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Yep been meaning to ask them about some of the issues, just been so busy on my end haha.

Yes, I'm planning to make a prequel-sequel type of thing with similar mechanics, and with the other characters being playable.  Camera perspective might also go behind the shoulder to show off Godot's 3D features, but I haven't decided yet lol.  I feel like I might be able to also pull that off from the 3/4 perspective it's in now, we'll see :)

I'd like a taste of 3D Godot also!  I've seen some examples though, like or the new official 3D demo, but haven't seen much in the way of 3D Zelda or the like.  That would be closest to what I'm doing I think. 

I have another 3D Godot game I'm making to work on mechanics for a larger project, but after that I might start up the prequel-sequel so stay tuned for that!  :)

Well, maybe I should have been more accurate, I meant I want to experiment a fun 3D game made with Godot!

I'm not exactly thrilled by the perspective of managing a logistics company. :-3

But the third person shooter demo looks promising, it looks like I didn't overestimate Godot, its potential is really amazing! :-D

You are the one who will show off Godot's potential for 3D action-adventure games so make sure to use it asap! ;-3