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thanks m8

Papa bless, thank you. I was thinking about maybe finishing in this summer

Aight, will do, but it might be a while, I'm not gonna touch the game for a while, I need a break from Unity (I'm totally not 3 days late lmao)

Dude, originally, that was the plan. The end game would be in Valve HQ and GabeN would have a massive 100% off hammer

Hey, thanks man, I really appreciate you playing our game. And about the sales... sometimes you just have to accept you can't catch em all... and also that they will probably be on sale again for even more in a few months :P

Yeah, I've noticed that sometimes the jump key wasn't working sometimes. Do you know how to fix it? And yeah, I know the floor is really slippery lmao, I was going to change the physics material but the guy who was working on the levels said keep it so I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I appreciate you playing our game SO MUCH. Glad you enjoyed.

XD stillbetterthannomanssky

Absolutely amazing art

Yee, of course, it was fun! 

Some say the triangle of ducks are still dancing to this day...

Guns don't kill people. They kill ducks and ducks kill guns.

Came across this too ^^

I love the combat and strategy!

The game revolves around different weapon types, and the enemy duck that wields them, the combat system was actually really well polished, and I enjoyed dodging bullets, and hammering evil ducks. NEVER BEFORE HAVE I SEEN A GAME THAT FOCUSES ON GETTING YOUR ENEMIES TO FIGHT EACH OTHER. I love it! There's a lot you could do with this concept.

Combat system: 10/10

Some recommendations:

  • More sounds would be nice
  • Display ammo

Great game, there's a lot you could work with if you want to continue working on this :D

Ayyyyyy. That means a lot to my team and I. XD

You have a lot of valid observations, and believe me, they all have reasons behind them.

  • Mechanical Depth: When the game is complete we plan on making some sort of tutorial to help players understand how to react. The melee is pretty under powered at the moment and so we want it to be able to reflect projectiles in the future.
  • Art: probably my fault, choosing the colors for the 32-bit color palette
  • Upgrade notifications: During development, those were supposed to be place holders for a full on GUI crafting menu. This was our first game as you've read, so we really over estimated how long it'd take us. In a little time, those upgrade notifications will disappear entirely. They are a but annoying lol
  • Font: Excellent point, we should change it
  • Middle mouse: I've known this pain back from my Minecraft days, so you've also got a point there. Just need to figure out which key it should be.


I don't know, sorry :P

Same problem as BoarFrog

Nice game play, fun concept, stuck with the game jam theme pretty well, ACTUALLY had a start screen and upgrade menu. Well done. The jump upgrade... that just kind of leaves me questioning because it doesn't really help too much, and is more of a burden if you upgrade it too much. This game would have heavily benefited from sound of sometime, otherwise, fun game, nice and polished.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that this game is in a .rar file? Art was pretty darn awesome, everything else was just okay though, but that's probably just a result of not having time.

Short, fun, laughed my ass off. It did indeed feel very polished as BoarFrog said

I played a bit of your game, it really creates a sort of eerie style that combines combat, movement, and mazes, it's unique, I like it. It was a little frustrating to fall and immediately get hit by an enemy and have to restart, but I guess that was partially my fault :D.