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any chance you could release the code? learning unity and top down shooters!@

Actually love the title cover art.. who is the artist?

can you recommend me the pixel artist you used? would wnat to make a similar metrovaina ..cheers!

any chance you could release the source? Love to learn.

Please add the traditional mythical monsters - cyclops, sirens, minatauors, medusa. I need more the RPG sprites not so much the side battlers, but that would be ok. Also I need more of the traditional greek humans and heroes - women and men villagers, old ones, Spartans, hoplytes , men with shields and swords (young adventurers),  Greek buildings with pillars, etc.

Would be very interested in buying this immediately for my game. Your art style for the sprites in  Greek setting: villagers, spartans, and traditional greek lore enemies including medusa, minator, etc.  If you add temples and pillars, buildings of Greek setting I am buying this immediately. Can we talk also privately? Your email? Cheers.

hey I am looking for ancient greek enemies and heroes, civillians in your art style. Can you release such a pack in the next few months? There is no such art pack and it would sell.

Can we use the art in our own game?

Any chance you could open source this to learn as a beginner coder. Thank-you in advance for your contribution!

AWESOME WORK! Can you add more dungeon tiles and monsters? will  buy this!

can you open source this?

Awesome,  you have a basis of a roman or greek style set. Could you make this next? I will definitely buy it! Cheers!

can you release the art files?

I would buy this as a template asset like your others. Please release it!

Awesome! I will review the video and hopefully it will answer questions. Are you available for a contract work based on this game? A small commissioned style of this game? My email is p-e-a-c-ek-e-e-p-e-r28@g m  a  i  l  dot com (remove hypen and spaces)

I need tunnels done in a modern and certain period, can I hire you for commission? Your email?

any chance you could release the code? i want to see how you did the AI!

can you do a fireball spell and explosion in this style next? its great!

Could you add royalty (King,Queen) and the court, like a jester, prince, princess, advisor, treasurer and magician?

Ah that you wanted a hardware interface tutorial through GM. If it is simple, sure. No offence to you, just think that 1UP could do bigger projects to teach not random technology.

any chance you could release the code to see how you did the ray casting and enemies?

can you add villagers and royalty - king and queen, princesses to a medieval set in this style?

It's getting ridiculous for these tech topics! Whats next? A neural net AI with A* path finding optimized to run 60fps? Why not just make a Cannon Fodder or Ikari Warrior clone as your next topic series, like some smart lad suggested????

Thanks for making this pack and listening to my suggestion! I bought it. Could you make NES tiles for a Roman villa, forum and small village in the era? I will buy that next!

Awesome, can't wait to study how you made it! Cheers

Can you make this open source?

Hey I understand chess but I don't understand the game. How are the enemies attacking with strange patters and ranges of attack? They do not seem to follow regular chess moves. Can you explain?

IS this a gamemaker game?

is this made in .yyz format? could you release the code open source? I want to learn to make an old school shooter like this! Thanks and Happy 2022!

Need someone cute and young looking with big boobs sorta like your work here:

Can you make a sexy and lewd version of a space pinup girl please next:

Looking to buy a royal court jester and royal advisor * each with face variations; could you please make these sets in SMS NES style? Also, I do need roman citizens, roman slaves, and a variations of roman emperors.  Cheers!

can you release the code to learn how the inventory system was done? cheers!

Can you make a scantly clad version and variations on this girl with different hair. features? I would buy it for $25 even then.

I need a custom girl with a spacesuit and in a pose. How much for such a commission?

Please look into SDL for sound, gif and music support for this as a priority.

how did you code the heat wave effect? Which API are you using? any chance to put this open source? Cheers.

Ok I bought this. Could you add skeleton warriors and archers please? Also, a sexy succubus female with bewbs. Would help with my game development along with the slimes with small to big king slimes.

coldrice, do you do custom games? your chart and csv skill is impressive.

awesome! Can you do some Orcs, Knights and Vikings in your style of art? Happy Halloween!