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I'm Kuroe, 24, still trying out to figure out life I guess. Socially awkward, but doesn't show much on the interwebs.

I've never participated in a jam before, nor made a single game. But I want to! That's why I'm here. So yeah, I'm very much a newbie in everything. Also I don't even remember how I heard about this jam.

As I don't have any xp I was actually wondering what engine to use. Is Unity or Unreal Engine doable for a newbie? (Also I have a mac)

I tend to be all over the place when doing something because I wanna try every damn thing. So my main goal here is to actually manage to make a game, even if it sucks. I tried to learn C++ but got bored because boring examples & exercises. I need more concrete stuff. I just finished a small class in digital painting, focused on concept art I think? (I'm not even sure anymore because really we covered the basics under a few months; it was just a short distance class with a Swedish university) I also took a small creative writing class a couple of years ago (apparently I'm good at poetry even though I don't like it). That's for the loosely related to video-game stuff.

My favourite games are Portal and Dishonored. But Portal is really on top of the list forever and ever. But I don't want to make a puzzle-like game. I don't really know what time of game I'd like to do. I guess I'll adapt it to the story that comes to mind.

Otherwise I'm not really passionate about anything. I just like stuff a lot in periods. The recurrent things are video games, comics, fantasy and legos. I love to do things with my own hands. Actually I learn way faster and better when I get to DO stuff on my own, rather than just eating theory. So yeah. I have the attention span of Dory, so I usually never finish anything (unless I really want to AND I have deadlines set by others :x ).

I really look forward to start this and maybe make friends? Who knows :D

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hi! both unity and unreal engine take a little time to learn but they are both definitely something you can learn through video tutorials! i would recommend one or the other based on your game's needs and your own experience with either c++ or c#.

unreal also a visual scripting system that is very accessible! i really enjoy it because i'm a pretty visual person even though i have coding experience. if you have c++ experience already you could definitely continue with unreal. i think that engine is actually easier to pick up because of blueprinting (visual scripting) and the incredible amount of tutorials online. if you are considering a project that will use more pbr materials or lighting, unreal is a good choice because it has lots of built-in realistic lighting and materials. it has game templates for fps, third person, and driving games that make it actually very easy to start building your game. in fact, i build most of my unreal games using these starter templates.

unity is also very accessible and has an incredible number of community-made tools that can assist your project. i have some c# experience and it wasn't hard at all to pick it up. like unreal, it also has packages that can get you started pretty easily, and a vast number of plugins, resources, and online help. if you're not really concerned about creating a hyper realistic game, it's a graphically lighter option. it has less packaged in the main engine and lots of tools/packages online that you can add as you need.

i don't use a mac so i can't speak to how well these engines perform on one but i have a guess that unreal may be a bit graphically heavy for a mac? unity might be a more accessible option. i'd ping someone more experienced here or do a little googling.


Hey try looking at Twine and other interactive fiction engines, they are perfect since you can get right in with no scripting experience required.

Game Maker studio is also a good option to make more robust games without scripting knowledge, but it can also be extended with scripting (in C# I think?).

But if you are on the fence between Unity vs Unreal, personally I'm camp Unity but that's my bias. Both have a large tutorial base but I think Unity has the bigger one, check both on youtube and on the engine's website to see for yourself which suits your fancy. I've picked up how Unity works a lot faster than Unreal so far but again your mileage will vary. At the end of the day its mostly between whether you want to learn/use C++ or C# (both are C based anyway).

Unity : C#

Unreal: C++