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Hey, there is a chance that this pack will be back for sale?

This back should be accessible to anybody who is a Patron at $5 or more.


I'm a patron at the $10 level, yet I received no download key nor can I find one. The link on your Patreon page just brings me back here. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me if you can, because I was really looking forward to using those centaurs. :


This is an old post now, but for anyone else having this problem:

-login to the patreon page
-click "My Membership"
-expand the welcome post
-click "Mythical Monsters Patron Access on"
-click "Connect with Patreon" on the itch page and "Allow"
-click "Download"

It's a little confusing because he has two different links for each set, one links here and the other to download page.