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I will give you 5 stars if you add it. 

How did you do the sound effects for the voices? cheers!

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Awesome. Purchased.  Could you please add crawling animation? That each variant crawls towards the player? THANKS!

Can you please make a wizard with a robe, magic? thanks!

Lovely. Can you do more huge enemies boss types such as : Demon/Devil, Spider, Lion, or even humanoids in the same art style/animation?

Could you add more buildings and neon signs? I will buy it then. Also, a character with a gun, cyborg... like I bought your MAGE art.

Thank-you so much Yal! :)

does this include the archer with shooting animation?

Could you tell me how you did the glitch and zoom in and out effect for the thumbnails? Thanks!

Could you please implement this for people who bought this? Like me :)

are you available for commissioned work?

Could I commission you to make an additional extension to this set for a private game? What is your contact information. Thanks.

Still waiting for this rolling feature to be added... thanks... I noticed an update but you were just adjusting the price. More features = more sales.

Please do and thanks :)

Could you update for 8 direction shooting and movement of the sprites? Thanks

Never mind, I googled that this was an extension package, so I just imported it all.   I have been looking for something like for awhile - please add these features onto the road map:

Left click to shoot and right click to move in all directions

Rolling to dodge incoming fire or enemies (evade getting hit)


I bought this but the file name is not GMZ but GMEZ and it doesn't properly import, saying its a blank project. What gives? please help. thanks.

Please change the theme to more CYBERPUNK and I will buy it instantly. Like cyberpunk neon signs, buildings, skyies. Come on, don't waste your time on space sci-fi...

1) Treasure chests opened, half open with gold, and closed

2) Piles of jewels, gold, like little and big mountains to put in the dungeon as loot

3) Skeletons in chains from prior prisoners

4) doors that open and close

More gladiators please :)

what are you programming these games so quickly in?

any chance the source code could be released? cheers!

Awesome. Thank-you!

could you make a meat on bone food sprite? cheers!

Please add a fall/autumn variant (just before winter) with falling leaves sprites. Cheers!

Could you update the sprites to add variants of this? Thanks so much in advance!

Great paid a small amount for this as you implemented my suggestion. Could you add different style of Gladiators? With one arm metal Armour, with nets, with tridents, etc.

Any chance that you will post the CAPX file for this to learn from? Cheers

The Island community · Created a new topic Source code?

Willing to buy this source code for learning, as a template. Thanks

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Could you make a cyberpunk theme in this art style? I would grab it in a second!

Looks great but the sprites are  incongruent  with your arena art - the arena is more for gladiators.  Consequently,  could you please make two different types of gladiators? It would fit with your arena. Cheers!

Amazing, do you do work for hire? cheers

I would want to see the code!

Gamemaker code?

You asked previously what to make, so definitely make a bullet/time slow down and speed up example like SuperHot.

Could you put up a Superhot style engine in the 2d side scroller perspective? I would buy it :)

Awesome... looking forward to seeing the duck/injury/shooting ducked animations :)

Could we have a sample or overview (heavily watermarked of course) of all the monsters? Could we also have the same of one complete animation? Thanks.

Why haven't you made the character face the direction his arms are facing? He is currently moving his arms backwards while facing forward in an unnatural way.