense of Uncertainty that pervaded as a central theme still Translated given our own times right now. Where a lot of Us don't know what will happen next week, let alone next month. That was Powerful; it felt like this game was made for This Moment. Give all the pats on backs.

Thank you for well wishes/cheers as well! Want All my Creatives to WIN. <3 Can't wait for your next hit!

So, it's always a Risk - right? When you set your sights(and hopes) on a vn with predetermined MC and LI who you might not like - or they come across as shallow. But I'm Truly Glad I gave this one a go.

I came across you all and this game entirely by chance and was enamored by all the RESEARCH I saw put into it. There was a real Depth of Feeling - a Poignant Desire to express something Specific. Playing and completing A Summer's End; I feel you achieved what you were going for: Something Authentic; something Real. Something Raw and Painful and Wise.

I admit, the story started a bit slow in my mind - it started like every story. That's not a bad thing - but it didn't really catch Fire for me until Michelle and Sam met and starting bouncing off each other. Making those sparks. I don't know how others felt, but I LIKED that Michelle had this '...and - Why are you talking to me? Shoo.' vibe when they first met. I like when fated pairings start off bumpy like that. It shows they have no idea they're going to get together.

Honestly: Michelle was my baby - I felt so Mama proud with her life choices. There was something so Precious in seeing her Growth. She WASN'T Perfect - she F-ed up multiple times - but I RESPECTED she OWNED IT. She knew when she hurt Sam, she knew when she wasn't being True to herself - and while Denial reared its Ugly head more than a few times - she Always Acknowledged where/when she fell short. And Committed to being better. Even if it took a few times. Adored those FUN, RANDOM Feisty choices you could make as well (i.e. 'I'll take your CHAMPAGNE AND YOUR TEQUILA SUNRISE'). It made Michelle such a full-bodied flavor. I also appreciated she could stay True to herself in said choices; it seemed like I got the 'Good' ending even though, quite often, Michelle didn't like what Sam liked. I wasn't pandering for this character to love me, choosing what I thought THEY would want to make the relationship work. Respect.

Sam, tho - SAAAAAAM. (Young Sam can GET IT, btw - OOF~ <3) Speaking of, FAVORITE MOMENT of the game was when I saw that Rewind and then we got SAM'S POV. I - SCREAMED, hunny. I wanted to know her feelings SO HARD. And you pulled it off! It's not easy writing the same scenes over -- even with a new person's perspective -- but you gave just Enough without it being repetitive or overbearing. I feel like a Lot of these games Focus on the 'Michelles', the ones who are having existential crises over their sexuality. Not that it isn't important: But what about the Sams who found out on their own, who embraced it - who found their own Paths? Who Live their Truth. I loved Rewind because I got to see her Struggle; *That* was when she became Human to me. Not just this smiling, charming LI. There was so much behind that smile - Sam Hurt too - and while I would've Loved to have seen More of her Pain, I felt like you didn't make it so much about MICHELLE, that Sam wasn't lost. Also loved her friendship with Cecilia - FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS, AMIRITE?

The MOTHER. *Sighs* It never ceases to Amaze me how 'Mother' can cross cultural lines. The DISAPPOINTMENT. The GUILT. How they can precisely and effectively cut you down where you're weakest because they KNOW. In the end: I think we all just want our parents to be proud of us. A daughter and mother's relationship is one of the most complicated things in this world -- and you portrayed it with Vivid Realism. It was Painful. It was Hard. When Michelle finally got to 'I can't live my life for my parents' realization - PHEW. One of the Hardest Lessons to Learn; but so Worth It.

Jeffy-Jamie-Joey -- Bless Him: I Could Not STAND HIS FACE. Every time he talked, I just - GAH. I appreciate you didn't make him 'THE MAN' (though, in some ways he was), the 'VILLAIN'. He could only be himself. Still: Kick Rocks, Joey.

Also - can I just say THANK YOU for Adult patch? Like - I GET IT. I think it should Always be a choice, but I am a personal HATER of 'fade to black'. And playing Both with and without it, I found the story lacking Without. It wasn't as DEEP. Having Tasteful, non-Vulgar scenes doesn't mean CENSURE. Doesn't mean it can't be SEXY. Two women together are as beautiful as any other and it NEEDS to be shown. So, I STAN. So Proud of you for doing it.

All in All: Glad I paid for this. Glad I *Supported* this. Loved the Aesthetic, Loved the Music(GOSH - THE MUSIC). LOVED the OUTFITS! And that when a character DID something (like removed a scarf and gave it to blah) YOU SAW IT. The Sprites CHANGED. That's a small detail that's HUGE to me. Biggest Compliment I can give Any other Creative is that experiencing your work made me create as well. It made me *Think*; it got the juices flowing. I'm Very Picky about what I consume, so that's A LOT. Fabulous Job, OB. Keep living *YOUR* Truth.

*Prepares the ice cream/hug cart for ALL Travelers* All Are Welcome <3

*To the Vexx Lovers who were HYPED* ...Hey. You okay? You want some ice cream?  You want a hug? Yeeaah...Let's go get you that hug.

