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Really cool! Played it on Windows and everything worked fine for me. BG music was a good choice, sound effects were nice, and the lighting was done very well.

Thanks so much for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it :)

The music took a while to compose, because I was going for something I could easily work into the other scenes outside of the gameplay.  Good to hear that what I came up with worked lol.  If you need SFX like what I used, Audioblocks is a great resource (that's where I got mine), that and the incomparable FreeSound

The lighting was really tricky also, as I had to get just the right fall-off and couldn't use the built-in lighting.  If I ever bring this to 3D that will be easier.

All that said, what did you think of the gameplay in terms of fun factor and difficulty?


I haven't messed with a lot of lighting in 2d. You couldn't use the default lighting because of it's limitations? I had fun playing the game, that's for sure. The difficulty was average I would say. Depending on what room you were in sometimes it was too easy because the AI awareness was set to too small of a radius. I would experiment more with that maybe, but it's truly personal preference there :)

Yeah I was trying to get the dedicated "2D Light" node provided by Godot to work in a 3/4 perspective, as is the final product. However it looks like it's meant for directly overhead top-down views.  So, I had to wing it by using another type of 2D texture light and overlaying that to get the effect I was looking for (with the light "shining through" objects).  If you or anyone's used Godot and has tips for that I'm all ears haha.

Glad to hear the fun was there, but also that it was too easy sometimes.  The difficulty was a concern of mine going into the final stretch as I was running out of time to fine-tune, so it definitely could use some improvement there.  Same with level layouts to compensate.  Thanks for that feedback :)