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Awesome, thanks for the update!

Could you make a cyberpunk theme in this art style? I would grab it in a second!

Looks great but the sprites are  incongruent  with your arena art - the arena is more for gladiators.  Consequently,  could you please make two different types of gladiators? It would fit with your arena. Cheers!

Amazing, do you do work for hire? cheers

I would want to see the code!

Gamemaker code?

You asked previously what to make, so definitely make a bullet/time slow down and speed up example like SuperHot.

Could you put up a Superhot style engine in the 2d side scroller perspective? I would buy it :)

Awesome... looking forward to seeing the duck/injury/shooting ducked animations :)

Could we have a sample or overview (heavily watermarked of course) of all the monsters? Could we also have the same of one complete animation? Thanks.

Why haven't you made the character face the direction his arms are facing? He is currently moving his arms backwards while facing forward in an unnatural way.

What engine did you build this with? Thanks!

Any chance for just a demo of the car skid marks? I know you are busy but nobody answered on the forums. They don't know. (

I agree with Raphael, I will only buy if you add enemies, player sprites etc.

Beautiful work. Will there be additional enemies or player sprites added?

Can you make a superhot system example?

Hey any chance you could sell the source code, even a small example of how you did this?

Could you add ducking and shooting  and duck injured/hit animations? I really love your work and this will push me to buy all your art sets.

Hi, will you release the source code for the demo as promised? Also are you still working on this wonderful art pack?

Any chance you could put out an example of how it was done? In code, it is easier to understand. Much appreciated!

I meant actually sir the skidding marks physics of the vehicles 🚗 

which program did you code these games in? I’m guessing gamemaker? Good job 👏 

What is the plugin used for Construct 2 and where can I download it please? :)

Any chance you could release the source code? I love to learn how you did the converging effect :)

is this made in gamemaker studio?

we are all on the same page then... skeletons, rats, wizards to fight and I'm buying this set! :)

Would love if you added skeletons, rats and wizards to fight :)

I was hoping you could add dynamite thrown or other projectiles that could be shot away or destroyed before they reach the player.... please add it as I'm a customer who bought this to learn from. Cheers

what other sprites do you plan to add?

Gamemaker? Any chance you could release the source code? Cheers!

thanks :)

Could you add a walking upwards downwards diagonal and shooting in those directions? Thanks (I purchased it)

Not a failure. Great stuff. More please kill goblins, orcs, thiefs, knights etc.

I just paid for this because it is high quality work. Please add Demons, Imps, Thief, Rogues, Assasins and Skeletons and I will definitely buy more ;)

Can you please add special plants that you need to seed, grow with water and then harvest for a profit on the previously mentioned market?

Thanks for this great little asset and your response.

 Prices should fluctuate for wood, rocks etc. based on supply and demand (simulated - you sold alot of wood one day, so the price of wood now is cheaper to due to an overabundance on the market and vice versa)....

Can you add a melee and projectile fighting system with baddies? 

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add simple enemies to fight with a pistol (projectile) and melee (like a bat) ...  try adding a zombie enemy that comes at night.  Day and night system would make this greater and sell hugely.

I would buy if you could please put market where you can sell and buy the raw material, where prices fluctuate.

Minotaur, Bandit, Demon, Imp,  - add these and you are golden.

Looking for enemies like in a traditional RPG - Thief, Warrior, Wizard, Mage, Rogue, Assassin.  Elf Archer,  Raider (Arab style).  Your sales would pick up for these, huge.