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Most frustrating game I've played on here so far. XD Might be a good idea to allow the player to press space whilst holding right, and to not make the floor quite so slippery? I struggled to get past the first set of jumps.

Overall, pretty good. The concept had me laughing out loud, at least.


Yeah, I've noticed that sometimes the jump key wasn't working sometimes. Do you know how to fix it? And yeah, I know the floor is really slippery lmao, I was going to change the physics material but the guy who was working on the levels said keep it so I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I appreciate you playing our game SO MUCH. Glad you enjoyed.

I couldn't really say how to fix it without looking at the code, but maybe you have an if-else somewhere for checking the keypresses? 

Like if(right){...} else if (space) {...} ?

If so, it might be good to move the if(space) out completely.

Let me know if you get something right?


Aight, will do, but it might be a while, I'm not gonna touch the game for a while, I need a break from Unity (I'm totally not 3 days late lmao)