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where can I find the code to this in your github? Whats the link? cheers

Can you add khights and vikings in this style? Also need nobility, King, Queen, Princess, etc. with a jester - will buy all these from you!

can you release the source  code? cheers!

awesome! I will ask you questions when I review the new version. Cheers!

can you post the source cdoe for this? 

is this part of your open source github?

Love your jam submissions. Keep trying to learn coding and from emulating your techniques. Cheers~!

which langue or tool was this coded in? any chance you could release the code after the competition. Fun game.

could you post the post jam version GMZ as well? curious on how the changes were coded! cheers.!

can you make a viking with muscles and helmet shield axe like this style?

Another question: could you release the code to the FPS? curious how it wad done in Godot??


1) Could you release the modified FoozleCC script as his license is to keep it in public domain open source and yours is a modification of his work. It would also be helpful.

2) Which version of Godot?

Looks good and plays fun!

More in this style! thanks!

This type of asset in this art style is definitely what I need. I really would like you to expand on this by adding larger bosses and some new type of enemies in the vein of androids, cyberpunkish. Kind Regards!

Are you available for a commission, an array based inventory trading menu system similar to port royale games?

Great set. Could you add more dungeon variations and a store front, with tables and glass store front displays for displaying goods and spoils from dungeons? I would buy it.

can you do a sexy villager female or bar maid that moves and her breasts go up and down? cheers!

who is the artist? thanks

any chance you could open source this? thanks!

any chance you do a github of all your jams and games? Thanks. Want to learn from you!

Missing jester, royal advisor. 

Great set. I was looking for something to this with the addition of king, queen, royal jester, royal advisor and prince, princess.

Awesome and thanks! I will contact you on Fiverr soon for a custom game.

can you make such a shooter open source to learn engine? thanks!~

can you make this open source to learn the engine better? Thanks!

Can you do custom sprites for my FPS game on commission?

I am in need for a trading system to create my sailing commerce RPG game.  I need menus to buy goods and sell them in different towns.

Supply and demand affect prices and some goods are only available in some towns.  Some towns exclusively need some or one good.

Can you build this? I would buy it.

do it and make it open source for us!

what type of compression is the PAK file used? Is the file format open source for compression? Like ZIP?

can you make a simon quest character with a whip next?

Keep working on this. It is great. Why won't it work on Windows 11?

can you release the source? I am learning C++ and raylib

what was this coded in? congrats

whats it coded in? thanks

Could you add a king, queen, royal jester, prince and princess, including nobility to these sprites set?

can you release the source code for like $15 bucks? I would want to study it and learn from it.

I like them. Can you make a barmaid with bouncy boobs when she walks, with red yellow and brown hair version? Thanks. 

can you release the knights that you have drawn in the tiled background of your page? thanks

Yeah you could do it and it would be an undertaking. You would have to choose the most plausible consciparcy theory like ICA and Johnson, Mob and Military intelligence. ;)

source code? I want to learn how you did the effects please!