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Awesome,could you add a purple hooded wizard with a magic staff in this style? <3

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Awesome work. What is the maximum GIF file limit that can be played?

Czsec Jakub, Is there anyway you could format and rename the variables to more clearer terms in the code? I am learning PICO and how you built this great game iand the code is very cryptic (due to the optimization I bet) haha.

Knights? Mages? warriors?

Nice. Do you do commissions?

Sounds good, I appreciate your work and look forward to it. You are a great artist and thanks.

updated but still no crawling zombie


Could you sell this as a template to learn from?

any tutorials on how to change it you would suggest? also, are you still updating it? if you add that mele function, would buy it!

Please make the knight helmet and body look like this version I found on internet!

Is there a swinging or mele weapon option or is just shooting enemies?

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Please update this with 8 direction movements or even make new wizards and dungeons i will glady pay 12 USD for it:

Could you release the phaser code? I want to learn how to make a shooter like this! Cheers!

Thank you so much for doing a better version of a knight! <3 If you can do more knights in a pack like your kung fu I would buy. 

Please create animated knights, soldiers, crossbow men, medieval style!

No I mean the controller vibration :) and I love Zelda 2 lol

Just like Zelda 2 :) Can you explain how you did the rumble effect on gamemaker?

Hello could you please make more of these TDS soldier type of art? Thank-you.

source code available?

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

I will buy this. can you do more women, some tied up also in this style of art? Skimpy clothes, etc. Cheers

what is the license on the audio and sprites?

Could you add a cyber punk detective to the pack with the same animations as the cop with the gun, shooting and ducking while shooting, reloading, etc.

Could you release the blitzmax code for this? want to learn how this was done!

what was this programmed in besides lua? 

what was this coded in? thanks

I need a viking in this style, can I hire you to make it for 35$ USD? Please give me your email to discuss.

Amazing and thanks!

Could you make a princess in this animation style next? I need it. She needs to walk and jump, blow a kiss!

could you do a skeleton and goblin like this art style?

I tried the demo, I was suprised how slow the main character swings, made it feel not polished. Why is it so slow the swing or attack?

Awesome. Thanks!

Any idea when? Cheers!

I would like to see how you did the smooth platforming, animations. I don't care for the camera work. Cheers

any chance you could release the source code for learning? Cheers!

Could you make a female version with same shield sword, and also magic? Red hair?

Are you available for commission?

Can you add more gladiators? Ones with the one armoured sleeve and trident, net, helmet? I bought your pack.

Could you add a hemp/marijuana product leaf pls