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So I've been pondering how to leave this review for a couple of days now. I figured I would leave it here on the page for the base, since that's the starting point for the entirety of Mana Seed.

I don't have much to criticize, to be perfectly honest. The artwork is beautiful, the characters are well animated and the animations are plentiful. There are even animations for fishing and farming, if you have an inkling to make a character catch a fish or harvest turnips.

I love these sets. I think they are spectacular. Sel;el has done a marvelous job. 

Your demo does not work for me. I hear music, but I see nothing but a purple screen. Also, why did you not call your Discord server "The Pig Sty"? That practically writes itself. Haha. Anyway, I am not sure, since this is an audio library, if there's even SUPPOSED to be anything more than a purple screen. I mean, even if the music loops forever, you've demonstrated that your product works. Shrug.

Hello. Considering purchasing this, because it's exactly what I'm looking for. However, I do have one question: the description says that this has fewer animations than Retro 2D Characters. If I were to purchase both, would the extra animations from 2D Characters be compatible with this asset pack? I'm using a custom engine, so the included scripts being written specifically for one or the other isn't an issue that I would need to resolve. 

It's astounding how well put together this is. The graphics are astounding, but what really got my attention was how well documented this is. I've tried using many asset packs in the past, and many times the sheets are simply provided as-is, with no instructions or guides whatsoever. This can make it difficult to determine exact dimensions on sprite sheets and the way the tiles function together.

The creator thought of every possible way to fix that. For example, I was attempting to import one of the character sprites into Gamemaker Studio 2, but I didn't know, as per usual, the frame dimensions on the tile sheet. A quick look in the containing folder revealed a document containing not only dimensions, but each sprite's function and position labeled using columns and rows, respectively.  There are also well-labeled folders and example images showing the content in use. In case you somehow need more help, there is also an interactive demo included.

Well done. If there was a way to make images almost plug-and-play, lunarsignals somehow managed to do it. Now if only I can exercise half as much effort and stop being lazy, I might be able to actually make something out of it all...

I'm a patron at the $10 level, yet I received no download key nor can I find one. The link on your Patreon page just brings me back here. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me if you can, because I was really looking forward to using those centaurs. :