We Made It, Comrades

Thank you!! Btw: Updated to the latest version and I'm still seeing Bash's sprite malfunction during that scene. :/

So, I hope this review is taken with a grain of salt - certainly no bashing here, but just, what I hope, is a healthy critique. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen *MORE* player reactions on this DLC given Anticipation Factor (TM) - but maybe they're on your other sm pages and I'm just not aware. Long Post is LONG, btw. Idk about you all, but I ADORE lengthy (meaningful) reviews. I'll also try to keep spoilers to a min <3

H'okay~ First: I Need to congratulate you ALL - this wasn't easy sequence-wise and I also did see there were setbacks with getting this installment released when it did. I think the Biggest obstacle to overcome here is doing a V-day DLC with only 2 chapters out in the main game. I know while playing SCL, I constantly got this feeling things were being held back. 'Oh - we can't go this far because they haven't had their first Legit kiss yet', 'Crap - we can't show this detail because relevant later on/spoilers'. So I sincerely applaud Effort to give us essentially 'Date Night' within a very restrictive sphere (i.e. I feel this would have been a VERY different DLC released after chapters 4 or 6 for example). All that kept in mind with Baby Traveler only knowing the crew for a few weeks at this point, what you've presented is quite solid -- a moment where we get to hang out with the person they're becoming interested in/attracted to a little bit more.

I admit, I was a touch disappointed with the overall plot. Given the description, I honestly thought it was going to be something either 1) A bit more serious or B) A little less mundane? I mean, definitely cutesy and I know this is essentially the FAN SERVICE (also TM), but I was hoping for a bit more Meaning behind the reason you were 'against the clock'. I truly think you could have done Well without the pretense and just presented it as a night on the town/Traveler was getting stir crazy in ship she/he/they woke up on--wanted to explore--[insert crew member here] wouldn't let them go alone. While the Festival itself was Definitely a vehicle to propel the story forward, I felt like it wasn't truly explored deeply enough to be something 'Memorable'. Again - Challenge. I know this was a DLC set to be a purchased bonus, but if Not played, main game players wouldn鈥檛 feel like they missed out on something significant. Still: I felt it could have been a little bit more Weighty given there was a cost attached.

Secondly, I played through all the routes(just to make sure this was Fair) and felt they were fairly short, using a lot of the same common lines until reaching--[this part is different because you're with this character] bit. There were some Nice moments, and quite a few left me smiling/chuckling, but it got a bit tedious to play after the first character 'date' when the mystique was no longer new. Personally thought Ayame's was the most subdued compared to all the others and I don't know if that's because you all were like 'OMGEE - how are we EVEN going to get this lil FIRECRACKER from MAKING OUT with PC IMMEDIATELY?!?' or something else, but there were moments I felt she was out of character because she, perhaps, challenged the very Limited realm of this DLC too much. Even little additions (like a certain floral accessory) would have added a touch of realism and really Deepened the mood/made me feel like I/Traveler was *IN* it.

All in all - I don't regret paying for SCL and I Truly, TRULY think everyone did a great job considering time limit and overall narrative restrictions. Getting new music and CGS were Awesome - though I can't deny (REALLY)hoping for a CG of end event before getting back on ship. You know the one. It would have been nice to see Crush as our Traveler did~ *wistful sigh* Naturally, gotta end with a big ol' THANK YOU. You didn't have to create anything at all - so I'm quite grateful I got to experience this/you care enough about fans to create something like this. Considering the very Real challenges here, you should be Proud. You're all Amazing at what you do and I'm very much looking forward to future DLCs (if any) in addition to MS chapters. :)


Yaaaaasss Festival DLC~ 'You're on the clock to get it done' ...Getting lady loves into bed? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Tomorrow, right? This is coming out at Midnight? Great - see you in 5 hours.

Thank you! I actually did do that last and it worked for me - appreciate the tip. Hopefully others who have the same issue will get to this result much faster now. haha


Okay, so I INHALED both episodes and - My GOODNESS - the Characters. So GOOD. Aya and Ryona are Everything - like BEST DILEMMA in choosing who my Baby Amnesia will romance First. They'll be the Death of her, I'm sure -- but in Best Way. Art (backround/character design) and music are also Epic - I'm amazed by the overall Quality I'm seeing here. So Excited about V-day announcement, btw - TAKE MY MONEY

Was excited to see demo back out - but, Unfortunately, it still doesn't seem to work with the latest Mac OS. Will there eventually be a playable demo for Catalina users? Would really love to support this.

YES!! So glad to see! I was really Worried when you mentioned the funding collection lag, so to see the 2 stretch goals reached (and Safe) is a real Relief. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e Happy now as well finally knowing. :) Thanks for the update! Let the Awesome begin~

Any update regarding the Kickstarter fund situation? Being the end of another week, I was hoping for some good news/more(ALL)of the pledged funds being accounted for.

From what I鈥檝e read, total fluctuation is normal This close to the end date; people backing out who can鈥檛 commit before they鈥檙e charged. *shrugs* Such is Life. But it was VERY Frustrating seeing that # going up and down being so Close to 2nd goal.

Anything can Happen in less than 24 hours - but I feel the total will only go up from here. Last chances have a way of Motivating people. ;)