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This is an old post now, but for anyone else having this problem:

-login to the patreon page
-click "My Membership"
-expand the welcome post
-click "Mythical Monsters Patron Access on"
-click "Connect with Patreon" on the itch page and "Allow"
-click "Download"

It's a little confusing because he has two different links for each set, one links here and the other to download page.

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Not sure if you intend to keep working on this game. I find it quite entertaining and have played through a number of times now.

I find the early game is much more fun than the late game as the game moves more quickly.  A few easy changes could allow the game to play more smoothly as you increase the number of your islands:

- move the updates from the top left corner to appear above the islands (perhaps remove them once the island is selected so that they don't obscure the playing field, battle indicators could probably fade away after a few seconds as you already have the animation to indicate to the player that the battle happened.)

- some indicator that an island is idle (unless there is no available upgrades and already a flotilla)

-an indicator that the island has reached max population (mostly just important when there is already a flotilla, so maybe indicate with the flotilla)

A few other small changes that I think would improve the game, though may not match your vision

- tween ships after each turn rather than just changing their positions.
[Edit: Oops, just realized you do tween the ships. It's pretty fast and they are deleted early when attacking an island.]

- when possible, automatically start on a flotilla if no building upgrade has been selected (this would also help speed up late game)

-add a tech upgrade that allows queuing upgrades

- don't immediately kill extra migrants when it exceeds the population capacity of the island. Maybe, remove some each turn (perhaps as a function of how far over capacity the island is?) Or perhaps put the flotilla in the harbor with the extra migrants. This might make distant islands more useful as well.

-because upgrades and population growth are both dependent on current population size, small sized islands are dramatically under-powered. The workshop does a little to help balance this, but they remain deeply handicapped. Starting out next to only small islands can make the game pretty much unbeatable; conversely starting out near large islands can rob the game of most of its challenge. It's nice that each game is different, but it feels a little too extreme. I'm not really sure what the best solution to this would be, perhaps you could deal with it during island generation. Maybe you could make islands exist in little clusters that usually have at least one large island and several small ones to spread them out more evenly over the map. Perhaps there could be some mutually exclusive upgrades that help regardless of population size, for example instead of building a storehouse maybe you could build a blacksmith that would increase the fighting strength of your troops. In this way, on large islands it might be wise to build a storehouse,  but on small islands you could build a blacksmith. Maybe a lighthouse instead of a shipyard that increases the view distance of that island (and/or gives information about the destination of enemy ships)? If you add this, it might be a good idea to allow the deconstruction of upgrades.

-perhaps allow a few more starting teams?

A couple bugs I've noticed

- When a ship is going to attack an island on the turn, but the island becomes captured before the ship can attack, the ship becomes stuck and simply sits at the island's harbor for the rest of the game. If the ship is en route to the island when the island is captured, there is no problem.

- Less annoying bug, when you have an  island selected, and reinforcements arrive the population display isn't updated until you click away and click back.

-A couple of times I've encountered a problem where the progress bar for building a flotilla doesn't update, but I don't know how to reproduce it.

[Edit: -when holding shift, and clicking next turn, the info isn't updated. For example, if an outpost is completed.]

Again, very nice game. You have done a good job.

Went through the past few days of bugs. Most of my bugs have been noted by others. But there's a few that I didn't see mentioned.

1) Rapidly inserting items into the recycler makes them invisibly stack in front of it. The bots notice them and can pick them up and restore them.  Or saving and loading will restore them.

1b) Placing a bot that is holding items into the recycler permanently deletes the items he is holding.

2) I saw a post about cereal crops that get stuck. But I have it happen with trees as well, didn't see anyone mention this. Can't interact with it. Saving and Loading causes the stuck trees to become invisible. I'm not sure how to reproduce this but it seems to happen when you or the bot doesn't finish harvesting the tree. (I did get some buggy behavior trying to recreate this one, telling the bot to stop chopping the tree when he is in the middle and trying to pick him up. He would get caught in a loop chopping the tree until you tell him to stop.) I saw this in occur in a YouTube let's play of it, so it's probably pretty common, I can get you the video and time stamp if interested.

3) Quasi-bug: some weird scripting stuff that's not intuitive. For instance if you teach to get something from a general storage, it has 2 commands, move to general storage, take from general storage. In reality it seems to be "move to selected general storage", "take from selected general storage" as you can't mix and match.  In contrast something like a stick seems to be "select nearest stick", "go to selected item", "pick up selected item" The gui doesn't communicate this at all and took me a bit to troubleshoot what was going on. It seems to work better if you don't move commands around much.

4) Minor bug, if you pick up the bot while teaching him it messes up the gui, you can't place loops. Though the bot continues receiving instructions.

5) The bots don't make a check after selecting an item that the items still exist or is nearby when they get there (at least with some commands). For instance if they are to chop a plank into poles. If you pick up the plank they selected and walk off, they get turned into poles anyway (where the plank was before you picked it up) and you are left with an invisible plank in your hand that you need to drop (can be used to duplicate items). If you chop the plank first, they get stuck into a infinite chopping nothing loop. Amusingly, the axe continues the chopping animation even when taken from the bot.

That's all I can think of right now. Pretty fun little game, excited to see what you do with it. And looking forward to seeing some of the updates that you have mentioned, explicit work areas, more conditional statements, etc.  I also find myself wanting more ways to input instructions, maybe choose from a list. Or copy and paste instructions into and out of a notebook or something would be nice. 

Anyway, hope that's helpful and good luck!