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hi! both unity and unreal engine take a little time to learn but they are both definitely something you can learn through video tutorials! i would recommend one or the other based on your game's needs and your own experience with either c++ or c#.

unreal also a visual scripting system that is very accessible! i really enjoy it because i'm a pretty visual person even though i have coding experience. if you have c++ experience already you could definitely continue with unreal. i think that engine is actually easier to pick up because of blueprinting (visual scripting) and the incredible amount of tutorials online. if you are considering a project that will use more pbr materials or lighting, unreal is a good choice because it has lots of built-in realistic lighting and materials. it has game templates for fps, third person, and driving games that make it actually very easy to start building your game. in fact, i build most of my unreal games using these starter templates.

unity is also very accessible and has an incredible number of community-made tools that can assist your project. i have some c# experience and it wasn't hard at all to pick it up. like unreal, it also has packages that can get you started pretty easily, and a vast number of plugins, resources, and online help. if you're not really concerned about creating a hyper realistic game, it's a graphically lighter option. it has less packaged in the main engine and lots of tools/packages online that you can add as you need.

i don't use a mac so i can't speak to how well these engines perform on one but i have a guess that unreal may be a bit graphically heavy for a mac? unity might be a more accessible option. i'd ping someone more experienced here or do a little googling.