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Pixel Platformer Asset Pack

A collection of platformer assets and animations to get any game developer up and runnning · By Moose Stache

what other sprites do you plan to add?

A topic by RetroPixelGames created Aug 03, 2018 Views: 311 Replies: 9
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what other sprites do you plan to add?


Were planning to add new tilemaps , sprites and animations regularly, to start off with were adding a new forest tilemap and shopkeeper sprite hopefully in the next couple of days, heres a preview of the shopkeeper everything you see here from pick ups to ui  and animations will be added.

Would love if you added skeletons, rats and wizards to fight :)

I agree with the skeletons, rats and wizards to fight. This would be cool. 

I also think adding secondary player sprite would is important for female game developers. So I'd advocate for  a girl / female playable sprite. This would be so freaking cool my head would explode. 

Also. A thought. The Knight looks like a good Knight not an evil Knight. Just to be clear... I love the art though! 

we are all on the same page then... skeletons, rats, wizards to fight and I'm buying this set! :)

After this I’d love to see an optional female hero player character.

A couple of keys and matching doors would also be nice :)

How is this coming along? Can't wait to see the update :)