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Hey Cheeseness! Thank you so much for such a rich feedback <3

What a coincidence, I just released a feature freeze version yesterday with a whole month of improvements. We took especially your feedback on the live you guys made reviewing the games, and I decided to take rid of mouse inputs. This will allow so many new features later on further development cycles, that it wouldn't make sense to keep this approach from the first prototype. For example:

  • You can play the game using only game controllers now
  • Reconfig controls giving more freedom to players to set their own actions layout
  • By keeping mouse inputs, a local multiplayer would be hard to design (nearly to impossible if we'd like to keep single player mechanics)
  • So now we can add split screen multiplayer which accepts any combinations of controllers and keyboards
  • Also, it allows both co-op and versus multiplayer modes

Due to this design decision we implemented another mechanic which, besides not inovative or revolutionary, fitted the game's gameplay, and allowed for, imo, a better experience.

I mean... what am I giving my unilateral opinion xD

What about you play it when you have some time available? If you installed through's app it should be up to date already. Anyway, thank you guys for this amazing jam! It was a good opportunity to try some new approaches to gamedev and design! <3


Hi! I understand - I was aware that you'd moved away from mouse input (which has clear advantages) before I posted, but I wanted to give this judging feedback that was based on my experiences of the end of jam build and what it evoked in me since that is what I'm offering to all participants.

I plan to play the new version, but unfortunately it's going to be a while before I have time.