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That IS consolation -- my friend who I got *JUST* as addicted to 'Rose' loves Charlotte, so SHE'S GONNA FREAK knowing that route's open now~ ^^

Fair on shows of affection(and I can't rightly Complain since you're saying there will be 'lots' - YAY~) -- it'll also make the CG we get far more Coveted. No Pressure. ;P

I'd be happy to send in typos! (Aforementioned)Friend and I are currently playing a game that has AMAZING Writing -- but the Editing job SUCKED. And it's such a SHAME. Anything I can do to help 'Thorns' shine/the work you've all done its most Awesome, I'm happy to. Let me know if you need a Proofreader for final version as well!

*(Also forgot to mention earlier with Sofia's demo route)How SHOOKETH I was that a certain Mama didn't know the True Nature of a certain couple's relationship. *Plays Theme of 'My Fair Lesbians'* LOOKS LIKE THERE MIGHT BE MORE DRAMA HERE THAN IN THE WAR