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fantastic work! We need to make a whole set for my game! Cheers

any chance you could add snow plow pickup trucks (just trucks with a plow fitted in the front), snow tiles and homes in this voxel style?

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You are an amazing and incredible artist duo. Thank you kindly for making all this art available for free to download. You are the unsung heroes for 2023!

THANK YOU A++ Just purchased!


Unfortunately, you have disabled messaging on fiverr so I can't reach out to you :(

Any chance you could release the cap?

What is your fifth name? can't find you under alba_pixel

Please add more vehicles and environments, and a enemy captain with bullet proof vest boss (top down art) for the 1944 commando art pack please!

This one exactly. Here is the model that you can use as a basis (easier than emailing you directly for now):

Gosh, it looks like I can finish a prototype Gladiator game with these. All I need is a fish net and hook, a golden helmet, and some lions.

any chance you could open source this? cheers~

Hi Dietzribi, Could you reupload the GMZ for the Space Hummus game, which you did awhile ago? I would love to see it and learn how you did the planet movements and platforming. I hope to hear from you!

Hi Dietzribi, you uploaded the gmz awhile back. Would love to see it and learn how you did the planet movements and platforming. Hope to hear from you!

great stuff. I will get back to you on discord on the other project but for this one, you need to make punks for robo to shoot at ;)

I have a base model that you can use to speed things up, need it edited and added for animations, hair update etc. Let me know

Perfect if you can make him look more like Arnold than Rambo, but with his muscles and shirt off, hands holding animations for guns and walking, death, etc.

Thanks, friend :) can you make a version where the hands are attached to the body? I noticed it was separate for some reason and stay tuned on discord, I need your art for my top-down shooter ;)

bought for Robocop alone <3

Are you able to do a Rambo muscle shirt off variation in low poly? Willing to buy that immediately.


For November 28th would be appreciated! 

I recommend you add to this pack or a new addon pack. I need a hind helicopter boss, machine gun nest with sand bags, and under ground tunnel sprites similar to the tiles you made. Too bad you aren't on fiver, I could commission this. My game is already almost done, so need this art.

Could you consider adding the dodge roll into your 2d shooter template that I purchased? I asked for this awhile ago and would appreciate the after-market support on that feature. Cheers!

Is there a penalty for crossing over the grass or barriers? IS there any power ups (dropping oil slicks to knockout cars etc?)

Super! More female variants, sexy style and also humans barbarians like this! A++

can you add an archer variant? Super work!

the floating head looks like PUTIN haha

tunnels where the roof is off, so I can use it as tiles

Similar to this style, I need tunnels that are cut off from the roof, with sharp sticks that are traps coming from the holes on the floor.

Amazing! Vikings or ninjas like this style!

such a work of art. can you release the sprites art so someone can view it peruse it without launching the game on a emulation?

any chance for a topless variant>?

Could you please add a roll or dodge animation  (to avoid bullets?

Please do a viking like this style <3)

any chance you add a fisherman to this?

Any chance you can add a cybernetic enhanced cat or dog into the mix as a pet? Cheers!

Awesome! You added some. Perfect. Let me look if I need anything further!

fantastic work. If you add a survivor to fight them, it would be great too ;)

could you please add a mele swing with the staff attack animation? great work!