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In the json format, what parameter is determining whether a door is a front or back door?
Also just a note for you, because in your json file the notes are named "ref", it means the notes part of the json file cannot be read within unity without renaming it before parsing it through, as there is an inbuilt parameter in C# called ref that you cannot override.
Loving the project!

  • There is no explicit way to distinguish front and rear entrances in json: they are both "stairs" ("type": 3). In most case they are situated in different rooms and it is possible to check which room's description  contains "rear entrance" as a substring. Probably I should introduce a separate door type for back doors.
  • That's unfortunate, but I guess (i.e. I hope) it's not too hard to replace all "ref"s with something else before passing json code to the parser.



Nice work watabou. This is a cool update. 

I'd like to +1 the request for naming the different doors. That means as a game designer I can use them with more deliberate intent. 

Also numbering the rooms e.g. room 1, room 2, room 3 in the JSON would be would be a huge win for me. That way I can programatically do what you're doing in this image and use the custom notes feature to write about each of digital dungeon in my campaign. Pretty please ;) 

If you right-click & choose "Notes Mode" from the drop-down menu, you can change the map so it only displays room numbers


Would have to go an extra step to replace all "ref" using C# with the Unity engine, as to parse the json file I have to use a custom class that matches all of the naming conventions, which I can't since I can't name anything "ref" in c#. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I can't replace "ref" because that would break compatibility with applications supporting the current format. I can duplicate it with another attribute ("symbol"?) if it helps.


I suspected that wouldn't be possible, yeah duplicating it would be a good work around that problem, sorry to be a pain with it all