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whats your email to discuss making a custom game? Cheers!

Donated! Can you add more tropical objects, moons, palms, oceans? Also next after that - space? astronauts, etc

Stefano, what is your email? I would like to commission a small game demo from you perhaps if it is feasible for both of us :)

Could you add the redneck baseball hat with mesh, and also regular ones for the type of redneck character face please? I would buy it if you did.

Please let us try out the code to learn from, or sell it for a fair price :)

Any chance you could make this open source?

Any chance you could extract the cybertruck to a .3ds or fbx model for download?


Can you do more of this type of sprites on commission? 

Is there any dungeon tiles or is this just overworld tiles?

Please add more dungeons and tiles, enemies!

love it. any other retro puzzle games you think of redoing? I have one on my mind.

Nice work! The demo is fantastic! I think I will pick this up soon.

any chance you could release the .yyz? cheers, as I always wanted to learn how to make the menu select and platformer combo!

Hey NYKNCK, could you add a snow plow truck variants and snow version of the city tiles?

awesome, can you do more versions like with more skeletons on the wall, etc?

Could you make a female that is captued and dragged by the viking?

Could you explain how you did the snow effect on the ground? Are you using Unity? Thanks! Lovely effect!

Can you do a castle and tower set in same style?> thanks!

Gorgeous! Do you commission sprites?

Now do a winter version of this.. $$

animate this set and I will buy it like you did your creatures animations set!

You rock and awesome to learn from! Thanks!

Could you provide a tutorial or course on how to setup heaps with deepnight libs? Its confusing.

could you include the yyz file?

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Can you make a viking with blond hair in this style? It would work so well for me and my game. I am talking about a viking warrior with shield and axe.

Could I commission a small time game from you?  Similar to the style or length of one of your previous entries. Would love to discuss.

I am looking for a gunsmoke ikari warrior top down engine, so would love for you to create it to sell and learn from!

Can we add our own sprites, templates, weapons etc into this tool or are we stuck with the defined sprites and accessories?

any chance for demo? interested.

Hope you release this is a template for purchase in 2021!

Please update this file pack as you add new tutorials on youtube! Thanks!

Will you try to clone the door physics or swinging logic as in the actual game in a faithful  way? 

Please build out the game, awesome idea!

add more animations to the wizard and directions!

awesome! thanks!

Could you sell this as a source code template?

Any chance you could release the gmz or yyz code? would love to see how this was done for the jam!

awesome work. Do you do commissions? I need some art in this style.

can you add a killer clown to your monsters set? this one and the one with the animation with swinging?