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I'd be happy to chip in something $$$ as well.

I double this list. I reckon it'd be swell to make a game like Celeste using this asset pack - but I think without a few more things its hard to make a complete game.

I would add a few more NPC character / baddies. A bat? Or a hound? more things to hurt you.

I can't DM you. Can you please follow @danmilward :)

Hello. I've messaged you a few times previously (6 months ago). Can we please work together to integrate this with our platform Gamefroot. Can I email you or DM you on twitter? I'd love to have a chat.

In other news... thanks for the update. It's swell!!!

Mostly yes. Our users are kids learning  game dev and it's hard for them to understand what 'a good level' is. This shows them and gets them thinking about spatial design and level design.

And its just cool!

This is awesome. I run a level editor called Gamefroot. Why don't we put these assets into Gamefroot and run an Itch Game Jam? We could even throw in a small cash prize in you're interested?

Hello. I’m wondering whether you’re any closer to releasing the source code. I’d like to integrate it into our game builder Gamefroot 🙏

This is beautiful. Well done :)

Are you any closer to releasing the source code. As its running in the browser, is it javascript?

Im loving it too.

Just putting in out there for the universe... my next big wish for this is a couple of female hero characters. One at least :)

 And then maybe in the future it'd be an outside theme :)

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As a paying customer and loving fan I would 100% vote for this. Especially if the next tileset is also compatible with this one and the dungeon tileset. There are so many artists on Itch that do a little bit of this and a little bit of that - making it very hard to make a game with say an inside AND an outside (who'd do such a thing?!?!?!).

The other thing that might be nice with these three sets is to draw more objects / enemies, girl characters... 

Either way well done. You've done another spectacular job :)

How is this coming along? Can't wait to see the update :)

Do you have any plans to release player sprite sheet or add enemy sprites / NPCs and collectable items? I'd love to use this to teach kids how to make a game like spelunky but there's not enough there currently. 

That said, love your work, it's a great looking set :-)

A couple of keys and matching doors would also be nice :)

After this I’d love to see an optional female hero player character.

Also. A thought. The Knight looks like a good Knight not an evil Knight. Just to be clear... I love the art though! 

I also think adding secondary player sprite would is important for female game developers. So I'd advocate for  a girl / female playable sprite. This would be so freaking cool my head would explode. 

I agree with the skeletons, rats and wizards to fight. This would be cool.