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Hah no I have not messed around a lot with the 2D Light node in Godot. I'm sure others have ran into your issue as well though and there might be some help on the official forums. Glad to help :)

Hmm. It seems to always use my furthest left monitor no matter which monitor was the last one used. Not sure exactly how it's even doing that. By default applications use the Main monitor (even with Godots default settings). Maybe you have some fullscreen custom logic set up somewhere that's picking a monitor? 

Thanks for this new build :) Working now for Windows 7.

The new build works now! Thanks, it seems to launch in a different Monitor than the default Main Monitor though. Not sure if there is a way to change that. I dont see it in options. I could maybe force it to the Main Monitor via some hacky things in Windows. Not sure if you've tested with 2 or 3 monitors. Not a big deal though as now the game is playable! Thanks!

Hello, I've installed that Package and verified that the game still continue to crash on launch.

I haven't messed with a lot of lighting in 2d. You couldn't use the default lighting because of it's limitations? I had fun playing the game, that's for sure. The difficulty was average I would say. Depending on what room you were in sometimes it was too easy because the AI awareness was set to too small of a radius. I would experiment more with that maybe, but it's truly personal preference there :)

windows 7. 

Hello -

There seems to be an issue where the game crashed and leaves you with a VCRUNTIME140D.dll error. Says its missing from my computer. Might be reliant on some Service Pack of Windows that I might now have, 

The bug is still present. I still experience a crash on respawn. 

Don't know if this is still relevant but I had no problem running this in Chrome

Hey, I enjoyed playing your Pong game. Would like to see it implemented with 1 player mode available. I like the particle effects a lot though. Gives me some ideas for a current Pong game I am working on. 

This is a very cool camera system. Really enjoyed it. The graphics are awesome as well. Love the color palette. Cool concept. 

Really cool! Played it on Windows and everything worked fine for me. BG music was a good choice, sound effects were nice, and the lighting was done very well.

I really enjoyed the game. Saw your video on youtube which was presented really well. Ended up playing this game for a while lol